November 22, 2013

Paul Chek’s Coffee/Espresso TIPS Pt. 3 of 3: How To Get Off Of Coffee!

Happy Friday!

I hope you are all ready for a great weekend! I know I am!

I’ve had a busy, but productive week. Wednesday we offered the monthly CHEK Institute webinar, in which I shared on the topic of Thinking and Effective Use of Mind. I hope you were able to catch me sharing my perspective on this very important topic.

I even got a great rock stacking workout in at the end of my day!



Thursday, I had a great GOOGLE hangout with Bill Wolcott and his Metabolic Typing® Advisors. We discussed the issue of fungal and parasite infections, and I shared my approach, highlighting key issues such as the fact that parasites shouldn’t be seen as bad.

Fungus’s and parasites are an essential part of nature, and good research shows they have beneficial effects, not just negative effects. In my time with Bill, I shared a lot about the lifestyle factors that must be addressed for effective prevention, and treatment of fungal and parasite infections.

Today, research suggests that about 90% of people have both a fungal, and a parasite infection. When you understand the nature of these infections, what they suggest about the way we are eating and living, this statistic suggests that we are moving dangerously in the wrong direction with our lifestyle and healthcare practices.

If you’d like to learn more about how to prevent and/or heal from fungal and parasite infections, and much more… feel free to order my DVD’s Healing Fungus and Parasite Infections: The Absolute Essentials


As soon as I can, I’ll be sharing my Google hangout with Bill Wolcott on my channel, which is in case you are interested. I have literally hundreds of practical videos on a wide variety of topics there if you want to have a look!

CHEK Practitioner Level 2 In Encinitas, CA

Congratulations to the new CHEK Practitioner Level 2 students for completing a week long, comprehensive course on structural assessment, red flag identification, and advanced program design methods.


I’ve had many reports that the class went very well, and that the students really enjoyed the course. Angie Lustrick (The Ultimate CHEK Professional) ( was in the class this week, and she has told me that Mark Stone is a great teacher. She said, “Mark is very clear in his explanations and makes it easy to learn.” Great Job Mark!

Mark Stone is one of my original instructors and he’s traveled the world teaching for the CHEK Institute. It is great to have him in California and we will be having a great visit and a sweat in my Health Mate IR sauna to catch up on life tonight!

Paul Chek’s Coffee/Espresso TIPS Pt. 3: How To Get Off Of Coffee!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my vlog series on coffee/espresso so far. I’ve had fun sharing with all of you on this important, often very poorly understood topic.

Today, I share some essential information about how to get off of coffee efficiently, and with minimum withdrawal symptoms.


Coffee is HIGHLY addictive! I’ve experienced, and seen people become addicted after only one cup of coffee; they drink their first cup (ever, or in a long time) today at 8:00 AM, and by tomorrow at 8:00 AM, if they are not putting another one in, withdrawal symptoms emerge.

I’ve also seen serious withdrawal symptoms come when people who only drank one cup of coffee tried to stop; bad headaches, nausea, mental collapse, no energy, lethargic, foggy headed, constipation, and more…

In my vlog today, I cover the following key topics for your education and entertainment:

1. The importance of adhering to our natural sleep-wake cycle; I explain all the relevant details that go beyond what I share in the vlog in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, Chapter 12: Are You Getting To Bed On Time?

To Bed On Time?, for those of you that want to get much deeper into this very important topic. I also discuss helpful tips for napping too to restore your energy quickly.

2. Superfoods that help with the process of coming off of coffee, such as Guayusa, Coffee Fix, Adrenal Ease, and Chaga products like Chaga Black. (Check out and

3. How to use aerobic exercise to support adrenal function as you come off of coffee.

4. How to begin reducing caffeine intake by switching from drip coffee to espresso; how to make an Americano.

5. How to use dark roasted coffee beans for creating a homeopathic dose of coffee, making withdrawal almost a non-issue!

6. Suggestions for the use of Yerba Mate and other teas in transition from coffee to caffeine freedom.

7. Fresh squeezed juices with ginger, garlic, peppers and root vegetables.

8. The importance of proper breathing and the use of “Work-In” exercise methods to ease, and speed your transition to coffee/caffeine freedom.

9. The benefits of cold showers in the transition process.

10. The importance of maintaining your ritual, and changing what’s in your cup.

11. How organic chocolate may help transitioning off of coffee/caffeine.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series and I look forward to sharing more with you next week!

I’ve got a very long list of blog topics I want to share on, so hopefully will have acquired a quantum computer to handle all the footage as I let it flow from my center to yours!

Have a great weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek