March 25, 2015

Resource Autonomy Wisdom Food (RAW)

Happy Wednesday!

As most of you know, I usually post new blogs on Mondays, but I’ve been VERY busy lately…so here I am now.

My last blog, “Symptoms Of Consciousness Rising” certainly got some movement out there. Loads of great comments and questions came in on my site – thanks for all of your participation.

It is very helpful when those of you who find my blogs beneficial share them with as many people as possible.

If we want the world to be a better place, it is always good to share the messages and opportunities that will help family, friends, co-workers, church groups, sports teams, “governments,” etc…have the tools they need to get healthy with us.

Today, I’ll start with out topic for this week, which is Resource Autonomy Wisdom Food (RAW) FOOD eating.

I’ll share some updates from CHEK Advanced Training programs, some art, a recent workout, and news about what we’ve been up to with guests here at the Heaven House.

Resource Autonomy Wisdom Food (video blog about 52:00 short; see below)

My video blog today is one of the many that I’d say is very important for people in general to study and pay close attention to.

In this blog, as in the previous one (Symptoms Of Consciousness Rising), I address some of the core issues that are destroying both our health, and the health of the planet at large.

I begin my vlog presentation by explaining the importance of raw food eating, and cover these key points:

1. The utter importance of eating organic foods.

2. I then give a comprehensive explanation as to how vitamins actually work as “vitamin complexes” in the body, and why you should be very cautious about believing research (and corporate dogma) as fact…

3. Biophoton emission: I share information about light coherence measurements from commercial vs, organic foods (Fritz Albert Popp’s research).

4. Water in foods and what you should consider when choosing food sources.

5. The importance of getting enough quality fiber in your diet.

6. Taste: How taste informs you about many relevant factors of the soil the food you eat comes from.

The Yin and Yang of Food Choices

I describe foods in general as either having a dominant feature of creating yin/containment nutrition, or yang/energy expression nutrition.

Though this classification can’t be objectified specifically for any one individual, it is a good awareness tool that allows each person to classify food reactions, symptoms, and gain direction as to how to modify diet choices from meal to meal.

Reflect – Digest – Transform – Represent

By correlating the qualities of the soul (Reflect – Abide – Represent) with the natural processes that occur within us at both the psychic, and physical or physiological level, we can effectively use these qualities of observation and experience to “witness” (Abiding function) what is occurring in our body-mind whenever we eat.

Whenever we eat or drink, there is always some form of experience we have in the process. We can call these experiences symptoms.

I inform you, the viewer, that when we experience body-mind symptoms, we have an opportunity to reflect – to look back at the choices we’ve made the symptoms we experienced and are experiencing as a means of gaining essential information we can use to make effective choices.

I highlight that when we start eating more raw and/or organic food, we often get symptoms that feel negative to us, but that we must differentiate between authentic negative reactions from our food choices vs. healing reactions from our body-mind.

If we don’t make that distinction carefully, it is not uncommon to abort a good plan thinking that the symptoms are negative as opposed to those natural in a healing process.

I explain the importance of the:

A. Name it.

B. Blame it,

C. Tame it,

approach to better managing foods and food choices.

If we name the offensive foods according to the symptoms they create, it makes it much easier not to eat such foods; instead of calling it a “cookie,” call it “fat butt, pimples, gas and bloating;” that way, if you keep doing that to yourself, you know you don’t need a nutritionist, but a psychiatrist or psychologist’s help.

Food Responses In Our Body-Mind

I go over common reactions to foods and drinks, and suggest how to know when we are moving toward, or away from balance. I highlight that the healing response is easily miss-understood, and often perceived as a worsening of symptoms, and share some suggestions.


The outcome of eating differently as we explore ourselves is that we either maintain optimal health by making choices through awareness, or we continue to see symptoms of body-mind degeneration.

The key here is always awareness, and not having a food dogma in the way of the change process, which is much more dynamic than most people realize, even in healthy people.


I finish the vlog presentation with the following 4 tips, which are expanded on in the vblog:

1. Eat as much raw food as possible.

2. Eat the highest quality food possible.

3. I explain the importance of “naming and taming” your symptoms as a powerful tool for reprogramming your mind and behaviors.

4. No fixed diets! All symptoms are “tools for awareness” and should be seen as such.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days is a fantastic documentary of the healing power of raw food.

This DVD program objectively demonstrates, yet again, that what people are programmed to believe by the medical and drug establishments is simply not true.

For those of you with questions about raw food eating and the power of food as medicine, studying this excellent DVD will be richly rewarded.

I hope you enjoy this important vlog presentation today!


1. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! – Book

2. The Last Four Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia ebook

3. The 1234 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – Audio Workbook Program



CHEK Advanced Training Program Completions

HLC 2 Carlsbad with Angie Lustrick

Jator Pierre from San Francisco and Jo Rushton from Australia (HLC1 Faculty) attended HLC2 with Angie this past week.


While Angie was teaching HLC 2 in Carlsbad, CA., I dropped in for a visit with the class and got to visit everyone.

I had a great time answering a few questions, and sharing some tips for integrating the many concepts they’d learned in their five-day Advanced Training Program.

The students were lovely, and I had a great time visiting them, signing their books, and enjoying their passion.

Thanks to all of you students for being willing to explore yourself, grow, and be a living example of health and well-being in the world my dear HLC 2 students!

Thank you Angie for doing yet another outstanding job of teaching HLC 2! This is a very complex class to teach, requires extensive knowledge and training, and Angie is a real master of all things HLC!


Thank you Jo and Jator for being so passionate about your learning, and growing into your positions as HLC 2 instructors! You are both amazing human beings and I feel blessed to have you in my life and teaching for the CHEK Institute.

 A Recent Workout

Mike Paul Angie stacks

This weekend, as I drove into work to rest, read, and paint, I noticed that the stack I’d built the previous weekend with Mike Salemi (his stack is on the left) and Angie Lustrick (her stack is on the right) had fallen over.

We’d had some winds, and always have creatures climbing and birds resting on the stacks, so even our best one’s get tested. I’d spent the first half of the day dong some reading, and then felt like some barefoot stonework was just what my body-mind needed.

I went out and spent about 35:00 rebuilding the center stack from the second stone up. Believe me, when you are lifting stones that big, trying to balance them, and move them without disrupting the position of the one(s) below, your entire body-mind is intimately involved; if not, you will usually leave a blood sacrifice in the rock garden.

Though this reality scares many away from stonework, I find it a great awareness-building tool. It’s just between you and Mother Nature out there. I go bare handed and barefooted so I must stay honest, alert, and awake.

I had a great time, got a great workout in a short period, felt balanced, calm and energized when I finished, and enjoyed a long hot bath with my favorite Pure-Athlete bath salts. I then jumped into a cold shower to regain some yin energy and went home for a splendid evening.

If you haven’t tried rock stacking, just start easy, be very sure of what is in our surroundings, be sure the area is clear around your work spot, and let your inner-self guide you; if you get still enough, the stones will guide you!…

No science won’t tell you how that happens, but if you come to one of my CHEK Institute Advanced Training Programs, I’ll be happy to explain it to you.

Recent ART Show-N-Tell

Two of my amazing Zero Force Coaching clients, Jason and his wife Jacquie recently put up a black board in their home so they could share the experience of spontaneous art; without a lot of clean up or time constraints.

Jason Jacquie Blk Bd Rumi

They sent the above photo to me of their first art piece together, which is a pictorial depiction of what arose in them as they connected to one of Rumi’s multitude of mind blowing, beautiful, truthful poems.

The poem says (in case you can’t read it):

I have been to churches, temples, and mosques
But found the Divine
In my Heart.

Thank you Jason and Jacquie for sharing your love, beautiful art, great poem selection, a moment of your lives with each of us!

Angie, Vidya, and I spend a fair bit of our spare time painting. Painting is amazingly healing, and allows us a great opportunity to come into contact with the depths of our soul, and the Art Spirit within each of us.

Angie Lustrick Dragon

This is one of Angie’s recent paintings, and I just love it.

Angie is always an amazing person to paint with, because she has no “style” so-to-speak. One day her paintings are simple and childlike (like mine ), and another day, she’s painting something that I couldn’t imagine would come out of her.

Sometimes, I sit and look at her paintings, and think, “how the hell did she do that?”…as I often do with Vidya’s paintings too.

Once you’ve stacked some rocks and gotten nice and relaxed, give some drawing or painting a go. Acrylic paints are lovely, vivid in color, and are water soluble, so easy to clean up.

I’ve done several drawings with black pen, and/or watercolor pens while watching The Voice in the past couple weeks, but I’ve been too lazy at night to take photos of them.

When I feel inspired to share, I’ll choose one or two and share them along the way. I’m working on a new acrylic painting at present, but am taking my time.

When I’m tired and need rest more than anything, it is harder to get still enough to let my soul guide my brushes and I usually wish I’d waited longer; that said, all of it is joy-making and healing for me, even when I wouldn’t rush to hang some of them on the wall.

My motto is, “If it feels good, do it!”

Guests To The HEAVEN House

Jo Rushton, one of our HLC Instructors from Sydney, Australia was here with HLC Instructor Jator Pierre getting trained to teach HLC 2 from Angie.

Jo has done a lot of training with me personally over the many years since she began her CHEK Institute journey, and she’s an amazing woman.

Jo is one of these special women who is a fantastic chef, presenter, artist, healing guide, TV personality, and much more. We always have a great time together.

Jo is so deeply connected to life, nature, and her own soul that we always have lovely, deep, meaningful conversations together, and fortunately, they often end with me getting to eat lots of her food.

Jo and I spent some time together working on a media project that we will be co-branding and delivering in the future, which I’m very excited about!


Jo and Vidya are great friends and they were able to catch up and enjoyed sharing time together too!

While Jo was here, Vidya fed us, and you can never go wrong there, so even Jo got a treat this time.

Since Angie will be teaching HLC2 in Australia when I’m teaching HLC3 at Lake Macquarie Resort outside of Sydney next month, Jo will be assisting Angie at the course!


Thanks for all your love, passion, and authentic self-expression Jo!

Well, that brings you up to date in my life.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves, that you eat more raw food, and celebrate the wisdom that resides within your cells and your soul.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek