August 12, 2011


Happy Friday from Toronto!

We are having a great time here in Toronto! The days fly by when you’ve got to get up at 5:00am to prep for the day, teach all day, and then squeeze in a workout and a sauna before dinner. After dinner, I’ve been working on a piece of art to relax me before bed. This really helps me calm down after a day of outputting.

The HLC2 class is going well here in Toronto. We’ve got a great group of 33 students. We spent most of the first day of class learning how to apply my 1-2-3-4 formula for cultivating well-being. In the afternoon of day one, we explored different ways to fine tune diet, which is always interesting for the students to experience.

Yesterday, we worked on coaching principles and I spent a fair bit of time teaching the students about effective use of mind and how to solve problems with clients creatively. We got into some great discussions and the day really flew by.


For our exercise training yesterday, I introduced the students to unwinding. Unwinding is one of the best methods of learning to take instruction from both your body-mind, and what I call, The PainTeacher. To perform an unwinding session, one only need get relaxed enough to let go of the ego-mind and go into feeling state. From there, one merely allows their body to move into whatever position feels good.

We all hold tension and torsion patterns in our fascia, which can congeal into what I call energy knots. Energy knots are focal points where energy and tension accumulate. They can cause changes in the biomechanics of joints because as energy accumulates and becomes trapped in the tissues, it has the effect of tightening one or two spokes in a wheel, but not balancing the tension among the other spokes.

Soon enough, the related joints are being pulled off their natural, optimal instantaneous axis of rotation, which usually leads to inflammation and pain. Energy knots can occur in any tissue, including organs, glands and the entire nervous system. I’ve personally experienced amazing results in my own unwinding sessions and am always glad I can share these methods with my students so they can help others with safe, non-invasive methods.

Here you can see Adonis performing another of the exercises we practiced yesterday. This is Zhan Zung, which means standing like a tree in practice. This is a beautiful, simple meditative form of tai-chi I learned from Master Fong Ha.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. I’ll be teaching more about how to coach people to living their dreams and cultivating well-being in their life.

If your body gives you pain, today’s a great day to take a lesson from the PainTeacher and get into some gentle unwinding!

Lay on the floor and simply let your body move you into a position of comfort. When that’s no longer comfortable, let it guide you again. Keep doing that until you fall asleep, decide you are done, or simply feel so great you are bursting with energy ☺.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek