November 30, 2012

HLC 2 Is Going Great!

Happy Friday to You!

I’m really enjoying my students at HLC 2 here in Vista. I feel relaxed and resourced with great flow.

Many of the student’s are having some great ah-ha moments as they realize that many of their ideas that they have about themselves or life are not working for them. Now they are becoming more aware of their choices.

I’ve taught my students about what love really is. I go through the love model I’ve created from my own experiences and studies of masters who’ve exemplified a life of understanding and expressing love effectively.

This is essential training for any holistic lifestyle coach because misunderstandings of love (God) are the most common basis of self-negating thoughts, beliefs and actions!

Here you can see me teaching my students how to use their new knowledge of breathing and developing a chi-charge to allow their instinctual intelligence to guide them in a natural unwinding of their core stress.

I’ve exposed my students to the concept of unbound play as a form of healing exercise. They really loved the practices I shared so far. Here you can see me practicing “The Dragon”. We also practiced “The Eagle” and had a lot of fun playing together!

I think it is essential to help my students understand how to better language their intentions. Here you can see me teaching the “grand canyon” test. Are you “wanting” or are you intending an outcome that is positive and in present time?

I hope you are all finding time to listen to your instincts, being more aware of your choices, and are creating time for some unbound play in your life.

After all – work will never go away – but play can make your day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek