August 11, 2011

Hello From Toronto

Good Thursday to you!

I had a great day teaching HLC 2 here in Toronto yesterday.

We began the class with an introduction from each student and then went outside for about an hour of training on the zen Swing exercise I developed as a simple means of experiencing tai-chi.

We spent most of the day going over my 1-2-3-4 formula for achieving well-being. We spent the afternoon learning how to use muscle testing, soul connection and symptom reading as a means of fine-tuning our diets and teaching others how to do so.

We talked a while on the topic of why some people can’t seem to feel their soul, and why some also have a hard time using the muscle testing method I share. The students seemed to enjoy the class, though a couple seemed pretty tired because they flew in the morning the class started.

My Friend Phil DeLaire sat in with us for the day. I always enjoy seeing Phil when I’m in Toronto. Phil is in charge of the trainers and the wellness center at Toronto’s Granite Club, which is home to many CHEK Practitioners. He’s done an amazing job of creating a truly holistic training and healing environment for the club and it’s great to know that there are places in the world people can go and find skilled health and exercise support. Keep up the great work Phil!

As you can see here, after class yesterday, we came home and relaxed for a little while we gathered up some steam. You can see Rory in the King’s seat in his lovely new condo.


Then we went to the gym and I did a little workout. They don’t have much in the gym so I used their multi-station Hoist (hotel gym) system to create functional exercises. It looks pretty strange to most people, but by using the levers and leg press to do standing pushing and pulling exercises, I got a great workout.

Then, Rory and I visited the steam room for a few to warm up for the sauna. We went into a beautiful dream-state in the sauna. A quick ice-cold shower like you can only get in the Great White North (East) and we were off to have a lovely dinner with Vidya. She made us an absolutely amazing rack of lamb,  cauliflower and dahl (lentils) and baked potatoe dinner.

Today I’ll be getting into HLC coaching principles, chakra basics, some more work-In exercises and more if I can stay tight to my teaching outline!if!

Tonight, I suspect we’ll come home after teaching and do it all again.

I hope you all find joy in your day today, wherever you are!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek