November 25, 2013

Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections and Bill Wolcott

Happy Monday To You!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, living your dreams.

I had a great day at work Friday, which ended a little early so I could visit with Mark Stone, Mike Salemi, and Angie Lustrick at my home in Vista for a nice sweat and chanting session in my Health Mate IR sauna.

Mark Stone was in town teaching CHEK Practitioner Level 2, and Angie Lustrick was in his class, so I was fortunate to be able to visit both of them and enjoy their company.

Mike Salemi came to see me for his next program update as he works toward gaining his Masters Certification in Russian Kettlebell lifting. We had a great day in the gym testing and upgrading, and we all enjoyed sharing a good sweat and chanting session with him. Thanks for sharing your great voice with us Mike!

Earlier in the day, while Mike was relaxing in my massage chair and I was writing his new program, this beautiful bobcat came right up to the window of my office directly in front of Mike and I. It was very cool. I don’t think Mike had seen a bobcat in the flesh before this.

Bobcat Heaven House

This one was smaller than the others that have visited. I’m pretty sure it was a female based on her body size and shape. I’ve seen a couple of the males and they are quite a spectacle. They look like little bodybuilders on the juice!

They have leg and shoulder muscles so big, they waddle when they walk. I saw a beautiful big male out by my rock circle one day, and it looked just like a miniature lion.

I’ll never forget how we just looked at each other; he was saying, “This is my place. What are you doing here?” I was saying, “Wow, you are a bad ass looking cat. If I ever become a bobcat, I want to be just like you!”

I didn’t do much rock stacking this weekend. I was tired from lots of weight training during the week. Bud I did get outside and play with my mini stacks a bit.

Ministack Vista

The photo above is one I recently made in my little birdbath that I converted into a rock art stand. I love doing the little ones like this, but they don’t last long with wind, lizards, squirrels, and birds having their play with them too.

Whenever Angie and I can get together and visit, we love to create art together. I’m still learning a LOT about painting, but have a great time expressing my creativity through the richness of color offered by acrylics.

The Dragon and Mother Earth

Saturday, we came up to my heaven house where I have the bulk of my painting supplies and created the painting you see above together. I called it “The Dragon and Mother Earth”. It represents the constant transformation that occurs between emptiness becoming full, and fullness (stone) becoming progressively less full, expanding to become earth, plant, animal, man, and all living creations on earth.

There are hearts all through the painting, symbolizing that Love is the creative force behind all life. We had a great time creating it and hope you enjoy looking at it. Relax with it; stand back from it some and you will find the place where its energy field express the information within most fully.

Love to hear what you feel or experience with it (feel free to leave comments if you like in the comment section below).

Double Rainbow Heaven 1
While Angie and I were busily painting away, this beautiful double rainbow appeared right out the window (where I make espresso if you saw that clip). It was so big, powerful, colorful, and close, I had a tremendous urge to run across the fields and see if I could find the pot of gold people say is at the end of a rainbow.

Double Rainbow Heaven

What you can’t see from the photos is that inside the arches of the double rainbow, was an endless series of them, like a hall of mirrors image that disappears into a vanishing point. In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was a truly special experience and I’m glad we got some photos to share with you.

Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections and Bill Wolcott

Today, I’m offering something different on my vlog. I had a great Google Hangout session with Metabolic Typing® expert and pioneer Bill Wolcott ( and his partner, Dr. Alan Weinstein (who helps him with his electronic technology) Thursday. We spoke for about 1:40 minutes on the topic of fungal and parasite infections.


When I first produced the DVDs: Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections, I sent it out to a variety of experts that I know I can trust for honest feedback. One of them was Bill Wolcott.

Bill liked the DVD’s so much, he’s made them available for, and encouraged all his Metabolic Typing® Advisors to study them. I was very blessed to have Bill’s approval of my program and felt grateful that a man of his knowledge level and skill was so supportive of my message about healing fungal and parasite infections.

In my video of our Google Hangout today, you can learn:

1. What fungal and parasite infections are.

2. Symptoms common to those with fungal and parasite infections.

3. Some common causes of fungal and parasite infections.

4. The importance of diet and lifestyle factors for preventing and healing from fungal and parasite infections.

5. About how many people worldwide suffer from parasite infections and fungal infections.

6. What the four class of parasites are, what they look like (warning, this may scare some of you !).

7. Why common medical approaches typically don’t work for the long-run.

8. What commonly causes parasite infections in farm animals, and humans!

I hope you enjoy this presentation and apply what I’ve shared to yours and your family’s life. Slides are included in the presentation so it is easier for you to see and learn about what I’m talking about.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek