October 30, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a fantastic day of rest yesterday.

After writing my blog, I did a lovely Stork Walk tai-chi session.

Vidya and I walked down to the local Chinese massage center in the mall here and we got some great massages. Then Vidya and I met in the steam at Fitness First in Mona Vale and had a great toning session together. After that, we walked back to Donal’s house in the lovely sunshine to get ready for the CHEK Professional Dinner event.

First of all, i’d like to thank all of the people who participated to pull off this event.

Here you can see my Ausie buddy Cam Nell. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

The food was delicious! Both Josh and Ryan Carr served up Hor D’oeuvres.

Thanks Jo, and thanks Suzi for all your support to create a dinner I’ll remember!

Here you can see Donal and I enjoying Jo Rushton’s excellent food.

We enjoyed the evening with everyone including all the beautiful CHEK Practitioners and the friends and family that came with them.

Here you can see Greg, Kerry and Matt Gleason. Greg and Kerry have been studying my work for many years here in Australia and I’m always grateful to see and visit with them.

Kerry is a world class healing artist and she had a beautiful display of her art on show at the dinner.

Jo Rushton, Vidya, Cathy and Donal Carr also shared their art. Here you can see Jo’s amazing codes.

Well, everyone there got a blast of Paul Chek right out of the box. Here you can see me delivering my Q&A with Paul session.

It’s kind of funny what happened here because just before we went to the dinner, I was saying to Donal and Vidya that “I hope someone asks me some good DEEP questions instead of asking me why the four point horse stance exercise is called “The 4 point”!

As you can imagine, after traveling the world teaching worldwide for over 20 years, I’ve been asked about every elementary question you can imagine. I love it when the questions asked by students and people require that I access the depth of my life wisdom.

A handsome, honest, intelligent young man named Ben was the first to raise his hand and ask a question and it was a hum-dinger right out of the gate!

Ben asked a question about intuition. He’d recently had a spontaneous insight that his van would be hit while driving. He didn’t know weather or not to believe in his intuitive hit and sure enough, he got hit while driving his van.

His mind had put him in checkmate. I explained that this is the nature of the ego-mind’s involvement in our thought processes.

I shared that if he’d acted on the intuitive insight and didn’t get hit driving his van, his ego would likely have convinced him that the thought was just a ghost and had no value. This would probably have decreased his willingness to take advantage of his intuitive insights in the future.

I then explained to Ben and the group at the dinner what the mind is and how to differentiate the typical ego-mind fluff from imagination and intuition.

Then Amali Shaw, a Chek HLC 3 asked a complex question about the nature of love. Here she is with Cathy Carr.

That opened the door to another deep explanation that seemed to nourish her and the group.

I sometimes get a little concerned when there are people in the room that don’t know me or my teachings and I’m giving complex answers.

Many are not ready to look at their own ideas with a critical (or rational) mind and get triggered by me. I didn’t know if Prem and Joshua would be up for a little Paul Chek Live!

Prem recently had her second child and was asking me how to best get her body back into optimal shape again. I suggested that she only “work-out” when she authentically has the energy to do it.

After giving birth, a woman’s body can be quite depleted of internal resources. Some Native American tribes felt it was dangerous for a woman to give birth more often than once every three years because of the stress of pregnancy. If a woman doesn’t have time to fully recover from each child she bears, the risk of complications for mother and child escalate with each successive birth.

I suggested she practice “working-in” to get at least 30 minutes of movement each day, and that she keep it simple and fun. She was delighted with that idea.

Her desire to learn was so genuine that I taught her two forms of the Stork Walk tai-chi form I use and she loved it. I was delighted that I could share such a powerful, simple chi cultivation method she enjoyed and I suspect she’s put the methods to work.

Prem’s husband Jethro is a very cool guy too. We had some great talks together. I felt a bit embarrassed because he was sitting and chatting with Donal and I for some time and I didn’t realize who he was. I thought he was a CHEK Practitioner that I hadn’t met yet because he’s got great posture and a balanced body.

Finally, I found out that he and his wife “Prem” are Sacred Earth.

“Prem, the singer in the band Sacred Earth spent some time with me after the concert looking at the art and she really loved Kerry’s art.

To my surprise, they both expressed their gratitude for my answers to the questions and found my approach refreshing. They could see the logic in my approach to diet, lifestyle and spirituality and they shared their congruence with my message a couple times during their concert.

Thanks for being so beautiful and open-minded Prem and Jethro! Your music is amazing and I’m grateful for the experience with you!

We all loved your heart-centered music and your beautiful dancing and singing experience you shared at the end. We are still bowing to the beautiful flowers and walking peacefully on the earth today!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Please take a moment or two and witness the miracle of life blossoming in every man, woman, child, animal, plant and seed around you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek