February 1, 2013

The Cure Is You!

Happy Friday to you!

I had a great day yesterday. I was very busy with blog writing, doing my most recent Google Hang out, and seeing a client. That kept me busy until late, but I had a great day overall.

I took the day off from weight lifting and did a long Stork Walk tai-chi session with Vidya.

This morning, I gave myself permission to sleep in. I woke up feeling nice and vital, had a cup of tea, and drove to the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center to see Wes Boyce for a good deep tissue massage.

Then I jumped into the steam bath and took another nap for about 20 minutes to aid my detoxification systems. I left there feeling whole, and fresh. Shortly, I’ll head to the gym and do some German volume training and some stability work.

In the inner sanctum of my mind, I heard this dialogue going on between God (The Sum Of All Creation) and GOD (THE ABSOLUTE GOD):

God: “GOD, how did you handle the pain of loneliness?”

GOD: “I made things up. You were my first! Then, through you, I made gods of me everywhere. Now neither of us will ever be lonely again!”


In March, 2011, Film maker Daivid Scharps came to my home to film my responses to a variety of questions about creating health and healing from illness/disease.

I had previous conversations with David about his project, and really felt aligned with his motives and values, both as a man, and with regard to the message the film offers.

And, David put everything on the line to make the film The Cure Is….. He was that committed.

David has done a LOT of work since then, interviewing many of the world’s top experts in a variety of specialties, covering the body-mind spectrum.

Many of my students and people I know have now seen the film, and the feedback has been great 100% of the time!

David has been and is working hard to gather the funding to share this essential message of our abilities, and possibilities for healing, from even the most life-threatening situations.

If you’ve not seen this incredible film yet, you can click the link below and see the trailer.

David is asking for help from all of us involved in creating the film to get donations so the film can be effectively marketed to the world – so people can feel confident they really can heal and hear from others who have done it against all odds!

If after looking at the web page, you feel like you’d like to purchase the film, or make a donation, please do so. I’ve personally contributed many hours of my time over the period of filming, editing, and have supported their marketing efforts.

Many CHEK Practitioners recommend the film to their clients because they too believe the message is essential for all to hear.
click on this link to see the trailer: https://www.indiegogo.com/thecureismovie/x/2233356

Here is a little bit about The Story behind the film from David Scharps, the Executive Producer/Director:

“I had spent most of my life concerned about myself giving little to others. I reached financial success, lived in a beautiful beach home and was living a life of luxury, yet found myself very unhappy and very empty. I did everything right, I ate well, exercised all the time, but was always confronted with some form of physical illness. I realized I was just not happy.

Eventually, my unhappiness led to a financial collapse which has been my own awakening. I wanted to do something with my life that had meaning and was not about me. I have been curious about health and it has always been a passion but something was not making sense to me. Why is there so much disease in the world? Were we not created to be healthy and strong?

So, I decided to dedicate my life to furthering everyone’s understanding of the cause of most of our illness and how YOU can actually make changes right now to avoid becoming another statistic of cancer or some other horrific disease.

I had no film making experience, yet awoke one morning and decided to make this into a film. Following my intuition, it lead me to interview the many authors whose body of work I read which uncovered a deeper more sensible explanation of why we as individuals either stay healthy or succumb to a disease in our lifetime. The results are life changing and earth shattering!

I spent my last penny making this film. And interestingly when I did the one thing I always wanted appeared. I found the love of my life without a dime in my pocket. And I had always thought to attract the right woman, I needed money. I let this idea go and started living the lessons of this film – You cannot look for it, you have to live it!

Hoping that you find The Cure within YOU!”

David L. Scharps, Filmmaker

Thank you David for the opportunity and honor to be a part of the project.

In closing, The Cure Is is in the running for Top Transformational Film – please vote for it at www.awareguide.com – the voting is close with several other films.

Recently, another film I was in is the story of Danny Way’s life. The movie Waiting For Lightening is out now, and probably available on DVD. If you get a chance to see it, it’s very captivating.

There’s some pretty thrilling and amazing moments in the film. One of those moments is when Danny came to me with a serious spinal cord injury and a frozen neck, which we recreated for the film.

That was my first ever theater movie to participate in as an actor. A little part, but quite fun.

By the way, Danny Way is a big supporter of organic farming, eco-friendly living, and natural healing. He’s a “Cure Is….!” kind of guy.

My life is blessed with amazing people!

Thanks for joining me today.

I hope you all have a beautiful, restful, weekend!

Love and chi,