January 30, 2013

Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections (Pt.3)

Happy Wednesday to You!

It’s a beautiful day here in the mountains of Escondido!

I had a great day yesterday. I get to work with a lot of amazing people with incredible accomplishments to their name on a regular basis.

Though there have been many, none have inspired me more than Paul Bourne.

Paul came to me a few years ago with numerous painful challenges in his body, and was feeling frustrated and scared that he may never be able to surf again due to his back and neck pain.

Paul is quite famous in Barbados, and is knows as “Paul Surfer Bourne”; Paul has a long history as a surfer, and is also a master at surfing dangerous roads at very high speeds as well.

You can see his girl friend Megan above holding up a picture of Paul’s rally car.

We had a lovely time working together. I got to hear all about Paul’s new plan for an Eco-revival in Barbados.

He’s interested in infusing Barbados with CHEK holistic education and sharing the life changing results he’s had with his whole country! I love that and I am very inspired by his vision!

I worked carefully with Paul through my Zero Force Coaching program over the past year and a half.

Unlike many people that seek help, only to continue to do what got them in trouble in the first place!Paul is very proactive and fully participates in his coaching plan.

In the time we’ve worked together, Paul has lost a lot of weight, totally changed his body shape, gotten fit enough to surf regularly with minimal, intermittent, manageable back pain, has much better posture, eats very well now, and lives the 4 Doctor principles fully. He has completed CHEK Exercise Coach and HLC1.

Paul has begun teaching people how to do tai-chi, which he feels is the biggest healing force I’ve introduced him to. We practiced tai-chi and breathing methods together while he was here, and he needed very little technique improvements.

Additionally, he’d learned most of what I intended to teach him by following his inner-guidance and allowing the changes in movement and consciousness to occur naturally. I am impressed!

I had a powerful vision the first time I worked with him and drew it for him. Well, it happened again. Last night when I got home, I was bursting with this image that appeared to me when feeling his energy presence within myself.

This is what came to me as an artistic expression of The Spirit Of Paul Bourne. This is what it signifies to me:

I Am Paul Bourne
Regal, and wise.

I have lived fully,
On land, in the sea,
I have traveled the skies.

I have been a man of riches
I have been poor
I have been in the middle,
I have fully lived,
For Sure.

I am a Regal Bird,
Powered by Love.

I am here to share
My wisdom and love,
For it is my dream that we all have health and wellness,
that we all respect and love the land.

It is my dream for global wellness,
That we all get together,
and put waste in the cans, and
give our compost back to the lands.

Our children’s future
Is right where you stand.

Thank you again Paul and Megan, for sharing your love and wisdom with Barbados! It gives me great joy to see my legacy so alive and well in your hands, and the many CHEK and HLC Practitioners around the world.


In Part 1 of this series, we talked about some general issues around fungal and parasite infections, and I gave some of the common symptoms of fungal infections.

In Part 2, we looked into the symptoms of parasite infection and I shared an excerpt from Dr. Omar Amin’s excellent article, Understanding Parasites, explaining how parasites commonly infect people.

Today, I will share a few of the many things I share in my new program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials, which is AVAILABLE NOW.

Simple Tips For Preventing, and Healing From Fungal and/or Parasite Infection:

1. STRESS REDUCTION: Stress is the number one cause of poor vitality, immune deficiency, and chronic illness, including fungal and parasite infections.

Each of us interprets the events occurring within, and around us through different filters, or perceptual programming. What is a scary, stressful event to a typical housewife and mother may not be scary or stressful to a woman who is a nurse with her own children.

Most of our perceived stressors emerge from our own judgments of what we feel we do or don’t want to experience.

Each of the judgments we make are based on one or more core beliefs or core values we hold, consciously, or unconsciously.

Your first and most important long-term solution to preventing and healing from fungal and parasite infections is to identify what events or experiences in your life are most stressful; which events and experiences, if removed from your life, or more effectively managed, would result in the greatest decrease in your overall stress levels.

Once you’ve identified your greatest source of stress, it is wise to go through the essential steps of effective dream creation, seeking to resolve your situation in a way that serves all involved.

Your three essential steps for creating your dream/goal/objective for stress reduction are:

Clarity: First and foremost, you must become “clear” as to how you desire to live; what changes are needed and who must be involved; what benefits will you, and they gain by participating in your new (healing) dream?

Belief: Once you are clear, it is essential that you believe in yourself, those involved, and your dreams/goals/objectives for change.

If you don’t believe in yourself, others are likely to mirror that attitude back to you. Where there is insecurity in a Dreamweaver, there is usually insecurity in those they share relevant relationships with.

Just as we fear walking where footing is insecure, we naturally fear creating something new atop a shaky foundation (insecurity).

If you have a hard time believing in yourself, or your plan, then it may be wise to acquire some effective lifestyle coaching from a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach:

Action: Once we are clear, and can back our clarity by being congruent with our beliefs about our plan, we are ready to take action. Some may feel overwhelmed at the challenges facing them. This is common.

I often inform people with fungal and parasite infections that the challenges that lie ahead, if their primary stressors are not dealt with, are potentially far greater than the challenges they face now.

Fungal and parasite infections are not ailments to take lightly.

These infections are not only an indication that our way of living is likely to be imbalanced relative to our actual needs, they begin killing you slowly.

Energy levels diminish and then your body shape often deteriorates, getting swollen, with fluid retention, and bellies protruding and bottoms dropping!

Your skin quality diminishes and you begin to look noticeably aged and tired, even when wearing make-up.

Your joints will often begin aching, popping, and loosing stability. This often leads to a long string of visits to physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc.

A person who has an infection, over time, is likely to deal with bouts of depression do largely to the chemical poisoning that occurs when potentially billions of little creatures are eating up your food, and constantly urinating and defecating in your body.

Food choices often become narrower and narrower as people’s stress increases and bodily function diminishes, leaning toward quick energy foods and drinks.

This is right where the bugs want you to be, and where my program teaches you not to be, and how to get out of that mode of existence!

In my new program, I take you through the essential steps for creating your own holistic lifestyle and living philosophy, giving you all the tools you need to cultivate the vitality and immune function you need to stay infection free and vital.

2: SLEEP: Sleeping eight hours, or more as needed each night is critical when you are infected. Sleep is the time during which most of our body-mind repair and regeneration takes place.

In my program, I make suggestions for improving your quality of sleep. For today, I’d like to remind you that drinking any coffee, tea, or stimulant drinks after 3:00 PM is very likely to stop you from ever entering deep-restorative sleep due to excess stress hormone production.

Through a variety of biochemical pathways, stimulants can alter the balance of hormones in our bodies such that we don’t fully sleep each night.

The result is that you will got to bed, sleep for eight or more hours, and still wake up feeling tired, like you need coffee just to get going. Once you get to that place, you are already a target for fungal and parasite infections.

3. FOOD QUALITY: Food quality is one of the most essential components of health and well-being, yet is probably the most overlooked aspect of any program directed at healing from fungal and parasite infections.

Always keep the fact that fungi and parasites are decomposers in the forefront of your mind.

Their job in nature is to select, and dismantle any organism whose vitality is below the standard Mother Nature holds for effective participation in life. Eating food that is less alive and vital than you are only invites decreased vitality and progressive malnutrition.

In my program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections, I share my communications with Arden Anderson, D.O., a very famous, highly respected medical doctor who is also an expert in farming, agriculture, and soil science.

Arden stated that when he has to deal with parasite infections in animals on farms, it is often related to poor quality foods. He makes it clear that improving food quality is an essential step toward preventing and healing parasite infections.

The very best thing you can do when selecting foods is to seek out certified organic produce, organic, free-range animals, and wild caught fish. By doing so, you will significantly decrease the toxic burden in our body, while also significantly improving nutrient density and variety.

If you can’t afford to go all-organic, you should spend your money on organic, free-range meats and wild caught fish because the commercially raised meats and fish are the most concentrated sources of toxins in the typical diet.

If you must buy commercial produce, you are far better to seek out local farmers markets. Many of the local farmers use organic farming principles, or minimal use of chemicals, but can’t afford to gain organic certification.

The quality of food you can get from farmers markets in far superior in general to what you can buy from chain stores. Most chain stores work only with the largest farming conglomerates, who are among the biggest chemical users, polluters of the soils, and water supplies.

Their foods are loaded with chemicals, colorings, dyes, stabilizers, GMO’s, etc. and are very poor in nutrient density because the soils are essentially dead from overproduction and chemical destruction.

4: ACCEPT THE GIFT OF GUIDANCE GRACEFULLY!: Whenever we have an illness, or a fungal or parasite infection, we are being given the gift of awareness.

People that live according to the principles I share in my program rarely ever have fungal or parasite infections.

When they do get parasite infections, it’s most often from international travel, or being out in the wilderness where they are exposed to organisms their immune system has never faced before, and has no defenses established for them.

By paying close attention to your symptoms, and how they change when you sleep, eat, exercise, are resting on the weekends vs. working during the week, or when dealing with challenging relationships, you will quickly gain useful feedback.

For example, if you love coffee, you are likely to notice that your symptoms don’t seem to go away regardless of what other methods you’ve tried, and they get worse the more you drink.

And there you have it!if symptoms get worse drinking coffee, or by any other means, you are being guided to go in the other direction. If drinking two cups a day makes symptoms worse – drink one cup a day on the road to drinking none (I address these issues more deeply in the program)

Less sleep causes increased symptoms – get more sleep. Eating chocolate makes symptoms worse – avoid chocolate until healed!

See your new guests as teachers. Don’t see them as enemies. Doing so only increases stress levels and they have you right where they want you!

I hope you all enjoy my new program. It is loaded with information you can use to live a more rich, full, vital life.

My offering is based on many years of clinical experience dealing with these issues, as well as healing myself from these challenges.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek