February 14, 2014

Balancing The Rational and The Irrational + CP4 Graduates!

Happy Friday and Valentine’s Day to You!

I hope you all find your heart in love and joy today.

In my blog today, I’ll be sharing a video about the importance of balancing the rational and irrational aspects of our psyche.

I will also share some highlights of CHEK Practitioner Level 4 training, which concluded yesterday.

Balancing The Rational and The Irrational

Today, most cultures in the world have fallen deeply into worshiping the rational, logical aspects of themselves – getting the job done, climbing socially constructed ladders, bowing to hierarchy, worshiping science as the word, suppressing their own personal and spiritual beliefs as a means of fitting in. This unfortunately, helps one to succumb to “herd mentality”.

While the mind that is programmed to live on ladders scratches and climbs its way up toward the top, often paradoxically, experiences a deep emptiness, an urge to “leg go”, to “not have to control” or be controlled filters through awareness.

For many, a growing question mark around issues of self and God emerges; they begin to deeply question their own practices and beliefs.

Many suffer the stress of their rational ego-mind, its constant self-evaluation and evaluation of other people, places and things. They are often totally unaware that their own insecurities, and the pressures, illness, pains and diseases emanating from them are the actual source of their sagging vitality and ill health.

Their over-reliance on, and belief in the logic and rationality of the industrialized medical, legal, scholastic, religious, governmental, constructs typically results in their trying to medicate their pains within the same systems that germinated them.

Sadly, caught in the matrix of the socially agreed upon thoughts, words and deeds, many attempt to medicate themselves, to access their irrational soul-nature with more of the disease.

Instead of getting naked and dancing in their living room, or on the beach under the moon light, they become addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, medical drugs with side effects much more dangerous than the illness, or loose themselves in soap operas…

Medical marijuana becomes legal, and the socially conditioned individuals see only the evil demon they’ve heard about on TV, in the news papers, on the radio, and through all the venues that are owned by the very people making TRILLIONS of dollars of the trap they weave right before your very eyes, ears, noses, and feelings.

They see people with arthritis gardening happily due to the latest medical miracle drug, but in their left-brain stupor, they do not see or hear the list of side effects and those challenges the person continues to trade one set of problems for another.

They believe they can experience the freedom (irrationality – no rules!) they so deeply desire because after all, a medical doctor would never prescribe something bad for me…

All the while, organic farms, biodynamic farms, organic food stores, organic dairy farms, vitamins, and natural supplementation are being outlawed, shut down and minimized by traditionalists who have a lot to protect. Proponents of healthy, natural living are a threat to those that weave the social matrix in and through the logical/rational mind they begin programming into you at birth.

Many become deeply challenged as their vitality wanes, and thoughts of death emerge. They have been programmed to believe they are sinners, emergent from sinners, destined to a life of hardship and pain as atonement. Their God is a wrathful, jealous, controlling God, with lots of rules, regulations, policies procedures, and very large “must do” manuals.

This is the God waiting for them when they take their last breath. Many are so afraid to meet their God, they unconsciously punish themselves as thoroughly as possible, as a kind of projected peace offering to God.

“God, can’t you see how deeply I’ve punished myself so you don’t have to do it?”

Even then, because their God is only accessible through the words on the page, or another idol figure, there are questions they can’t get answered; the book is big, but there is a lot missing in such “life manuals”.

This creates deeper insecurity in the ego because it knows it can’t authentically judge how their God will really be toward them?

The result is that regardless of how much praying, or how many times they’ve asked their God for forgiveness, they still haven’t gotten a direct reply, a confirmation.

This often leaves them atoning to the very last breath.

Then there are those who are as kites without a tail, flying wildly in the irrational of the psyche. They are “out of the box/matrix”. They have found their irrational mode of self-expression, but often without realizing they are medicating the disease of the matrix with yet another extreme.

They may recycle, smoke pot, enjoy LSD trips, dance naked in the rain, but they often loose sight of important relationships, learning from their pains in a way that is healing and meaningful in the cultivation of life-wisdom.

