June 28, 2015

The Challenges of Mouth Breathing Pt. 4: Biochemical Influences

Happy Monday!

I hope you found inspirations in moments of presence during your week and weekend. I found many, and will share some of them with you in my blog today.

Today, we complete my mouth breathing series with Pt. 4: Biochemical Influences. Then I’ll share news of the fast rising sport of paddle boarding, and an amazing demonstration of pairs surfing.

I’ll finish by sharing some of the ways I found myself in moments of presence since we last connected.

The Challenges of Mouth Breathing Pt. 4: Biochemical Influences
Mouth Breathing Blk Bd Pt 4
The biochemical challenges related to mouth breathing cannot be addressed in, and of themselves.

The biochemistry of our bodies is a comprehensive mix of water and thousands of chemical elements; our biochemistry is made up of, infused with, and produces a wide spectrum of energies.

While various books and experts propose that we can both explain and change our biochemistry through chemistry alone, practical experience shows otherwise.

For example, taking Aspirin for a headache, or even daily as a preventive measure to protect against heart disease are practices that ignore the fact that it is diet and lifestyle practices that are most commonly the cause such ailments.

Just as a headache is a common symptom of low blood sugar, or lack of sleep, and heart disease is a common symptom of poor diet and exercise choices, eating right for your individual needs and getting adequate sleep typically produce biochemistry that doesn’t express itself through headache or heart disease.

If we look holistically (considering the whole) at the challenge of mouth breathing, we come to six foundation principles.

In my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Advanced Training Programs, I focus on the mastery of:
1. Nutrition
2. Hydration
3. Sleep
4. Breathing
5. Thinking, and
6. Movement

The first three on the list are expressions of yin/female creative forces. Yin is expressed as anabolic; accumulating resources, enhancing growth and repair.

Breathing, thinking and movement are expressive of yang/masculine energies. Yang energies here represent spending of resources and tissue degradation.

When we live with a functional balance (homeostasis) of the yin and yang energies (tai-chi) as expressed through the six foundation principles, we are unlikely to experience mouth breathing as a stress response due to negligence.

If we are balanced in our 6 Foundation Principles, mouth breathing supports our activities as a normal physiological response.

If we are imbalanced within the context of our six foundation principles, then mouth breathing becomes a common stress response for the reasons I share under the heading of each foundation principle in my vlog today.

I spoke of the congenital causes of mouth breathing, and how they were tied to parental nutrition in Part 3 of this series.

By being proactive and seeking to balance oneself within the context of the six foundation principles, we can minimize the impact of congenital weaknesses and maximize our body-mind.

This is the only practice that allows anyone to determine what can, and can’t be done for mouth breathing through natural means.

As I share in my vlog, we can cause mouth breathing with violations of any of the six foundation principles.

Though many human beings think they are the ones who dictate what constitutes a violation of foundation principles and/or physiological principles, it is ultimately Mother Nature who decides.

Our daily experience of ourselves is Her report card, regardless of how many degrees are obtained, or which expert’s words you can parrot!

I finish my vlog presentation by offering the following tips:

My first suggestion for everyone is to attend Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 through the CHEK Institute.

Here you will learn to master the principles and practices shared in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, and much more.

Learning from a master is much faster than trying to figure tried and tested practices out on your own through trial and error.

Getting your questions answered by a master of holistic health can not only save you a lot of time and money, it can save you from a lot of unwanted challenges along the way.

1. Monitor: Your diet (and drink), exercise, challenging thoughts, bowel movements, urine, and sleep quality by recording it in a log of some form on a daily basis.

Other factors to monitor that can help you or a skilled CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, therapist, nutritionist or doctor identify challenges are:
– Body temperature
– Swelling and weight gain
– Skin changes
– Sexual performance, and
– Recovery from exercise

2. pH Monitoring: Here I explain simple methods for monitoring your urinary and salivary pH.

I suggest that normal pH ranges are:
– AM urine (first urination) 5-7 pH.
– Salivary pH 6.5 – 7

I suggest that if you find your body is too acidic, then increasing the amount of plant food, quality water, and decreasing toxicity in your diet and environment are ideal first steps toward balance.

3. Remove:
– Processed sugars in general
– Pasteurized dairy (of all types, and pasteurized juices!)
– Commercially farmed animal flesh or fish (sources of high levels of toxicity and poor sources of nutrition!)

4. Fungal and parasite infections must be assessed for, and addressed.

To learn the common symptoms of fungal and parasite infections and the necessary steps to healing them, see my DVD program titled “Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials.

Please enjoy my informative vlog:

Paddle Boarding A Rapidly Growing Sport!

It has been exciting for me to see the sport of paddle boarding grow over the many years I’ve known and worked with Laird Hamilton.

As most of you know, Laird is a surfing legend, and Laird has been paddle boarding for as long as I can remember…before it was a public concept or seen as a sport.

The fact that I’ve heard reports suggesting that paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the US may have some roots that lead to Laird Hamilton, but there are others nurturing the sport beautifully.

The Payette River Games is an event where people from around the world come to compete in stand up paddling, and a variety of water sports.

I was recently informed that stand up paddling competitors were offered the biggest purse yet at the most recent Payette River Games, held at Kelly’s Whitewater Park.

If you’d like to learn more about stand up paddling and the Payette River Games, click on the link below:

Pairs Surfing Very Impressive!

I recently had the pleasure of being shown this amazing video clip of partners surfing a long-board. They do some amazing, and beautiful “acrobatic surfing.”

I could really feel the beauty of partner surfing and the magic of the moment as I watched this video. Have a look:

Capturing Moments of Presence

Heaven Sat Morn
Saturday morning, Angie and my buddy Rory and I came up to my Heaven House to enjoy a day of painting, exercise, great scenery and lovely food.

When we arrived at about 7:00 AM, this was the view out the kitchen window. In this moment, I had the sense that I was present in Heaven.

Complementary Opposites And the Love Dragons
Love Dragons PC
I started this painting last weekend, but came to a point where I needed to step away for a while and let the rest of it come to me.

As I was painting away to finish it Saturday, I remembered that we were going to a party for our CHEK Institute COO, Jennifer Baker’s 30th Wedding Anniversary that evening.

Jennifer has been a blessing to the CHEK Institute, and she’s a great believer in the mission of the CHEK Institute. I love Jennifer because she always “tells it like it is.”

She’s become a powerful business manager through a lot of life experience. When I heard that this weekend was her 30th Anniversary, I was impressed because I know what kind of commitment it takes to stay married for 30 years.

All intimate love relationships expose our love dragons.

Though we are all human beings, and are the same in many ways (we all have the same basic body design and basic needs), as much as we feel aligned with, or the same as our partners in life, we all find out where we offer complementary opposition to each other.

It is in Love that our spirits rise, and the invisible but tangible spirits that we become in love may be thought of as the products of Love’s dragons (yin and yang).

Jennifer has mastered turning apparent opposites into complementary opposite and I felt inspired to give this painting to her and her husband “Sam” in celebration of their 30th Anniversary.

I hope “Love’s Dragons” find a nice place in your home and remind you each day of the amazing job you’ve done to live fully together with your husband and daughter Jennifer!

My Saturday Workout With The Stone Buddhas

After a great Saturday morning of reading the writings of philosopher Paul Brunton, eating some of Angie’s amazing food, hanging out with Rory and finishing my painting, I had the urge to visit the stone Buddhas (Spirits of the stones).

I began my zen workout by shoveling and raking out the many prickle bushes that had grown in my rock circle; they are very sharp and painful to step on, particularly when packing a rock that weighs more than you do!

I extended my warm-up by dismantling my previous rock sculpture and disbursing the stones so it was safe to move in the circle.

As the sun was shining through the clouds above, I let go of my intellectual mind and entered a state of dynamic intuition.

By letting go of my mind, and opening myself to the “flirts of the Tao” as Arnold Mindell calls them, I was guided to each stone and given in-sight as to where and how to place them.

PC Saturday workout

This stone sculpture is about 12 feet tall and took me about 45 minutes to create. I had a lovely time in which there were a string of moments of deep presence strung together.

During those times, there was nothing in the universe but the stones and I.

CHEK Course Completions!

CHEK Faculty Tomi Toles from NY was in town this week to teach CP1 in Oceanside at the Align Studio.


Thanks Tomi for your commitment to teach the art and science of exercise with fantastic students! Please join me in congratulations!

HLC1 Fort Lauderdale with Ashley Mazurek HLC1 Fort Lauderdale_062615

Ashley Mazurek has been a commited member of the CHEK Faculty for several years! She lives and walks the HLC Principles of health and wellness.

Please join me in welcoming our newest HLC1 coaches!

NEW CHEK Course: The Tennis Conditioning Series

I am very excited to announce that CHEK Faculty Leigh Brandon has put together his Grand Slam approach designed to address tennis-specific conditioning needs and in doing so, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Leigh is teaching Level 1 here in Southern California August 7-9. To Register for this program click here: CHEK Tennis Conditioning Series.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog series on mouth breathing and my blog today.

May each day be a work of art and a chance for you to create beauty simply because… you can!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek