November 24, 2014

Tai Chi For Body-Mind Balancing

Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed my last post showing how to use the Swiss Ball Kneeling (Danny Way) test to determine your readiness for hard/complex training.

Today, I’ll share an update on our new CHEK Institute HLC2 program. Then I’ll share some thoughts and simple tips for implementing tai-chi into your life as a living practice.

I’ll finish my blog by sharing an update from CHEK Instructor Matthew Wallden’s Primal Lifestyle site, where he’s released a very interesting new video on how the food and body function naturally when wearing the right footwear.

A Brand New HLC2 Arrives December 3-7 – Carlsbad CA

I’ve been very busy working non-stop on the new HLC2 program that we will unveil here in Carlsbad, CA next week.

The new program goes quite deep into the general and specific applications of my 4 Doctor model. Students will learn how to effectively address each organ/gland system covered by the health appraisal questionnaire we offer HLC2 students to use to coach their clients.

The HAQ is much like the questionnaire in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, but much more comprehensive; it covers 29 specific body systems.

This program is designed to teach my students how to effectively identify the root cause of each client’s diet and lifestyle challenges.

Not only will students learn specific 4 Doctor practices to help lower stress scores, they will learn which supplements I recommend to help balance, clean, or energize each specific organ/gland system as a means of facilitating and fortifying necessary behavioral changes.

When our behaviors are dream-affirmative, we are already living a healthy life psychologically, and the body always follows the mind.

If you have completed HLC1 in the past 6 months or longer and would like to join me and Angie Lustrick for an amazing HLC2 Experience in Carlsbad, (right on the beach by the way!), you can click here to register.

Please note: There is an extensive list of prerequisite reading including Program Design Correspondence Course. that must be completed before enrolling in this Advanced Training Program.

Tai Chi For Body-Mind Balancing

Paul Teahing tai-chi ruler
Today in my video blog, I share the eight means by which a regular tai-chi practice serves to create a whole individual.

I borrowed (and slightly modified) these eight modes of integration from The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai-Chi, by Peter M. Wayne, PhD., with Mark L. Fuerst.

This is a very good book. It is well written, easy to read and understand for beginners, and is truly loaded with gems.

I was really happy to see that the authors had distilled tai-chi into practical basics so everyone can benefit from tai-chi without yet another head-load to have to memorize. Their approach is very parallel to what I teach my students in my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program through the C.H.E.K Institute (visit

Tai-Chi 8 Aspects
In my video blog today, I cover the eight elements of integration offered to each individual by participating in a regular tai-chi practice (see diagram above).

I finish my presentation with some tips that I’ve cultivated over the years of teaching work-in arts to my students in hopes that you will be more inspired to start and maintain your own tai-chi, qi-gong, or related “work-in” practice:


1. Breath through your nose and fill your belly with each breath.

2. Focus on feelings, not thoughts. Witness your breath and where your restrictions are, but don’t fall into the judging-mind.

3. Always apply your dream A, B, C’s to your tai-chi practice to keep yourself motivated.

C = CLARITY: We must be clear on our dream if we are to achieve our potential to manifest effectively in our life.

B = BELIEF: We must believe in ourselves, and in our ability to create what we want in our life. We must also believe in our dream, or we are unlikely to stay motivated in the dream-creation process.

A = ACTION: Once we are clear and believe in ourselves, and our dream, we must take ACTION! Dreaming about dinner doesn’t make dinner…it takes action.

“The Universe operates on a 1:1 ratio of giving; for every unit of effort you put into the creation of your dream, the Universe matches your effort, as taught by Walter Russell.

The Quakers have a saying, “Pray, and move your feet!” This simply means that prayer alone isn’t going to make your life change.

Pray all you want to have a beautiful body, but if you don’t “move your feet” to the right stores to buy organic foods and get some exercise…you’ll be boring God with childish requests…


I hope you enjoy my video blog today!

Excellent Education On Training Shoes And How Your Feet And Body Work with Mathew Wallden

I’ve been teaching, coaching, and training athletes and people from all walks of life since is was a young man of 19 teaching exercise classes in an aerobics studio.

In that time, I’ve traveled the world many times over as a consultant, lecturer, therapist and teacher of the CHEK Institute’s Advanced Training Programs.

As a teacher, you run into all sorts of different types of people, but the most challenging to educate are the one’s that already think they are smart – who know it all…

We wade through those experiences with the empathy of a daddy looking at a child needing attention, always waiting to find a gem of a student who is brilliant, open minded, and who listens twice as much as they talk…

When I find such a gem, it is always my selfish interest to see if I can cultivate an instructor out of them!

Many of these gems are now the CHEK Institute instructors. Among the gems I’ve been able to share in the cultivation of, Matthew Wallden is certainly one of the most unique.

Matthew Wallden showing 5 Fingers
Matthew Wallden has a very broad academic education with degrees as a Naturopathic and Osteopathic physician, as well as having completed all C.H.E.K Institute trainings, including HLC3 and my PPS Success Mastery Training Program (see:

Matthew’s open-minded, whole-brain learning style has always been refreshing for me as a teacher. His capacity to absorb, understand, synthesize, and integrate complex information and concepts is incredible!

Matthew just released a great new video on his blog. It is an educational story that builds on the mythological story of David (the bare foot) and Golieth (foot in modern shoes) as a means of showing how the simple (underdog) can overpower the complex, commonly expected winner; in this case, modern, high-tech shoes that are actually not so “high-tech!”

His video starts off with a storyline build-up, but in about four minutes, the real meat and potatoes emerges from inside the storyline as Matthew explains the basics of joint stability and active, passive and neural stability.

The video does a fantastic job of explaining a lot of fundamentals about the foot, and how the body works in general. Viewers will learn a lot about the benefits of minimalistic footwear, and why the “expensive shoes” are really just a lot of modern hype that ultimately increase your risk of injury in athletics.

To view Matthew Walden’s new video David and Golieth, click the link below and scroll down on his page until you see it and other interesting videos and offers:

To reach Matthew Wallden, CHEK Faculty, MSc Ost Med, BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND, JBMT

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Thank You Andrew Scopick!

Whenever I travel I am gifted by my amazingly generous students. Over the weekend one of my student’s from Toronto HLC1 sent me this great “Informed Health Glass Water Bottle.”


The bottle helps to restructure the water by “informing” the water through the technology of resonance in its orgone-encoded tag. I love to drink my charged water from this bottle.


To learn more about Andrew’s company offerings visit:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog this week.

I look forward to sharing more with you all next week.

Until then, breathe through your belly, look at both sides of your thoughts, and smile more .

Love and chi,
Paul Chek