March 30, 2015

AM I Conscious Enough?

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all enjoying your life as it unfolds day by day.

There’s not much else going on here, so hey, why not enjoy the blessings that Life has to offer!!

I’ve been very busy with projects, coaching clients, and getting ready to head to Australia to teach.

I’ll be at the FILEX Convention in Melbourne next week along with Jo Rushton where we will be raising awareness about Holistic Health. I’ll give a lecture on “Flattening Your Ab’s Forever” and both Jo and I will be signing our books.

If you are in Melbourne I sure look forward to seeing you there!

Then Penny, Jo and I will join up with Angie Lustrick at Mecure Lake Macquarie Raffertys Resort, not too far from Sydney. We both are teaching concurrently; I will teach HLC 3 and Angie is teaching HLC 2.

We are really excited about this event because we’ll have opportunities to bring the two groups together for tai-chi, singing, chanting, and any number of fun activities.

I love it when the students can spend time together in nature and get to know each other as it really helps my students to feel a sense of tribe as CHEK HLC Practitioners.

Because our Holistic approach – as logical, simple, and natural as it is – goes counter-current to what most people have been told, and do in their lives, its often difficult heading back to the same environments with the same people.

By hearing of all the personal and professional success stories shared by their fellow students, they get motivated to be proud of their unique individuality as a CHEK HLC Professional, and that is good for all of us.

If you’d like to join us for any of our upcoming Australia HLC 1, 2 or 3 events coming up in April, or my movement based seminars May 1-3 in Sydney, feel free to click here to see the schedule.

Today, I’ll share a fun video blog that is a humorous, joke-based teaching, then I’ll share a little of my recent visit with my super star client, Jason.

AM I Conscious Enough?

Today, I share a joke I learned a long time ago; I can’t remember exactly when… I was a young man and I did a lot of work in logging camps, on exploration and water well drilling crews, as a mechanic, a bricklayer’s apprentice, and all these guys love to share jokes.

I learned so many, I can’t even begin to remember them all.

When I can, I love sharing jokes as a means of cultivating awareness around a key teaching point.

I studied OSHO’s teachings intensively for many years, and always enjoyed the jokes he told at the end of his lectures; he also used them to make key points quite often.

Today, I had an “OSHO moment” and decided to share a joke as a means of making some key points about consciousness.

My video blog today is based on a joke about two men, who with no wilderness or hunting experience, decide to get their hunting licenses and go hunting together.

Am I Conscious Enough Blk Bd

Once they got their licenses, they got their new hunting gear together and headed down the road until they found what looked like a large open area that was safe to go deer hunting.

After tramping around in the woods for a couple hours without getting any deer, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a band of Indians that popped out of nowhere.

They were captured by the Indians, and immediately, they took one of the novice hunters to a pole, tied him up, and at the command of the Chief, the braves drew their arrows and killed him.

As they were about to tie the second hunter up to the pole, he pleaded with the Indians to not kill him, saying, “please don’t kill me, we were just out hunting and didn’t mean any harm; I have a wife and children too, and they need me!”

The Chief looked at him, and muttered some words, which the head brave translated – “Chief says, you trespass, you die!”

He begged and pleaded…”you must have some kind of Indian manhood test or some way I can prove myself worthy of staying alive don’t you?!”

The Chief and the braves huddled and spoke for a few minutes. Then the English-speaking brave said, “Chief says, if you can pass our manhood test, you are free to go.”

The hunter said, “sure, anything is better than just being shot; what do I have to do?”

The brave pointed to a bluff and said, “Do you see those three tepees up there on the bluff?”
“Yes” the hunter said.

Brave: “First tepee, you will find half a gallon of our best firewater. You must drink the firewater.

Second tepee, you will find a hungry mountain lion; you must pull one canine tooth with your bare hands.

Should you live (and most don’t!), you will go to the third tepee. There you will find our village nymphomaniac – only our BEST braves can satisfy her.

If you can complete the tasks of all three tepees, you are free to go!”

The Indians then walked the hunter up to the first tent. He sat there and drank the firewater.

After a couple hours in the tent getting completely drunk, he got up and said, “Alright, I’m ready to go to the second tent”.

The braves carefully held the flap to the tepee, while two other braves held him by the door to throw him in quickly so the mountain lion couldn’t escape.

In he went… In seconds, there was screaming and yelling from both the hunter and the mountain lion. This went on for thirty seconds and the braves were stunned he’d lasted this long…three minutes later, dust billowing from in the tent, sides bulging in and out…he was still going after that big cat.

Finally, after 12 minutes, the flap opened, and the hunter stumbled out…covered in cuts and blood, he said:

“Alright, where’s that girl that wants her tooth pulled!”

Teaching Points:

1. Know the territory. There is always a cost when taking life!

2. Moonshine: Loosing awareness can be very dangerous!

3. Mountain Lion: Don’t screw with Mother Nature – She didn’t need Her teeth puled before we started that game…(living out of balance with nature).

4. If you don’t know what a woman wants, loosing consciousness never helps – Life is all about relationships!

Suggested Resources:

Those of you who feel ready to fully participate in your own personal, professional and spiritual growth will be richly rewarded by studying the following three PPS Success Mastery Lessons:

1. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1: Determining Your Legacy.

This lesson takes you through a life review, teaches you how to find the positive elements of the negative situations you’ve experienced so they become growth and awareness opportunities, and teaches you the essential 10 components of a dream (what you want to do with your life). Many have found this lesson alone to be life changing for them.

2. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2: Self-Management.

This comprehensive lesson on how to effectively manage yourself so that you can efficiently create your dreams and life the life you want covers:

A. How the mind is programmed.

B. How you can use the science of “brain washing” positively to clear yourself of dream-negative mind viruses that cause all sorts of problems in relationship with self, or others.

C. How to effectively create a simple, but powerfully effective 4 Doctor self-management plan for yourself (and your family if that is the case for you).

3. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 3. Goal Setting.

This practical, powerful lesson ties the previous two lessons together, and can be used as a stand-alone course if you choose.

This lesson is a compilation of the essential goal setting science, strategies, and tips I’ve learned from studying a number of goal setting masters, as well as some additional strategies I’ve developed that are very helpful.

You will learn:
A. Why goal setting is important.

B. Why many people do not effectively achieve their goals.

C. How to create effective outcome, and process goals.

D. How to identify resistance to accomplishing your goals, and convert that into awareness and affirmative action for optimal outcomes.

E. How to use forms I’ve created to enhance your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly self-management.

This program is fantastic for everyone from teenagers to adults.

Working with A Star Client!

One of the great joys of my work is that it brings me into contact with many very amazing, talented, motivated, successful, wise people.

My client, “Jason”, has been consistently coaching with me in my Zero Force Coaching program for well over two years now, and always amazes me with his ability to master anything I teach him.

Jason usually comes to see me for a block of days together a couple times a year to supplement our Skype coaching, and we always have a great time together.

Believe it or not, Jason was once a 360-pound man, with a load of health challenges. Through the work of CHEK Practitioner Csaba Lucas and I, Jason has become a lean, fit, very healthy man, and a great athlete too!

Jason Funky DL

Here you can see me teaching Jason an exercise I call “The Funky Deadlift.”

I use this method to create a shift in the movement dynamics of the deadlift, and as a quick warm-up method that can be used on the chance that a rest period gets too long for some reason.

Jason and I are both big lovers of stonework because of its many amazing conditioning benefits, and spiritual development benefits.


It was very hot here this weekend, and we needed a break from some of the deep personal development work we were engaged in, so Jason, Angie, and I went to my rock circle outside and created a balance meditation course.

By putting rocks in key places that require differing levels of balance and coordination to navigate, we are able to treat the reflex points on the feet, enhance our balance, practice being both very present, and very relaxed, and have fun.


We really enjoyed creating the balance meditation course, and practicing with it.

Later I took Jason through some deeper coaching in awareness to help empower him to recognize his unconscious/conscious choices.


Thanks for being one of the most amazing human beings I’ve every met, and worked with Jason! Your love, abundant personality, and devotion to holistic health and wellness is a great example for the world.

CHEK Happenings and Course Completions!

We’ve had a lot going on in the UK.

Dan Hellman has been a busy man recently and he was in the UK at the CHEK Experience Day at IFS, Blackpool delivering inspiring content. I really appreciate you clarifying key concepts for exercise professionals!


Duncan Reeve just finished teaching GOLF Performance Series Advanced Training to a very enthusiastic groups of students – also in the UK! Thank you Duncan for sharing your love of the sport and being a conscientious instructor


Well, that brings you up to date in my life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today, and I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek