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  • An Introduction to Infant Development Exercises

    In this blog/vlog, I explain how the Chakra system affects infant development movements and show you a couple of exercises you can perform on your own to assess your own serpentine movements, find how you may have lost some natural functionality and learn some very simple and effective ways to restore it.

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  • The Bear Walk and Reptilian Crawl

    Happy Monday! We’re back to Dr. Movement, and I have a special treat for you… This week’s blog/vlog features the Bear Walk and Reptilian Crawl, two simple infant development exercises among many taught in Advanced Training Programs at the CHEK Institute, […]

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  • HLC 3 Ends Today and My Mother’s Sculpture On Display

    HLC 3 Ends Today and My Mother’s Sculpture On Display

    Happy Monday To You! Well, today is our last day of HLC 3 Course here in Vista. I’ve been having a great time with my students. They all seem to be enjoying the learning experience and are open-minded, which makes […]

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