October 31, 2012


Happy Day to All!

Happy Halloween!

Well, it was Halloween day here in Sydney yesterday. It was fun watching Ryan Carr become a ghoul in the making . . .

Above, you can see Donal painting Ryan up for his night out on the town.

Josh Carr is out on a camping trip to learn the ways of the Aboriginal people of Australia so he missed out on all the (poison) treats that his brother was able to collect (fortunately his parents monitor consumption carefully).

Here you can see Ryan’s new costume. He took out some red body paint after his dad finished and painted lots more blood all over himself, which looked pretty cool.

He had a great time out trick-or-treating with his mother and their lovely dog Bell. He came back with a sack of candy and everyone was happy as the day came to an end.

I sat down with Ryan later in the evening as he was enjoying his candy and explained how one teaspoon of sugar has been shown by scientific investigation to suppress the immune system for up to six hours.

I also explained that sugar depletes the body of essential nutrients and results in addiction and cravings. He listened to me, but he did interrupt me (nicely) to tell me how good it tasted ☺.

Ah, the joys of being 12!


Well, the world is learning from experience that Mother Earth is going through some healing now. We humans are like children eating sugar while ever unconscious that our choices to have ramifications.

We have overheated the planet and removed much of Her protective covering in the process of industrializing, cementing, and transforming her top-soils. As the deserts grow and the rainforest is chopped down and we continue to abuse fossil fuel sources, She has no choice but to respond with cold showers to cool Herself and stimulate the growth of new plant life.

We are quick to forget that we are parasites to nature the way we now live. We are quick to forget all the myriads of life-forms that lose their lives so we can keep building parking lots and shopping malls.

We are hip to how to run the latest iPhone, but we are generally clueless as a culture as to what it takes to prepare the soil, plant, harvest and keep the earth fertile and vital.

We are quick to run to the store to buy a pile of meat (most of which is over-consumption and completely unnecessary), but rarely does anyone see the animal dying and losing its life so we can live out our hubris – gluttony…

Now that Mother Earth is activating her immune system, it is best if we all take part in the healing response by being conscious of how we spend our money; obviously the governments of the world are “reactive, not proactive” and waiting for politicians to make favorable changes is like waiting for grass to grow in the middle of the freeway.

If you are caught in an area where there is storm damage, having the spirit of love and compassion for Mother Earth and knowing that you are part of an essential healing process that supports the world may help ease the pain of it all.

We are not the only ones displaced by such events. The plants, trees and animals are all involved and they too experience the stress of disruption and change.

If we have empathy and compassion for all living beings, including Mother Earth, then we can hold a space of healing and growth instead of one of resent and pain.

We must all remember, Love is a Boomerang. Whatever we’ve contributed to collectively, we must accept collectively and transform into beauty collectively. None of us can do it alone and Mother Earth will get you involved in the process anyway!

Many blessings to all of you who have been displaced and had challenges by storm activity.

Today my good friend and student Warren Williams will be visiting us today all the way from London. Sure looking forward to sharing my day with him.

Tomorrow I’ll start 3 days of teaching seminars at Place of Chi: The Art and Science of Respiration and The Science of Stretching.

May you all feel the joy of supporting the much needed cooling and watering of The Garden.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek