September 26, 2016

Heart of Happiness Pt 1 of 3

Happy Monday!

I hope your week has been wonderful and that you are ready to dive into an interesting and important topic with me today as we begin a three-part blog series on Heart and Happiness.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. Heart and Happiness Pt.1 of 3.
2. CHEK Academy Launches
3 C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Course Completions
4. Announcements
5. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Heart of Happiness Pt 1 of 3


Can we really create lasting happiness in our lives without the support of our hearts?

In my vlog today, I begin a 3-part series exploring what happiness really is, and how we can go about creating what I call sustainable happiness.

In this edition (part 1), I share the findings of the Heartmath Institute regarding how information flows through our human body-mind construct.

I give a short summary of the findings of the Heartmath research, and highlight the fact that the heart chakra is the integration center. The heart integrates all information and experiences from the lower three chakras of our animal or physical self with the higher three chakras of communication, imagination and intuition.

To help one consider what life is like without heart-connection, I finish the vlog by asking my viewers to imagine:

A. What would your life be like if information started with brain, went to your body, then to your consciousness without heart-integration?

B. What would your life be like if information started with brain and only made it to your body, but did not become conscious?

Sadly, option B is the most common among people today as a general theme, and in my opinion, is both the reason for so much allopathic medicine, and for making the same mistakes in our life over and over again… Groundhog day!

tai chi cartoon
I think this lovely little cartoon really gets to the point of all that I’m sharing in this series!

I hope you enjoy this video lesson on the importance of the heart as essential to creating long-term happiness in your life.

In part 2, I will share a healing practice that is a combination of a shamanic healing method I learned from the study of Arnold Mindell’s teachings, and an art therapy practice.

If you want to make the most of my offering, when part 2 comes out, have an art pad and color pens or pencils to include the colors of the rainbow, and black, silver and gold handy. Get ready to have a powerful healing experience.

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Course Completions

Exercise Coach Oceanside, Calif., with Ashley Mazurek


Congratulations to our newest C.H.E.K Exercise Coaches (EC) who just completed the course this past week in Oceanside, Calif.

I know you must have had an amazing learning and growth experience. It would be hard not to with Ashley Mazurek as your lead instructor and Nicole Devaney assisting.

These are two of the most amazing women I know, and both are loaded with life experience to share with their students. I hope you took advantage of the personal and professional growth opportunity on many levels.

Enjoy your journey and we look forward to seeing each of you in CP1 when you feel you’ve integrated your EC training and are ready to add more to your tool box!


CHEK Europe’s CHEK Academy Launches

We are very excited to announce the release of the brand new CHEK Academy years 1, 2 and 3 for all European students on Oct. 1.

The new CHEK Academy has been running since 2012 and has gained popularity worldwide since its first year. The Academy has a single intake per year, and this year is a very special intake, as it is the start of the new online structure.

Until 2017, the CHEK academy will only be available for students who can travel twice per year to the UK.

The CHEK Academy is a complete solution for students to not only gain the extensive knowledge I have put together over the last 30+ years, but it also combines business strategies specific for CHEK professionals to succeed in business.

Watch this short 6-minute video by Gavin Jennings (the CHEK Academy Director) and see if this could be route you are looking for.

One more note- is that the CHEK Academy is by APPLICATION ONLY, Gavin only allows a small number per year onto the Academy follow this link to apply:

Jason Graduates from Yang-style T’ai chi NYC

Jason Tai-chi graduation

My long time student and buddy, Jason, recently graduated from training with his carefully selected Grandmaster, William Chi-Cheng Chen who teaches the Yang-style of T’ai Chi at his school in NYC.

Grandmaster Chen has hundreds of students around the world. Jason has told me of many amazing experiences of his Grandmaster, who is 80-years-young, but very powerful in Jason’s words.

If you are interested in learning more about Grandmaster Chen’s teachings/school, you can visit his site here:

Over the years I’ve been coaching Jason and teaching him my own forms of tai chi (which are what I’d call practical Yin style), he’s been integrating the two forms/styles.

Jason has found that our unique, but different approaches used together are also very powerful and practical in his life.

I got my start in tai chi practices under the guidance of Master Fong Ha, from San Francisco. He too is now in his 80s, but I don’t think I’d ever really met a young man until you see him do a display of tai chi.

Feel free to check him out at

The Flavor Chef Is Interviewed by WAPF

Our dear friend, student and chef extraordinaire, Lance Roll was recently interviewed about his flavorful, organic bone broths he makes and distributes nationwide. We thought you might like to hear his interview about the benefits of bone broth:

To learn more about Chef Lance, please visit his website:

International Tribe Design Wants You!

If you would like to be at the marriage of youth and wisdom, you may enjoy the upcoming International Tribe Design experience in Costa Rica, Jan. 3-7, 2017.

costa rica JP Troy Raw Brahs International Tribe Design

Troy Casey (The Certified Health Nut) is a CHEK HLC3 with a lot of life experience to share.

Troy’s life experience includes being a professional model (yes ladies and men that like men, he’s a beautiful man!), he has been working in a variety of ways to raise health awareness.

While Troy is a committed father to two beautiful children and husband to Uri, he work with clients as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, supporting (the right) people on trips to the Amazon to work with shaman, and much more.

Troy is super excited to have partnered up with the Rawbrahs and JP Sears for this Tribe event. I’m sure his presentation(s) with the tribe will be very engaging.

JP Sears has served as an instructor for the C.H.E.K Institute in the past, and is very skilled in many areas of life.

He became deeply involved and connected to issues of emotional healing, and left the institute to pursue that important dream.

In that time, he’s become famous for his unique humor and out of the box reviews on many of the subjects people deal with in their daily lives.

I predicted long ago that JP would become quite famous for his work here on planet Earth. So far, my intuition is right on track!

I’m sure JP will split you open with his humor, and guide you into the darkness with his flashlight in hand. No better place to do that than Costa Rica.

I’ve done a couple of interviews with the Rawbrahs in the past, and presented at one of their seminars as well.

They are lovely young men that are doing their best to lead the world by example. I know they’ve interviewed a lot of leaders in the health and consciousness movement, and suspect they will shine their collective wisdom upon their delegates too.

I don’t know any of the other presenters, but I’m sure they have been chosen for their unique talents and gifts.

If you aren’t sure if this event is for you, then why not ask your soul? If that doesn’t give you enough assurance, then try muscle testing to see what your body has to say (you can learn muscle testing and soul connection in my MP3 Audio recording titled, “Identifying Your Primal Pattern® Diet“).

When Troy wrote to me to inform me of the event, he shared these words:

“Many great minds attending to move the culture forward. I am taking Uri & the children too.”

So there you have it… You can bring you kids too!

If you are inspired to check it out, please do:

Show-N-Tell With Paul

I love seeing the art my friends and students do with their children.

Ashley and Jade art

Ashley Mazurek, CHEK HLC and C.H.E.K Practitioner Faculty, did a fun art project with her daughter Jade. I wanted to share it with you here in hopes you feel inspired to enjoy “The Art Spirit” with your kids or loved ones.

Our little man is growing up fast!

Mana going up in crib
We have an infrared baby monitor so we can see and hear him in his crib from anywhere in the house.

The other night, when he didn’t want to go to sleep (as usual, after all he’s a Fire Monkey that was born on the full moon!), for the first time he pulled himself to a standing position and proceeded to try and figure out how to climb out.

Angie adjusted the crib to make it safer and much harder for him to climb out of, for now.

I LOVE watching him grow. This little guy has the body of an athlete at only 7 months of age and he’s so cool too!

Angie and Penny have been doing some rearranging of furniture, and baby-proofing the house now that Mana is in crawling mode, and loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.

Mana shopping Home Depot
The girls took him to Home Depot last night and they said he was in heaven there.

He loves his dog, Maggie, too and they often do forays out together, be it out running with Mommy for her morning workouts (she pushes them both in her baby jogger), visiting Grandma, trips to the farmer’s market, or going shopping at Home Depot.

Angie is heading to Toronto to teach HLC1 soon, so her mother Maria will be traveling with her to watch Mana while she teaches.

We thought a test run to see how she does with him (he can be a handful when Mommy is away from him!) would be wise.

Mana and Momma C4Q

While I was teaching my C4Q workshop recently, Grandma spent the night in the hotel with Angie and Mana, then watched him all day while Angie went to class with me.

Good news, he did really well with Grandma. Yay Grandma!!

Not only does he love his Mommy, he loves to smile and laugh a lot. It is mind blowing to see how much this little guy loves performing for the camera.

He can be a little grump, but when Angie points a camera at him, Mana instantly shifts into “show mode.” He smiles, and you’d never know it is the same kid as before that camera showed up.

And no, we didn’t teach him this. He’s been this way since he was about 5 months old and it’s “all Mana.” We love seeing him perform too.

I’ve studied a lot in my career on infant, child and adult development, but I can assure you, Mana has made it very clear to me that:

A. Much of what “science” states as fact is in fact, not all the facts.

B. We have a LOT to learn about the actual nature of how a child’s soul expresses itself, learns and communicates without the use of language.

Mana and Momma 2

My child development teacher lives with me every day, and I AM paying close attention.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog today.

Lots of Love and chi,
Paul Chek