August 8, 2014

Toronto CanFit Pro Update

Hello from Beautiful Toronto!

I want to “Thank” all my awesome students who showed up in all their sincerity to learn from me the past two days. I thoroughly loved having you in class and hope to see you in future CHEK Institute Courses.

I started my series of teaching events Thursday, with “Primal Pattern Eating”. I  took my students through some historical research into the problems of social health/disease and food, which, to say the least, blew some minds!


One of my students came up to me in the bathroom on a break and said, “Wow, this stuff is blowing my mind. It’s what I’ve been looking for.” And rightfully so.

When one takes a serious look at the research done in the past, going all the way back to the first world war, it becomes glaringly obvious that both the English and US governments know “all they ever needed to know about the potential dangers of cooked, processed, and pasteurized foods, and the benefits of eating a whole food diet.

My students all learned several practical ways to fine tune their dietary needs based on their unique individual needs, and what is necessary for anyone to be healthy, particularly in today’s world of toxins and junk, junk, junk food (most of which is promoted as performance, optimal, natural, and unfortunately, even (bogus) organic….).

Level 4 CHEK Practitioner Phil Delaire  was in class with me (and took these photos).

Paul & Phil

Phil was the manager of the health and exercise departments of Toronto’s famous Granite Club before retiring to pursue personal interests and create a new business with Rory Mullin, which you can look into at:


Phil said he loved reviewing all the research and concepts I teach, even though he’s been through the material a number of times over the many years he trained with me. Phil is now seeing clients again, which is fantastic news for those needing the help of a skilled CHEK Level 4 Practitioner in the Toronto area; or from anywhere if you use Skype of FaceTime.


Yesterday, I taught my one-day presentation on the practical uses of infant development exercise, which is always quite an interesting experience for students.

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (6)_1

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (1)_1

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (2)_1

There were many “Ah Ha!” moments for students yesterday, as there always is in this class whenever I teach it.

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (4)_1

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (5)_1

Infant Dev - Toronto 2014 -  (3)_1

I have been blessed with great food from the Amazing Deborah Maier, CHEK HLC 1 who was inspired by Angie Lustrick to share her love and passion in life, which resulted in her creating her new organic food preparation/delivery service; visit her at:

Her food service is EXCELLENT for any CHEK Practitioner or CHEK Instructor visiting Toronto and wanting great food already prepared and ready to enjoy!

Thank you Deborah for you love and great food! Penny, Rory and I have really enjoyed it.

We have also been blessed by another Angel with great food, and that’s Rory’s mother, Margo. Between these two food Angels, we have all been eating extremely well, and Penny has been able to enjoy not having to do nearly so much food prep, which she loves!

Things are going really well here, and I feel great getting my tai-chi, workouts, steams, saunas and visiting with some of my core CHEK family members here.

I have many very interesting lectures to deliver, which were all sold out a couple weeks in advance of the conference, so it shall be an exciting time. I’m sure some wool will be lifted from many eyes…:-)

Love and chi,
Paul Chek