September 12, 2016

Living Together – The Common Ground of Humanity

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying the fading days of summer, and living fully.

I’ve been busy getting ready to teach my CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery workshop here in San Diego starting this Thursday, and having some playtime too.

I am really enjoying my life with Penny, Mana and Angie. We all love supporting Mana and watching him grow day-by-day.

In my blog today, I share:
1. Living Together — The Common Ground of Humanity
2. CHEK Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
3. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Living Together – The Common Ground of Humanity

We can all live peacefully in the world together, and support each other by sharing our individual and collective wisdom and resources!

Living Together Blk Bd Blog 9-12-16

My vlog today was inspired by watching a portion of the Art Meets Science & Spirituality in a Changing Economy conference from 1990 called From Fragmentation to Wholeness. (Thanks for the tip on this one Jason!)

This very interesting conference includes interviews with David Bohm, the Dalai Lama and others. I found it very thought provoking, and loved a chance to see two of my heroes, the Dalai Lama and David Bohm, sharing their wisdom.

You can view the entire conference here:

I start my vlog message by explaining that feminine energies correlate to “containment” and masculine energies correlate to “liberation.”

There is a healthy level of containment we all need. From that place, we can liberate our energy, wisdom and resources as a gift to all people and nature.

In my presentation, I cover 12 ways we can grow individually, in relationship with others in our family and immediate social groups, and collectively at the “ALL” level of love and sharing.

When you consider that there are 7 billion people on the planet now, it helps us to realize that if we each only made a 1% improvement in how we nurture ourselves, others or nature each month, that would add up to MASSIVE changes each year!

I hope you enjoy what I share today:

1. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia e-book
2. How To Eat, Move, & Be Healthy! – book
3. You Are What You Eat! – Audio CD Program
4. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 – online and live

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

Exercise Coach, NYC with Tomi Toles


Congratulations to our four new C.H.E.K Exercise Coach students who just finished their training with CHEK Instructor Tomi Toles in NYC this weekend.

I am sure you all enjoyed the course, and I suspect Tomi was quite an inspiration for you, knowing the depth of his knowledge and wisdom!

I hope I get to see each of you as you complete your C.H.E.K Advanced Training Programs.

Show-N-Tell With Paul

Paul Jrs Birthday Dinner
I really enjoyed celebrating my first son, Paul Jr’s birthday (his birthday is on the 10th). It was nice to have him over last week when he was in town. We had a great time visiting, laughing and telling good jokes.

His mother, my first wife Sue (on the left closest to you in the photo), came and enjoyed dinner with us. It was great to see her again.

Paul Jrs Birthday 2

Paul Jr. got to spend some time playing with his little brother Mana. I love seeing them together. There is a beautiful, mutual love between them that makes my heart swell.

Penny and Angie did an amazing job of creating a beautiful dinner for us all, and Sue brought over some of her incredibly good peanut butter and nut balls for desert too!

We all had a great time, and Mana and Paul Jr. ate like princes!

Jacquie and Jason Art Spirit

My friends and clients, Jacquie and Jason, shared the paintings above with me recently that they’d just finished.

Jacquie Inner Cave painting

Jacquie’s, above, I love. When I look at it, I feel very much like I’m reliving Plato’s story of the people in the cave watching the shadows on the walls. Lovely Jacquie!

Jason in nature painting 9-11-16

Jason’s painting is cool because I can really feel the spirits of the land he’s living on with his family at present. It has a lovely shamanic energy to it. Great job Jason!

Thank you both for sharing! I love to experience your art and share it with others.

Mana has outgrown his infant bathtub now, and this is his first time in an adult tub alone.

Mana in big bathtub

He loved it!! I think he has the Laird Hamilton gene somewhere in there the way he loves water.

Angie and Mana off to feed horses
Here you can see Angie, Maggie and Mana about to head out with me to feed the horses down the street.

Mana loves the horses so he gets quite excited on the days we get lucky and the horses are in the pasture next to the road.

As you can see, he’s got one carrot for each of the horses, which double as drumsticks until he gets to the horses.

This is one of my tall stacks (you’ll need to click on the image so you can see how tall it is). I create them when I’m ready for a deep, physical meditation.

Recently, the capstone got knocked down so I thought I’d go out and add a little more height to it. This is Mana and I standing next to it when I was finished.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

I’m excited to teach my CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery Coaching workshop starting Thursday. I’ll share some highlights with you in my next blog if I can find time to fit them in.

I hope you enjoy “being the change” each day as a living example of open-mindedness and love for all the beauty that makes life so rich.

Lots of Love and chi to all of you!
Paul Chek