They are often pulled off of roof tops, out of swimming pools, hotel rooms, and off of other people’s property by the men in black, only to be supporting and reinforcing the disease that motivated their departure deep into irrationality.

Mexican finger trap

The human ego-mind is like a Mexican finger-trap; the harder you try to escape, the harder it binds you. Too far into the logical/rational, and your mind pulled into the darkness of closed-mindedness; too far into the irrational, and you are trapped in a sky that progressively fills with chaos; you become a god that can’t afford to pay car payments, phone bills, rent, or child support…

The Mexican finger trap of the ego creates pain at either extreme, which is actually quite a lovely gift from spirit!

Creating Balance

Somewhere in the middle, between the darkness of social conditioning, and the mind-blowing perceptions of the irrational, illogical modes of self-expression, the Mexican finger trap relaxes.

When we realize the world has something for everyone, and that it is safe to be irrational in ways that are safe for effective dream-weaving, it as though the genie escapes the bottle.

I pick up a paint brush after a long week of work, dealing with the stresses natural to human life – in 20 minutes I am gone. I am alive in one dimension of reality, while creating another knowing that I am adding life to life – not detracting.

Paul stacking rocks

A new client says they want to die – they want to kill themselves today. Staff challenges, financial challenges, family members ill, while others are addicted, I am present with the challenges in my life and the lives of many others all day.

I come home as the sun slides down the west side of the hills and I drop my bags, shake the shoes, and head out to my garden. I find friends there.

There are squirrels, birds, rodents, toads, snakes, and an occasional coyote passing by. I am called to the rocks. I want to create something, anything without meaning.

I want the freedom that knowing that when my creation dies (falls down), I don’t have to worry, or feel sad, or wonder if it was because I wasn’t a good enough relative, coach, or friend.

Again, I am in “no-mind” in a few minutes, barefoot, connected to the earth. I feel the stress drain, my head relaxes; where am I…who am I…who cares!

The rocks are cheap. No loss; the soil forgiving, always supportive; the flowers witnessing, foreplay by scent… I am free in that place between the extremes of the rational and irrational of myself.

I pick up my water bottle and head into the house to shower and I hear sirens. Someone talking on their phone while driving again; someone stoned out of their mind just jumped off the school roof; the neighbors are shouting obscenities because their team just got beat and a fight breaks out…

Everything you can imagine is here, but there is nothing to worry about in the middle. Spirit undresses there, right between your eyes.


In my video today, I share some of my thoughts and feelings on the importance of finding balance between the rational and irrational aspects of our psyche (that which is you, but can’t be weighted or measured).

I hope you enjoy it.

CHEK Practitioner Level 4 HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL!


CHEK Practitioner Level 4 training, concluded yesterday. My students came from around the globe to complete their most advanced training program in the C.H.E.K Institute holistic system of education.

They have each studied with me for between 6 – 13 years now. They have learned and grown a tremendous amount! They are true masters of their craft- living well.

My students  Warren Williams and George Marais (from the UK), Judith Marsden (from Bermuda), and Dave Fresilli (Ashland Oregon) are incredibly astute, skilled, loving, beautiful, holistic, open minded, and willing to learn from and grow through their own challenges to bring the very best of themselves to life!

I feel blessed that Great Spirit has entrusted me as their teacher, friend, and fellow traveler on the path of life.

When they hug me, “we” are all there. When they look at me, they look me in the eyes, even when it may be scary for them. Their bodies are beautiful. Their minds are open, like children exploring a field of flowers and interesting creatures.

They have been and will continue to be a blessing in my life, and in the lives of many.

P Yogananda

Thank you for trusting me during your CHEK journey. It has been a privilege and honor to work each of you. Congratulations!


As I hug them goodbye, I see my legacy walking away. I feel mine and their joy. I am not only alive, an ecstasy fills my heart and calms my head. The river of life is carrying us all along so beautifully. I am a man fulfilled.

I hope you all have a great weekend, living in the middle.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek