January 26, 2015

Part 2: God Has Been Good To Me But….

Happy Monday,

I hope you are all dong well and that you had adequate time with Dr. Quiet this weekend

Today, I’ll share part two of my recent blog titled “God Has Been Good To Me But….…”

Originally, I didn’t plan to do a part two, but the questions and comments left on my www.youtube.com/paulcheklive site where I also share my video blogs made it clear to me that more explanation of my little teaching story/joke were needed for comprehension of the message to fully emerge.

I’ll also share a little about a recent lecture I gave in Irvine, CA. at “Transformotion” (trans-for-motion). I’ll also share some art highlights from Angie and my visit with famous motto-cross racing and coaching star, Ryan Hughes.

Part 2: God Has Been Good To Me But….

My list video blog under this title was based on a joke or teaching story. It is designed to highlight some of the challenges and truths of the “God idea.”

The questions and comments left by viewers made it clear to me that there was a gap in understanding that stopped many from actually understanding the meanings contained within the story.

To help others better understand themselves, religion, life, and issues of God, I’ve created Part 2., for you education and enjoyment today.

God can be perceived to be a “personal God”, or a “Transpersonal God,” depending on the viewpoints we energize. There is a function for, and a time and place for each “God model.”


God Has Been Good To Me But Pt2
In my video blog today, I give clear distinctions to help people differentiate the personal and transpersonal methods of worship. I also explain the intimate, and necessary developmental relationship between the two views, and how one can gain clues as to when their “personal God” isn’t serving their dreams for living the life they want to live.

I finish my 40:00 presentation on the topic by offering three tips for understanding the two God models, and share tips and resources to facilitate your own spiritual growth and development.

I hope you enjoy this video blog, and always enjoy reading your comments. I am doing my best to respond to as many of them as I can with the limited time I have.




PPS Mastery Lessons, 1, 2, 9, and 12

The 1234 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – Audio Workbook Program

The 10 Commandments or Spirituality Series on YouTube

The Myth of Success Presentation at Transformotion in Irvine, CA.

Wayne Daniels, CHEK Level 4 and Patty Pinto, CHEK HLC 3 and Ex Coach, are partners in their healing and coaching business they call “Transformotion” (Transform & motion).

Wayne and Patty hold regular events at their lovely facility in Irvine, CA and this was my second time to share a presentation there.

My title for this session was “The Myth Of Success.” In my presentation, I looked deeply into what success is, and what our common beliefs about success are. I shared what a myth is, the importance of our myths (conscious and unconscious) as they related to the life we perceive we are experiencing.

The Myth Of Success Lecture PC

The audience was a comfortable size to allow deeper interaction with students than I would be able to give in my bigger lectures, so we all had a lot of fun looking into our beliefs and ourselves.

I felt very rewarded to share with everyone and encourage anyone living within driving distance of Irvine to join Wayne and Patty’s mailing list to be informed of upcoming talks and events at Transformotion.

On Saturday, Vidya headed back to Transformotion and facilitated her workshop: Sacred Woman: Healing the Mother Daughter Wound. She said it was an incredible afternoon with courageous women who were ready to transform their pain and step up their game as empowered women.


If you would like to contact Vidya for this kind of work, please email her: [email protected]

Art With Ryan Hughes And Angie Lustrick In Heaven
My long time client and buddy Ryan Hughes, famous professional motto-cross racing star and coach came to hang out with Angie and I and enjoy the bliss of unbound creative play through acrylic painting.

This was Ryan’s second time to use acrylic paints, and what an amazing job he did! I have a few pieces of Ryan’s art here and I really love his very unique style. He expresses a combination of Aboriginal, Native American, and other indigenous art forms all in one.

Paul and Ryan Hughes paintings

My painting is one that I started last weekend, and continued working on with Ryan and Angie this weekend. I’m still very much in the process of letting it out of me, but I’ll share it with you when I’m finished.

Angie decided to paint a picture of me teaching. This was fun to watch and cool to see. Angie is the only one that’s ever painted me teaching, as opposed to a headshot.

Angie paints Paul teaching

I think she did a great job of encapsulating me wearing one of my favorite shirts (and messages) and my favorite tai-chi pants; the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes, as I like to say, particularly when in England

Thanks Angie! I love it!

That brings you up to date in my life.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek