August 11, 2014

The Mind-Body Connection Pt. 3: Archetypes and YOU! + CanFit Pro Teaching

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.


After I finished my two pre-conference workshops, I began my regular lectures. The first on was Effective Use Of Mind.

Fri Lectures  (2)

I highlighted what MIND is, and showed how our individual ego-mind is essentially a mind within MIND, and that all “things” knowable are products of MIND and it’s minds.

I shared information on concrete and abstract thought and showed that humanity could really use an upgrade on its abstract thinking software.

The closing message of my talk was that we all have the ability to create the life we want, and to change our beliefs to suit “who we choose to be” as opposed to “being who we think we have to be go gain approval from others.”

The students seemed to genuinely appreciate the perspective I shared in this lecture and I enjoyed sharing my wisdom after a lifetime investigating these issues.

My next lecture was “Hormones, The Critical Link”.

Fri Lectures  (1)
This lecture was certainly one full of deep educational surprises for most attendees.

I introduced them to the concept of Major and Minor hormones, and showed them how diet and lifestyle have a major influence on an individual’s hormonal stability.

I showed the structural breakdown of hormones so students could see that all hormones are “diet dependent” for their creation in the body; the major hormones, if deficient, trigger the body to begin consuming itself as a means of acquiring the resources to make these hormones (adrenaline, cortisol and insulin).

If this did not happen, the individual would die once these hormones dropped below critical levels. When you consider how many people worldwide are in phase 3 adrenal exhaustion, and you actually understand what that means to an individuals body-mind integrity, it can make you ponder how much longer this form of social suicide can go on…

I progressed to showing that the source of hormones is food and that the quality of the food can be no better than the quality of the soil (and environment) the food was raised in.

I gave an explanation of soil mechanics, and showed that microorganisms in the soul and the plants they share symbiotic relationships with produce every hormone, vitamin, mineral, and a whole host of enzymes that we have, and need in our bodies.

Therefore, any farming method that destroys the balance of microorganism (and earth worm) populations is literally a death sentence; the sentence is warranted to you through choosing to eat such food.

I showed how terribly profitable this kind of social health program is, and why it is maintained with great power and force by the corporations that have invested billions in keeping their harvest forever growing and increasing; but soon they will be like drug lords that have killed off all their addicts.

Since they know that, they are now trying to control all aspects of farming, health education, vitamin use, and much more….

Welcome to the reality of capitalism.

How To Work In was my final presentation on Saturday.

In this three hour workshop, I gave a comprehensive explanation of the functionality and necessity of work-in technologies.

Work in 1

I covered the physiology, and psychology of the issue. People seed to be having “Ah Ha!” moments each step of the way… 🙂

After I was confident they understood “the why” of working-in, I took everyone outside and began by teaching them the mechanics of breathing.

Work in 2

Breathing is at the foundation of all inner-arts and most people do not understand the physiology of breathing, and most people have a breathing pattern disorder.

Work in 3

In fact, the grand majority of personal training and strength training certificates given come complete with faulty information and training on breathing, and breathing and movement. This is what motivated me to create my two day workshop on the topic some years ago now.

Work in 4

If you would like to see the lecture that goes with the workshop, you can see it in a format designed for conference presentation. It is titled “Heavy Breathing” and is presented by Dan Hellman, one of our senior, and highly sought after CHEK Institute Instructor. Dan gave three presentations here too and they were well attended. Thanks ford a Great Job Dan Hellman!

Penny said that feedback from my lectures and workshop at the booth was very positive and that we had many people sign up to enter our Exercise Coach and HLC 1 program, which is always lovely.

I love knowing that there are others willing to join me in supporting the creation of our own unique individual dreams, while at once celebrating and supporting our common dream of a healthy planet so all the little dream-weavers have a fair shot at living a full life.

I was well supported by many beautiful loving people on this trip. Penny was amazing as usual, keeping us all on schedule and having everything organized for harmonious delivery.

Rory is the best host there is. Rory’s mom, Margo and his dad, Bob helped us getting to and from airports and Margo made us loads of awesome food!

Deborah Meyer at was definitely a Food Angel right there with Rory’s mom. Deborah was in HLC 1 with Angie Lustrick time she taught in Toronto, and was inspired to “go for it” and fulfill her passion as a chef making healthy food.

Well, thank God she did. Her food is lovely, lovely, lovely!

Dan Hellman, Rory, Phil Delaire, and I were all drooling over it as we ate like marathoners that just finished a race. I got to meet with Deborah and get to know her and her philosophy while I was here. She’s an amazing woman who shares my love of holistic living in body, mind and Spirit.

Love is the essence of her gift of food and cooking for others and she goes a long way to keep herself in a “Loving state” when she cooks, and it can be felt in the food too!

Josette Curry, one of my PPS old-guard and a long time friend was gracious enough to come feed me lunch during my second pre-conference workshop. She made us all sorts of lovely, fresh and fermented treats.

I was so happy to hear that she is really enjoying teaching and running her “Stretch and Strength” programs in the Toronto area. She’s a very talented artist, teacher and really lives her craft. Thank You for all your love and food Josette!

Thank you to Phil Delaire at Level4Wellness, for all your support, and it was LOVELY to see Phil’s wife Dona. She is one of the most spectacular female athletes I’ve ever seen, and she’s spectacularly beautiful too! You two are proof of Universal Harmony.

Angie Lustick will be giving two presentations at the upcoming Idea World conference in Anaheim, CA this week.


Mind-Body Pt3 Archetypes and You Full Blk Bd
Archetypes are a fascinating study of patterns of self-expression common to all human beings. The real pioneer of this concept was Psychiatrist Carl Jung, who’s writings and teachings are extremely in-depth on this topic, and are the basis of almost all authors ideas on this very useful concept.

Jung’s teachings are made much more understandable to those without a background in psychology and related sciences by Joseph Campbell (The Hero’s Journey, Mythos, and other books and DVDs).

Joseph Campbell studied Carl Jung’s work in detail, and then did something no one had ever done before. Campbell’s extensive study of mythology (He’s recognized as the world leader in this field, even today some time after his death) led him to see common patterns being expressed in the mythology of tribes, societies and cultures worldwide through out antiquity and right up to the present.

Joseph Campbell shows us that the archetypes are inherent in the myths of any culture and that archetypes serve as a means of self expression, while one’s mythology serves as a means of functional integration with life. (I expand on mythology in the next edition of this series.)

Mind-Body Pt3 Archetypes

In my vlog today, I show the importance of archetypes and of recognizing which archetypal influences you are expressing in your life.

Mind-Body Pt3 Heros Journey Blk Bd

I give some definitions of archetypes to round out your understanding of this important concept, as well as giving examples of those common to us all, which are:

1. The Mother

2. The Father

3. The Child

I also mention the victim, saboteur, and prostitute archetypes, which are classes as “Survival Archetypes” along with the child archetype by Carolyn Myss. You can learn more in her books “Sacred Contracts” and “Archetypes and You”.


As you will see in my vlog, the archetypes acting through us are often expressed in our core values.

After explaining the basics of archetypes, I turn to my model on the right hand of my black board and use a modified version of one of Joseph Campbells’s diagrams to explain the function of our archetypal expression as it relates to sociological or cultural integration.

I use the stages outlined as “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell to exemplify the challenges that we all go through whether we decide to stay within the sociocultural “box”, or become a maverick and go out on our own.

Understanding how archetypes function in our lives, and how the Hero’s Journey relates to our experiences in life can be very liberating and helpful for people whose lives have been challenging to them.

I feel this information should be taught to children as a means of helping them have a functional framework within which they can understand the life process at large.

In my discussion of archetypes, I explain how we can use our heart-sense or feeling sense to aid the rational, logical information expressed by our ego-mind or “head”.

I share an example of the father archetype as a means of showing you how we can wonder, sometimes severely off the path of our archetypal influences.

I finish my vlog today by explaining that the 4 Doctor self-management is essential for anyone that wants to minimize unnecessary stress for themselves in life’s journey.

By correlating your archetypal influences with my 4 Doctor self-management model, you can create your dreams most efficiently, and with a lot less pain than most endure, largely out of ignorance of the life process.

Ignorance is not bliss unless you are using the word in association with it’s root meaning, which is connected to the word “pain” and experiences thereof.

I hope you all find this lesson informative and inspiring in your life as you create your dreams and live fully!

Next week, we dive into mythology and I show how your mythology and your archetypes are part of one larger working whole.

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Well, that’s it for me now. It’s about time to pack my bags and head to London, England for the amazing CHEK Inspire Conference UK.

I will send updates as I can.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek