August 10, 2011

Time to Talk Health!

Happy Wednesday to All!

Yesterday was fantastic! I slept in, which I have not done in ages, but obviously must have needed the extra rest. I’m staying with my buddy Rory Mullin here in Toronto at his new condo overlooking the lake. I had an explosive workout of dumbbell clean and jerks, some squat rows with the cable column and some Bruce Lee Swiss ball push-ups for 4 circuits in the suboptimal gym (here at the condo) and 2 great steams in the sauna – ahh, nothing like a little sweat to detox the system! My body feels great this morning!

Vidya did some shopping for our food and we checked on our Hotel venue for HLC2. I even got to visit briefly with my buddy Phil Delaire – fitness manager for the Granite Club and a CHEK Level 4. I really love my friends here in Toronto!

I received an email from Troy Casey who interviewed me on Saturday saying that his interview with me is up on his YouTube account. The video he shot was about the recent raw milk raid in Los Angeles by the FDA; the ruined huge amounts of raw milk and food — all in the name of (so-called) health?

Absolutely crazy, insane . . . organized crime as its best! Check out the video:


This morning I’m reviewing my course material and getting a little bit of “self-time” in before I spend the day with students. I’ll have fun though as this is a course I love to teach. In this course I dial students into my 1234 coaching model and actually teach them how to coach people through their physical, emotional, and mental challenges using holistic methods.

My blogs may be short for a while while I’m on the road. My days are FULL for the next two weeks as you can imagine.

Today, I’ll hold the vision that all human beings are part of one organism called humanity, which are all expressions of Nature,  which is alive in and as the Universe itself. This makes it easier for me to have empathy for people when they act in ways that sometimes seem counterproductive with regard to sustaining life. I’m off to set up to teach HLC 2 this morning and for five days straight now.

Be well, be happy and Enjoy your day!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek