February 25, 2014

A Healthy Love of ALL

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ll share mine with you after we get into our topic for my blog today:

A Healthy Love of ALL

Heathly Love Of All Blk Bd
It is very good to grow our awareness to include the whole of ourselves – ALL life on earth, and even throughout the Universe.

Naturally, we can’t truly expect to understand life in its fullness without exploring life in its fullness.

Today, in my vlog, I share a recap of the importance of the ‘I’ and ‘WE’ stages of development as essential steps to both understanding the ‘ALL’ level of reality, and effectively contributing to the ALL.

I encourage myself each day to live fully within myself and accept responsibility for myself, and my 50% of each relationship I enter. That in itself can be a lifetime practice…

I then expand on the importance of ‘WE’ relationships as a developmental step to facilitating healing at the ‘ALL’ level; the ‘ALL’ level of spiritual responsibility emerges as soon as we add a third person into any relationship.

A man and his wife function together at the ‘I’, and ‘WE’ levels of spiritual responsibility. Regardless of the age of the parents at the time their first child arrives, they are now tasked at the ‘ALL’ level of spiritual responsibility.

I encourage everyone to realize that all the talk about the problems of the world are but hot air until connected with tangible actions.

I highlight the fact that any healing at the ‘I’ and/or ‘WE’ level of spiritual growth and responsibility is automatic healing at the ‘ALL’ level of spiritual reality because each of us is as a cell in the being of humanity.

My video today will extend into my next vlog topic this week where I explore some of the very real concerns with ‘ALL’ issues facing humanity now.

I hope you enjoy my sharing today 🙂

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Russian Kettlebell Competition in Costa Mesa, CA

Pre Event Mass Mike
Sunday, Angie Lustrick and I headed to Costa Mesa to support Mike Salemi and his athlete, Ada Wong in their Russian Kettlebell competition.

Ava Wong Pre Event

Above, you can see me giving them each their pre-event massage.

M Salemi KB Comp 1
Mike and I have been working on improving his postural strength/endurance, as well as specific lifting technique for several months and he’s made a lot of great progress.

Mike has already recorded some impressive KB competition numbers using the Russian lifting style, but the structural stress of lifting that way was causing him problems.

We spent a lot of time literally rebuilding Mike from the inside out, working diligently on his 4 Doctor management strategy, which has really paid off.

Using our more taxing, but orthopedically correct lifting style, Mike was able to get 27 clean and jerks completed in the 5:00 time window his class allows.

Mike is strong enough, and has a well-developed self-management system in place now, so we will begin mixing lifting styles to get maximum efficiency with minimum unnecessary orthopedic stress.

Mike and I are excited about his growth and competitive opportunities; I’ll keep you posted as we progress.

Ava Wong in Comp
I was very impressed with Mike’s athlete, Ada Wong.

Ada is a lovely (POWERFUL!) woman who impressed the crowd as she achieved her Masters ranking with a VERY IMPRESSIVE 70 clean and jerks (@ 20 Kg) in 5:00.

Ava Wong KB Comp 1

You can see her getting her last rep (70, which was required to make the Masters level of qualification) with only 4 seconds left!

I’m very proud of Ada and Mike. Mike has really done a great job coaching Ada and her body is as sleek and strong as a She Lion.

It’s great to see the females at the event. I love seeing females grow their strength and autonomy through resistance training and Ada is a great example to the ladies of the world. Great Job Ada!
Sebi Mike Paul and Lori

Here you can see me with Sebi, Mike’s brother (and a very cool guy) (on your far left), Mike, and Lori Chang, a CHEK and HLC Practitioner.

Lori came to support Mike and it was lovely to see her. She’s a very beautiful woman who is a living testament to the Chek teachings.

It was lovely to see you Lori! You make me feel proud of my legacy whenever I see you. Keep being your beautiful self and thanks for coming to support Mike and Ava.

Paul’s Recent Art Expression

Pauls Birds Acrylic
As many of you know from reading my blogs, I love to paint and draw. Artwork is part of my own spiritual practice. It is a way for me to look inside myself, feel within, and express my inner-world artistically.

I practice healing art therapy with my clients/patients, and have found it to be one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever learned.

I enjoy seeing what comes out of me, and looking at it as though I were my own therapist. This allows me to see my sub/unconscious mind at work, making it more “conscious” to me.

This painting shows me painted on stone (representing death), yet I’m in love with life, the flowers and maintain a functional, working relationship with three birds:

1. The Raven: The raven represents the unconscious and subconscious elements of my mind. The wisdom to be gained from past/current life experiences.

2. The owl represents my own soul, and my strong connection with the sun (Leo).

3. The baby stork on the right pillar of stone (from your perspective) represents my ego-mind or “conscious awareness”. The stork is standing on one leg, representing balance, and walking gently on the earth so as not to damage the little creatures any more than necessary.

The deeper I go into myself, the less I trust the judgments of my ego-mind. I have learned to walk more gently in life as I’ve aged.

I hope you all enjoyed the blog today. I’ll look forward to sharing more soon.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek