January 31, 2013

Do You Have a Fungal or Parasite Infection? (Pt. 4 of 4)

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a great day yesterday.

I was busy developing new exercise and lifestyle programs for clients, but found time get into the gym with Vidya for a nice lunge workout.

My buddies, Gary Crozier and Mark Thuaux from ptEnhance came to Heaven (that’s what I call my new office location) to pay me a visit and show me the new ptEnhance system online.

They have completely rebuilt and upgraded the system with a ton of improvements.

Their exercise library has been re-shot and expanded in HD with dual angles. I am even one of the models myself and show you how to do the infant development exercise properly. You can also create your own library uploading your own exercise videos or youtube video’s, which is pretty cool.

The exercise programming area has had a major facelift, making it so much quicker and easier with drag and drop features and it automatically calculates and graphs important statistics like volumes, intensities, and time under tensions, even movement pattern and muscle dominance’s. They have a great program periziodation system is in the new version as well.

Their custom websites look terrific with dozens of options for colors, themes and layouts. They have integrated a great marketing system into the websites, to easily run and automate marketing campaigns and newsletters etc. Along with twitter feeds, social media and sign up plugins, it really is a business in a box.

In addition to already having had all my HLC questionnaires online with automated graphs, they now have put all my CHEK practitioner assessment form’s online digitally and have taken it one step further allowing you also to build your own forms too!

I was also very impressed with the speed and performance an area they have obviously done a fair bit of work on.

With over 10,000 man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars I am amazed with what they have been able to give birth to. I’m grateful that Gary went to the effort to build ptEnhance because it has helped hundreds of Chek Practitioners develop and share their exercise and coaching programs more efficiently.

This is particularly important for CHEK Practitioners because most of them work with clients from other cities, states, and around the world. With the comprehensive video library and automated forms with graphs, clients can be guided much more dynamically and feel more connected to their coach.

If I remember correctly, they do offer a free trial of the ptEnhance system for two weeks so that you can try it out. Feel free to click here to learn more: www.ptEnhance.com


We’ve covered a lot of territory in the Four-part series. So far, I’ve explained what fungal and parasite infections are, how people get them, and have given some tips to help you prevent and heal from these challenging, but informative experiences.

Today, in my last segment of the series, I’d like to talk briefly about a very real issue that is almost never addressed by doctors and therapists when treating fungal and parasite infections. That is parasitic behavior and poor mental-emotional self-management.

Though the topic is vast, and I do share very important methods for addressing these issues in my program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials, I’d like to share some of my observations with you today to close the series.

Aside from the cases of invasive parasite infection (which can occur when walking barefooted where animals have defecated and left active larva, swimming in or drinking from polluted outdoor lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, or ponds and the likes), the most common cause of parasite infection I see is simply not being present, or aware of one’s own bodily signs….

Not only that, not understanding what it takes to care for a body!

Today, a large percentage of people 30 or under were raised by people with very little awareness. Their parents are young enough to have parents who had already been brainwashed by the drug establishment and other TV programming, mislead by the medical establishment (as a general theme), and are still very conflicted about their religious values and judgments.

People raised by parents with the same dysfunctions have now got little in the way of “healthy reference points” that can be used to gain awareness of how to live a healthy life. Such people have little awareness or knowledge of essential lifestyle factors such as diet, movement, sleep, food, hydration and effective mental-emotional self-management.

Because of the progressive breakdown in both our tribal and religious structures, many people today have a confused, and often incomplete sense of self. They have to act out many different roles with many different people on a given day.

To feel safe, loved, or fit in, such people typically adopt a different personal when with mom and dad than when with their friends parents, and another one when with friends in school, and another one with your co-workers, and yet another one with the shift-manager!

This is called wearing masks. Each mask is a personality in-and-of itself, and must be “powered up”. This requires remembering what to say, and what not to say, how to act, and how not to act.

Imagine having a head with a persona for everyone you interact with because you are afraid you won’t be accepted or loved if you were your authentic self? How much energy would that take?

What kind of diet and lifestyle changes would you have to make to fit in?

I can tell you of countless cases where my own clients informed me that it was so painful an experience to stop eating gluten, dairy, eggs, etc!due to family cross-examinations and criticisms, that they just gave up.

I know some in this situation that didn’t give up, yet couldn’t get rid of their infection because the stress levels of maintaining their truth and making the changes amidst the family battering was such that they couldn’t heal from their condition.

They didn’t have the energy and resources after dealing with the stress in their environment.

These are challenging matters that often must be addressed with chronic fungal and parasite problems.

In my program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials, I take you through a carefully constructed, yet simple 4 step process to help you identify your dream, or your chief goal or objective for change (healing).

Next, I show you how to assess where you are out of balance with regard to the use of your creative energies so you can better understand the nature of the changes that need to be made.

For example, if you are not exercising enough, you will have to move more to achieve a balance state in which your immune system is strong and capable enough to heal from an infection.

If you are exercising too much, then you will be guided to doing less.

I show you that there are three essential choices we always have in relationship to persons, places and things, and give suggestions for how to use those choice options effectively.

I then take you through a process of recognizing and gaining clarity on the four key categories of any healthy/holistic living philosophy. Each of these categories relates to specific core values.

The core values become your own code, giving you awareness of when to say “yes”, and when to say “no” in relationships with people, places and things (like foods, drink, and drugs!).

I also share my suggestions for effective mental self-management.

It is very important for most people today to embrace the concept that all pain and illnesses are teachers. We are always being guided.

When we are making simple lifestyle mistakes that weaken and expose the body to illness, we are being invited to witness and become aware of what it is that we do to worsen our own condition.

For example, mucous excretions are often a measure of immune activity. When you have a cold, you have a lot of mucus coming out of your nose because it’s a vehicle for expulsion of dead stuff from your body.

If you have mucus coming out of your nose, and you eat more of anything with processed sugar, for example, mucus production will increase. If you have a fungal infection, and you keep eating processed foods and sweets, your symptoms will worsen and you may acquire more and more of them.

People with fungal and parasite infections then, often suffer from a lack of knowledge and awareness of what their body systems and symptoms are telling them.

The parasites and fungi give you every opportunity to find legitimate resources and help. You know you are doing the right thing because your symptoms diminish or are eliminated, and!your overall vitality and sense of well-being are enhanced, more stable.

Mother nature isn’t cruel. She is simply brutally honest! She doesn’t send the bugs to punish you. She sends them to help wake you up before your vitality drops below the level she deems minimum for being a worthy contributor to her natural unfolding. T

his is just how it is in nature. We’ve just become disconnected from reality by creating little worlds called “cities” that allow us to forget what and who we really are.

Parasitic Behavior!…

I have see a correlation between people that display what I’d call parasitic behavior and fungal/parasite infection.

Parasitic behavior as I’m describing it here equates to:

– Expecting others to give you things at their expense when you have the resources and ability to meet your own needs; pretending to have less than you have.

– Not taking responsibility for your own life and direction in life and constantly complaining to family members and friends about how tough your life is!

– Foolishly trying to save money on food by shopping at discount stores even after seeing many articles, TV shows, documentaries, etc., warning of the dangers of processed and commercial foods. Here one is a parasite unto themselves.

– Having a job where you expect full benefits and good pay, yet you act lazy, contribute minimally, and often use company resources like the copy machine, phone lines and supplies for your own personal needs; this is theft, but often justified in many ways by the parasitic personality.

This type of personality is commonly connected to the same behaviors toward themselves. People that try to take shortcuts in life (cheating on tests, lying in job interviews, pretending to be someone you are not!) typically take short cuts in self-management.

This combination of parasitic attitudes and the distorted “they owe it to me” beliefs that go with them, create a low level of self-esteem. This is reflected in low levels of vitality. This is exactly what parasites are looking for!

In conclusion, parasites and fungi are everywhere. Their job is do decompose any organism that doesn’t meet Mother Nature’s standards for being a living contributor to her unfolding.

There are a wide variety of diet and lifestyle factors, as well as mental-emotional factors that must be effectively evaluated and addressed if resolution of fungal and parasite infections is to take place.

In my new program, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials, I make these issues understandable, logical, and provide all the essential knowledge and tools you will need to free yourself of fungal and parasite infections and stay vital for the long run.

I just recorded another Google Hangout where I answered people’s fungal and parasite questions for 45:00 today. I covered some very important and seldom discussed aspects of fungal and parasite infection so you may gain a lot from watching that video on my Paul Chek Live Youtube channel.

My newest video addressing today’s questions about and issues of fungal and parasite infection is the feature video (plays automatically when you log on) at: https://www.youtube.com/paulcheklive#p/a

Love and chi,

Paul Chek