November 1, 2012

Aboriginal Culture and The Cure Is…

Happy day to ALL!

I hope all is well in your world.

I send my love and healing energy to all those in the world caught in the wake of the recent storm activity.

I’m teaching The Science of Breathing and Movement today at Place of Chi! I’m excited to share with my students. Today is going to be fun!

And, through the weekend, I will be teaching an Integrated Approach to Stretching.  I hope to see some of you there!

Warren Williams, London based CHEK Practitioner 3 /HLC 3 is in Sydney working with a professional soccer player so he came to spend the weekend with us yesterday.

We went to the beach and did some stone art. We drew a big flower on the sand and then covered it with beach rocks.

A lot of the rocks were very heavy!some too heavy to carry so we had to do some rock flipping and rolling. Very intense exercise!

We had limited time if we wanted to walk to the local gym for a steam so we didn’t get to complete our project.

We had a great time creating what we did though. It was an excellent total body workout, I assure you

Warren, Donal and I did some great toning and chanting in the steam room. That got us nice and relaxed for the next event, which was to go to Josh Carr’s play about the Aboriginal culture at the Kamaroi Steiner school he attends.

During camp they learned about the Aboriginal ways of the Guringai people who originally were from the land around NSW. The teachers work closely with Aboriginal Elders to share experiences and stories with the kids so that they have a greater appreciation of their collective history and honor and respect for the land in which they live.

Here you can see Josh playing his newly crafted didgeridoo.

As part of their play, Josh was in traditional paint.

Here you can see Uncle Mike (an Aboriginal) getting ready to play the didgeridoo for the first play. Josh Carr is behind him.

The play, dancing and singing was incredible. The words were so beautiful. They expressed the beauty of the Aboriginal philosophy of life, which is very much centered around loving and caring for Mother Earth.

A concept we could use a lot more awareness of in the world today!

There were strong southerly winds that were very warm with a beautiful setting sun (in the east!) as the play and ceremonies were being conducted.

Here is Elder George telling us about the emu who is a significant animal both as a source of food and in their astronomy. “Emu in the sky”, is a constellation that is defined by the dark nebulas (opaque clouds of dust and gas in outer space) that are visible against the Milky Way background, rather than by stars.

The kids really did a great job with the event. There were a lot of words for them to remember in the story of the Emu but they performed the dancing and singing beautifully!

It was a great experience and we had a great picnic dinner afterwards before coming home to finish the day with some art.


The Cure Is!Transform your Health movie has just been officially released in Australia. The movie has been through several comprehensive revisions and has reached it’s final edits and could be a life-changing health documentary to help millions.

I’m featured in this important film with several other excellent, well respected health leaders such as Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel, Greg Braden, Marianne Williamson and others.

The message of the movie is beautiful and one everyone in the world should hear. The information is incredible and the case histories of people with terminal diseases that turned their life around to be healthy again are incredible to see.

The movie is very self-empowering and I can’t recommend it enough. Every healthcare professional in the world should see this documentary and share it with everyone they know and love!

Feel free to follow the link so you can see the trailer if you’d like:

Next week, I’ll be teaching my PPS workshop titled The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity, and Disease.

In this important workshop, I teach a system for identifying the actual causes of addiction, obesity and disease. I then show how to use my system to create a healthy living philosophy and the behavioral changes needed to be free again. My approach includes several methods for optimal mental-emotional self-management as well.

This is an ideal course for anyone struggling with addictions of all types or for those health care professionals and coaches who work with these types of clients.

I hope to see some of you there for my last workshop in Australia this trip; you can register at


Andrew Johnston (Chek Level 4 Practitioner) recently became the first leukemia survivor to win a full distance Ironman triathlon!

Congratulations Andrew! I’m very proud of your accomplishments.

If you’d like to learn more about conditioning for triathlon using an approach I approve of, feel free to have a look at Andrew’s excellent triathlon training book: Holistic Strength Training For Triathlon, or contact him for coaching.


Wishing you all a day of mindful respect for the breath you have and the life you share.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek