January 19, 2015

God Has Been Good To Me, BUT….!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all got some rest and relaxation this weekend. I did and I’m feeling great today.

There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than rest couple with some unbound play .

Today in my vlog, I share a little “teaching” joke and some tips. Then, I’ll share news of some ways you can participate with other presentations that I’m giving.

Are you ready?


God Has Been Good To Me, BUT….!

Mr. Farmer’s wife died of cancer, and he had finished his corporate career. He felt that now was the time to go ahead and create the dream he and his wife had of owning and operating a small organic farm.

He found a rundown property that showed promise, and fit his needs.

He spent a whole year cleaning, rebuilding, painting, refurbishing. When he was on the last task on his long list of improvements – unclogging the front drainage ditch along the access road – a woman walked up to him and introduced herself.

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Smith, your next door neighbor. We haven’t met yet but I wanted to meet you.”

Mr. Farmer got out of the ditch and shook her hand, introducing himself.

Mrs. Smith said, “What a Beautiful farm…God sure has been good to you!”

Mr. Farmer paused, and looked her in the eye and said, “Yes Mrs. Smith, God has been good to me, but you should have seen the state of this place when He was managing it!

This important “teaching joke” highlights the actual nature of GOD, which is to “Give Everything,” but we are the ones to manage the gift.

I offer the following tips in regard to the context of my vlog message today:

1. Everything we need to live a full, meaningful life is here.

2. It is up to us to have a dream worth living – worth “growing for.”

3. See your challenges as opportunities for growth toward fulfillment, and they become meaningful.

4. Those needing some focused, structured guidance will find my audio/workbook titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity, and Disease very helpful.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

This week, I’ll be giving an upcoming lecture titled: The Myth of Success, The Truth of Happiness & How to Create What you Want in Your Life! on Thursday evening, 6:30-8:30pm at Transformotion in Irvine, CA.

This is Wayne Daniels, CP4/HLC3 and Patty Pinto, HLC3 healing and training center. I’m really looking forward to sharing what I know works and doesn’t work. I will also be signing my book: How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! I look forward to meeting you there!

And, I’ve been invited to present in an online wellness conference called The Female Hormone Solution, which is available for free viewing for the first 10 days in February!

I’m presenting on The 1-2-3-4 to Overcoming Female Hormone Disorders, and I’ve had a look at what the other presenters are talking about and I know this is going to be the best resource available that gives you everything you’ll need to become the expert to manage yourself or help your clients with this extremely common problem!

Have a great week everyone! I’ll share along the way.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek