March 6, 2012


A Tuesday of joyful expression to You!

Well, I finished my lectures at Can Fit Pro and my consulting work here in Toronto and have enjoyed a lovely Monday off.

The Can Fit Pro lectures were really fun. The Canadians are definitely among the best learners as a culture that I’ve come across.

My lectures hit the 500 mark for attendance. I was a little excited to share and went a little over time, but most seemed grateful for the extra information.

Can Fit Pro did a great job of hosting the event, and I’m grateful for that. I’ll be back in August . . .

I’m writing this to you on my day off. Yesterday I had a lovely lazy morning, and went to the gym about noon or so.

There I had a great lunge workout while listening to some good education.

After lunch, I had a great tai-chi session in bare feet, a wool sweater and the amazing scarf my buddy Csaba Lucas gave to me on my head; yes, it’s very cold here for a San Diego native!

I thawed my feet out by walking to Rory’s building for a great dry sauna, followed by a cold shower, then a steam and some toning, then a long cold shower! Very Good!

Penny made me a beautiful dinner of smoked mackerel, salad, and butter-fried boiled potatoes. I added some butt kicker hot sauce to that and found myself in Heaven, siting at dinner with God, and strangely, he was wearing my wife’s body ☺

I wanted to do something to express my gratitude to Rory’s parents for picking us up from the airport and all the beautiful food Rory’s mother prepared.

I felt compelled to draw something that rose up in me as a vision of their love, commitment as parents and friends, and to each other.

This is what came out. Rory will be giving them the original. I wanted to do something a little fun and out of the box for them and this gave me great joy to draw.

“Thank You! Rory, Bob and Margo for all your love and support whenever we are in Toronto.

Penny and I fly to New York this morning. We’ll get settled in among the electrifying buzz of Time Square!

I’m presenting my Last 4 Doctors webinar through the CHEK Institute on Wednesday afternoon so I’ll start getting set up for that and all my other presentations.

I’ll try and get some good photos and maybe some video while I’m there at ECA NY.

It looks as if my precon Thursday: A CHEK Approach to Functional Core Conditioning is just about sold out. I suspect that if you are interested and show up for registration Thursday morning you’ll still be able to attend.

Friday through Sunday I’ll be delivering important lectures for the fitness community. You can learn more by following this link here:

I have a lot of good friends that come to ECA New York so I’m sure I’ll be pretty busy giving and getting hugs.

In the meantime, Thank You! Vidya for holding the fort down while we are away. I Love You and appreciate all you share.

I hope you are enjoying the Tao Te zen sutras. It was a special experience having them come through me and I look forward to sharing more.

Love and chi,