February 19, 2014

“I” Before “WE” Always

Happy Wednesday to You!

Today, I’d like to share a little about the importance of honoring and respecting our individual needs as an essential component of healthy relationships with others.

I_All_We house
Each of us is responsible for meeting our essential needs once we are no longer children. Just as the foundation is the essential element in all the key relationships that make a house, and we wouldn’t try putting up walls without a foundation (WE), we need to take responsibility for establishing our foundation.

Today in my vlog, I share my opinion on the importance of ‘I’ before ‘WE”.


I cover the 50/50 principle of relationships and how this is relevant to each of us, particularly when we are experiencing pain in relationships.

I explain that your ‘I’ + 100% of your being, and that is what you bring into any and all relationships, even the one you have with yourself.

Suggested resources:

PPS Lesson 1

The 1234 Of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – MP3 audio + workbook

What’s Up In Paul’s Life 

Well, I have been enjoying some rest since finishing a very good CHEK Practitioner Level 4 training here at my Heaven House. I had one day of rest before meeting Dave Freselli (CP 4) for a day of balancing work together.

Dave is an excellent CHEK Practitioner who helped my mother heal from bilateral rotator cuff problems after several other attempts had failed.

He’s a great man to have near my mother in Ashland, Oregon and if you are in his area and need help, I can’t recommend him enough. Dave is also an expert at wilderness survival, so he’s got lots of interesting experiences and stories; he can teach you how to survive and thrive. You can contact him: [email protected]

While Dave was here, we had a great time healing through art therapy, meditative prayer, rock stacking, and fasting.

Here you can see Dave and I creating our stack and stone circle as part of our healing work for the day.



Dave and Paul Circle BW

As part of our healing work together, we did some creative painting.


This was Dave’s first attempt at painting with a brush, and wow, does he have natural talent!

I created a healing oracle as a gift for Dave. I love creating bio-electrical influences by creating living color-circuits that have a balancing influence on the body-mind. This is what I’ve created for Dave here.


Try feeling what it does inside you when you look at it with a relaxed gaze (Try Dave’s too).


Vidya joined us in the creative expression and she captured the dynamic movement of Dave’s and my complimentary energies.

What’s In A Tear?

Whats In A Tear

“Here you can see me wearing one of my favorite T-shirts with Paul Leenderste book cover: “What’s In A Tear?”


This a fantastic book series by a very conscientious CHEK 3 and HLC 3 Practitioner, Paul Leandertse.

Paul teaches a LOT of great material as to what causes cancer, how sugar consumption is a big part of the epidemic, and many natural, simple ways to heal from cancer.

If you want to read a great book on cancer with some novel, but legitimate approaches, support Paul’s great book and Paul for his tremendous efforts and offering by buying one (https://www.whatsinatear.com/).

I’m off from my work schedule until Monday, but will do my best to share a blog with you for Friday. If I don’t, well, you know I’m looking after my “I-ness” before sharing with my “ALL-ness”.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek