August 13, 2012


Hello from Toronto!

Happy Monday to You!

Well, PPS Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy (Live!) is over. We all had a great time learning and growing together.

Our first day of class was devoted to creating our Life Mandala. Here we plot all the seemingly positive and seemingly negative or painful events we’ve experienced on a circular timeline of concentric rings.

We each shared our life experiences with the group and when it was relevant, I worked with each individual to see if we could find value or meaning where it seemed to be absent at some point in our life.

Here you can see Ashley Bourne.

Ashley was the youngest member in the workshop at a tender 18; don’t be fooled by her age as she is wise beyond her years!

We all really enjoyed Ashley being so honest and willing to grow. She represents the rising of the young people to contribute effectively to society instead of being lost in soda pop, drugs and video games. I’m very proud of her.

Ashley’s father, Paul Bourne is a Zero Force coaching client with me and he’s been a real inspiration to both Ashley and I.

Here you can see me and the crew singing “Happy Birthday to You!…” It was Daniel’s birthday on the first day of the course.

I was excited about that because I really love Daniel and his girlfriend “Petra“. They are both so alive and present when I teach; and Petra gives world-class hugs too☺. They are recent HLC2 Graduates from my course in New York City this past June.

This is Paul Leendertse sharing his life mandala. We got to learn a lot from sharing with Paul and his wife, Melissa. They are both very amazing people that work honestly at their personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Their company, Wheel of Life, is developing their property in Simcoe as a model for healthy natural living from the land. Paul was our PPS 2011 DREAM BIG Winner!

Paul is a very sharp CHEK and HLC Practitioner that is just finishing his excellent book about cancer. The book is titled, “What’s In A Tear?“.

Vidya and I have had the pleasure of working with him as consultants and editors in the making of this book and I’m very excited to see such clear, authentic, natural information regarding natural healing from cancer and understanding its etiology.

If you would like to be notified of the release of Paul’s new book, feel free to register at his site: I’m very confident you will be impressed with the book and may change your life because of what you learn about the causes of cancer you can easily “choose” to manage.

Barney Kuntze attended the workshop for the second time. Barney is one of the original PPS students and he’s still got all his maps and homework assignments. He’s kept his legacy maps and helpful documents and drawings where he can see and refer to them regularly.

I’ve had the joy of watching Barney go from being a 23-year-old kid breaking into the gym industry to a 28 year old man who’s capable of displaying great wisdom. Great job Barney! Lovely to see you again Bud.

Julia also participated for the second time. Thank you Julia for your willingness to create a new story and release the past! I’m also proud of you!

The students worked through creating their 10 components of a Legacy. Kelly did a great job with her map!

I wore my 4 Doctor t-shirt so the students didn’t ever have to look far to remember the essential wisdom offered by each of their 4 Doctors.


Here you can see me sharing with Anna ways of looking at her life through the use of Universal Principles.


I use my own variation of Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles as a spiritual compass and I shared that process with the class.

After the workshop ended, I had such a sense of joy running through me. I had many images moving through me of the special moments in class. I got to see and feel a lot of healing occur in just three days and I felt the healing inside of me.

I know from many personal experiences that the ego blocks our ability to feel the pain in the rest of the human organism as a means of survival and psychological stability.

I also know from my own experiences in my life, that as the ego heals and unifies its impetus for expression with the soul, one is able to begin seeing and feeling connection to all people, places and things.

With that knowing, I could feel the parts of me that were being healed as each person in class allowed themselves to become more congruent with their highest guiding principle.

I had the urge to express my inner-vision of my students and I sharing life together for three days. The image above is what I saw and did my best to draw.

Each student is represented as a flower in the garden. I am in the middle, expressing my knowledge and experience of the wholeness and interconnectedness of life. The brick path represents the zen walk, or the Tao, which means, the most efficient way to live life. The sky is surrounded by the vast cosmos, with which, we are One.

There is a polarity created between the material world and the world of emptiness we know of as space. It is as though the earth is negative, the sun is positive, and space is neutral; acting as a carrier medium and the well from which the potential to polarize emerges.

The field of tensions or dialectic created by this energetic polarity differential creates the web of life we experience ourselves in as human beings. My drawing exemplifies that We Are That.

THANK YOU! to Vidya and James for their work in setting up and managing this event.

THANK YOU! to all my students for trusting in me as a teacher.

THANK YOU! for being so brave and willing to grow. Your light is a guide for others to follow safely.


In the evening as a means of unwinding, Vidya and I often like to do some art. Vidya started on the one below and over a few days, created this most amazing and beautiful piece. I call it “Vidya’s Rings Of Life”.

Here’s Vidya to share a little about it with you: I just allowed the pen to draw this image as I listened to the students tell their stories about their pasts while expressing their pain.

I suppose the drawing represents the potential of human spirit when we acknowledge the patterns laid down by our unique perception of the past events and the new choices we can make in support of each gift of awareness that has come from those experiences. It was a privilege to be a participant witness to the growth and flowering of each person.

I got so inspired watching Vidya create the piece above that when she was done I had to try and do something with the basic structure of rings she used. I wanted a mindless experience without measuring and fine detail because I was in need of simplicity after a day of teaching.

This is what I created after dinner last night while watching the Olympics. It helped me feel balanced within myself, which is how I prefer to feel when I go to bed.

Well, that’s it for now.

I hope you are all happy and well in your lives.

I’m looking forward to a great workout and later a steam today. Then my buddy Matt Nichols will come by to visit for a bit this afternoon.

Vidya travels home Wednesday and Penny arrives so that I can do my best sharing my love at CanFit Pro starting Thursday, with my workshop: How To Work In.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek