August 9, 2011


Tuesday Blessings for Rest and Peace to You from Toronto

I had a very busy weekend. Friday I was in Encinitas to get a good massage from Wes Boyce and take a steam bath. He really is able to get into me deeply to help me unwind from heavy lifting.

Saturday I was busy with filming for a new documentary movie on healing ourselves from illness and disease: The Cure Is! with producer David Scharps. I can’t wait until it is released. David really put his heart and soul into the documentary with great interviews from lots of inspiring people.

I also met Troy Casey – the Certified Health Nut – who introduced David to my work. He is an inspiration and on a mission to help people through holistic health and natural living and amazon herbs and products. He interviewed me as well so that will be available soon! Thank for your LOVE!!



My friend and colleague Matt Walden arrived Sunday from England to spend the day with me and we had a lovely day together creating fun out of big stones for our workout and connection together.

I hope you all create some time to meet your needs for self-nurture and fun. After all, it’s unlikely that someone else will do that for you ☺.


I drew this some time ago. To me, it symbolizes the coming together of sentient beings our of love, and commonality of needs.

Have you ever noticed that when you are with people you genuinely love, that time seems to warp? Sometimes, it stands still and it’s as though a day becomes a vacation in paradise with beautiful partnership, harmony.

Sometimes, we get so excited, an entire day, week, month or year passes as though it were but a moment.

What is the common denominator here?

It is coming together out of genuine love.

I hope you create moments like that for yourself and those you love this week. Being honest about what you need to feel safe personally is essential before externalizing your love and life-force in “We” relationships.

To truly love, we must love ourselves first, or we never know what love feels like. If we don’t know what love feels like, we don’t have any means of knowing when we are actually creating love!

Today, I will love myself first so that I can love those who genuinely need my love. That way, I can genuinely love all of you and the rest of the world too.

I’ll meet you there, in that timeless moment of Love.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek