September 28, 2023

The Change Challenge With Kirsti and Mickel Pratt

Pratts change challenge O2 editA very long time ago, I learned that creating exercise, diet and lifestyle plans — as time-consuming as they can be — wasn’t the most challenging part about coaching clients.

Despite all of the time, effort and money my clients have invested to work with me, it amazes me even to this day that their resistance to change — what they came to see me for in the first place — remains the biggest obstacles I face!

During a recent Living 4D podcast, I asked CHEK Professionals Kirsti and Mickel Pratt about the challenges they face every day with their clients.

Both believe their clients succeed when they narrow their focus to small changes and little wins. “I have people who want to radically shift their entire lives overnight and completely change them. And, when they do that, it lasts a week and then they go back to the same old thing,” Kirsti says.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. Clients succeed because they show up over and over, day-by-day to do the work. And, as Kirsti points out, change spread out over a good while evolves into good habits that stick around for the long haul.


If you’re having a hard time helping your clients connect to their why, join Mickel, Kirsti and me for a short but very potent conversation about change.

Love and chi,