September 19, 2016

Foods You Carry: Nutrition, Health, and Blood Sugar

Happy Monday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a productive week and a playful weekend too!

I’m taking a week off to rest after teaching an amazing group of people at my CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery workshop here in San Diego.

It was an awesome experience and I’ll share more below.

I’ve got a very practical topic to share with you via my vlog today, so let’s get started!

Today, I will share:
1. Foods You Carry: Nutrition, Health, and Blood Sugar
2. C.H.E.K Advanced Training Program Completions

Before I get into the foods you carry when you travel, it was with mixed feelings I embraced the news that Joseph Chilton Pearce passed away last month.


I say mixed feelings, because I’d love to have him here sharing his deep wisdom forever. Yet, I know a man of his spiritual development not only deserves a rest, he was probably ready to lift the curtain and see what’s on the other side.

Joseph Chilton Pearce’s books and videos helped me to understand the growth and development of the human being and human mind with much greater clarity.

I share the fruits of my studies of his works regularly when teaching, and enjoy inspiring people to study his teachings.

Though I will miss having here with us in physical form on Earth, I know that he’s no further away than our hearts anytime we want to commune with him.

I feel so much gratitude for your teachings and express many blessings to you on your afterlife journey, my dear Joseph Chilton Pearce!

Foods You Carry: Nutrition, Health and Blood Sugar


In my vlog today, I share my feelings and experience on the importance of making sure you have real food whenever you’re away from home.

It is very easy to get busy and rush out the door without real food on the way to work, a meeting, a party, or to begin a trip by jet travel.

When caught without food or access to clean water, we are naturally forced to try and get by on what is available.

And therein, lies the problem – what’s available.

Considering only 4-6% of worldwide food production is organic and most of what is available in normal work-a-day situations isn’t organic, it’s easy to see why so many people develop chronic health challenges.

In my accompanying vlog, I explore tips for being better prepared so you can have sources of quality nutrition on hand to maintain stable blood sugar levels that support good health.

I cover the following areas in my discussion:

  1. Water
  2. Vegetables
    A. Raw
    B. Cooked
  3. Fruits
  4. Nuts (the importance of soaking nuts to deactivate phytic enzymes, dehydrating them and precautions for travel)
  5. Meats/Fish
  6. Cheeses
  7. Eggs

There are many ways to package your food, but I suggest that you stay away from plastic containers and use stainless steel or glass.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.


1. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – book
2. You Are What You Eat! – Audio CD
3. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 on-line or live

C.H.E.K Advanced Training Program Completions

Highlights of C4Q workshop, Vista, California


What an amazing 4 days with more than 100 incredible, diverse students who traveled many miles from around the world to attend!

I really felt the possession of my Teacher archetype as I shared what I have discovered as the most important elements in working with clients.


I had a great time teaching many deep, meaningful and essential concepts, methods and practices.

Students came away with an understanding of the many deep reasons why people have a hard time healing, making changes and living fuller lives.

The setting was great and many C.H.E.K Institute Staff and Faculty, along with my clients, attended too. The institute did a great job in managing the event and it ran smoothly.


I was impressed with the overall health and vitality of my students. Several traveled with their babies and, for about a third of the group, this was their first live course with me.


During breaks, students were able to get outside and enjoy our beautiful San Diego weather and bond with each other.

I also got to introduce my beautiful son Mana! Thank you Angie for all your love and support this past week!


The four days went by very fast, but there is a wealth of additional material in the online program that will support all of you as you continue learning and growing to integrate and master the new coaching tools I shared.

We will announce the launch of the online program as soon as it is completed and up.

All of you are helping me realize my Legacy to inspire and empower individuals and families through practical, down-to-earth strategies aimed at Holistic Health Living!

Thanks to all of you who came to learn, grow and share your love. It’s because of you that I have the confidence that the world is becoming a better place.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek