August 17, 2011


A Beautiful Wednesday to you, and a Beautiful Thursday to those of you on the other side of the world too.

I had a busy day of coaching and meetings yesterday.

Penny arrived here in Toronto to get ready for all our presentations starting with our one-day Breathing and Movement pre-conference workshop tomorrow. It was lovely to see her after being away from her for a week. She arrived between coaching appointments yesterday so I got to go for a walk with her in the beautiful Music Gardens across the street from Rory’s condo. She flew in on a red-eye flight so she was pretty exhausted.

After my coaching was done yesterday, we went out to dinner with Julia Schneider, Richard Fedele and his wife along with Vidya, Penny and Rory. Richard owns an insurance company called Alexion Lifestyle Perks. We’ve teamed up with them to allow CHEK Practitioners of all types to participate in their company points program so that anyone needing holistic healing coaching in their insurance plan can get that help at a discount from participating CHEK Practitioners.

If any of you that are CHEK Practitioners would like to participate and expand your marketing and business to include Alexion’s members, feel free to check out the program it is truly a win-win for you the practitioner and the consumer!

Tomorrow, I teach the one-day Breathing and Movement workshop with Dan Hellman at the CanFit Pro pre-conference workshop. During the weekend I’ll be giving a series of lectures throughout the conference.

I’ve got a great turnout for all my lectures again this year, which makes it fun for me. In fact, my lecture titled How To Build Your Own Lifestyle and Living Philosophy has about 650 people registered!

Seems like in the exercise industry are naturally arising to the awareness that they can change their life and create a life that is something uniquely of their own choices instead of acting out parental and societal programming.

I’m really excited they trust me enough to hear my offering to them. My approach is quite logical and is based on my life’s experience coaching people who are trapped in a wide variety of belief systems.


I caught this beautiful butterfly on my camera just out the front door of my house in my garden a little while before coming to Toronto. This beautiful butterfly was recently a caterpillar in a cocoon. It lived and struggled in it’s cocoon until it developed enough strength to fly and live in a MUCH bigger world.

The cocoon is an excellent metaphor for the human ego. We live within the confines of our own ego (thought forms) until we learn to let go of rigid ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, and all such relative truths. Once we learn that all ideas are relative and what we think is “right” can only be right if there is an opposing idea believed to be wrong, we develop a greater sense of awareness.

As we each pass through different stages of the ego’s development and unfolding, we are more capable of seeing where others are at on their journey. We may remember a time when we were so sure that an “idea” was true we would argue or even fight to defend it!only to find out later we were incorrect in our viewpoint. The most dangerous and most common class of ideas that offer us a chance to grow in our awareness are religious ideas.

When the caterpillar finds itself eating from the Jewish tree, it may become conditioned to only eating from that tree. Just as there may be caterpillars eating from the tree of Islam, the tree of Christianity, the tree of Buddhism, etc. People from a wide variety of caterpillar groups will become absolutely convinced that the ideas they feed on represent the only safe diet (of ideas) for all caterpillars.

Without realizing it, such people can begin imposing their ideas on family and friends. They act as thought they are prison guards who can choose to add or subtract to what is on your dinner plate. Then, when those very people are in pain from trying to digest such ideas and live them out, they become the source of physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Soon enough such people are being diagnosed by a doctor and put on drugs to manage their symptoms.

Those that have passed through these natural challenges of body-mind development have either learned to cope, or they have learned to live with inner-harmony. With the cultivation of our own inner-harmony, the awareness that all ideas can only be half-truths at best emerges. This is because any idea in mind depends on our ego-mind believing that there is something that a chosen idea isn’t; you can’t be “good” unless you aren’t bad and vice-versa.

A simple example of this I can give from Christianity (as practiced by the masses) is that in the Bible, it is taught that all Divining (which includes dowsing for water, dowsing for healing herbs, or any such intuitive methods) is evil. Imagine being out on a camping trip, getting lost, and running out of water only to find yourself facing a life-threatening water shortage.

Then, your buddy says, “don’t worry, I can dowse for water and we can find some that way”. Now, the Christian comes to a real emotional-mental impasse! Do they die of dehydration and maintain their perceived status as a “good Christian”, or do they accept the water they find as a gift from Mother Nature and be happy that their friend comes from a different belief system?

Would such a person take a water dowsing class after such an experience knowing that sometimes, we have an opportunity to change (which means to learn) as we find the edges, or wrinkles in our faith?

The Universe always gives us plenty of opportunities to find the edges and wrinkles in our living philosophy. Those without a rigid living philosophy generally find it easier to navigate life and are typically much more open minded; they know how to find water even where it is hidden behind the doors to another’s hell!

The Universe teaches us to become aware of “its truths”, which existed long before “people” started writing books for God!

My experiences studying a myriad of teachings from enlightened masters, being with enlightened people, and having many enlightenment experiences myself have shown that most enlightened people had to heal themselves of limiting, segregating ideas before they could ever experience enlightening openings; moments of total Union with the Universe and All that IS.

It is because of the very limitations of ideas that the great Hindu Philosopher-Saint Shankara stated (in paraphrase) that reading scripture before enlightenment is useless, and reading scripture after enlightenment is a waste of time.

I’ve had countless people of various religious “faiths” (faith means you don’t understand what’s going on so you have to have faith it will all work out ok, even if your ideas are wrong) attack me for sharing my viewpoints. My viewpoints were cultivated from a lifetime studying the relevant sciences, philosophies, and religious ideologies, as well as my own experiences of Union.

Most such attackers or opposes have little to know knowledge of other belief systems at all. Nor have they any grasp of quantum physics, which creates a very reliable framework from which we can evaluate any “believed idea”. I have empathy for them, for having studied brain washing extensively.

Knowing how to help people heal from this affliction as a therapist, I understand that they are caterpillars flexing their muscles so that one day, they will learn that there is indeed, a world outside their cocoon in which many ideas used in the cocoon, simply don’t work any longer.

Today is a great day to view any rigid idea of right or wrong, good or bad, should or shouldn’t and ask yourself:

1. Is living out such ideas separating me from people that many need my love or have love to share with me?

2. Is this idea separating me from other human beings that are equally true expressions of the Universe?

3. Is living such ideas producing physical, emotional and mental health in me?

4. Are my children living a healthier, freer life because they are living out such ideas that I (or others) have passed onto them, or will they too one day be arguing with people that know and understand much more than they do, only to die of spiritual dehydration?

When your embodied ideas are safe for the world to emulate, you will know for  sure. There will be special moments where your awareness will reach the stars and beyond. In these experiences, you will feel the love and Intelligence of the Universe and Her Intelligent Creative Force.

After even one such incident, your butterfly will be free of the cocoon and you will never be afraid of God, or people again. Why? Because you will know the truth in your heart, not your head.

One who’s truth “lives in his/her heart”, “dies into his/her heart”. There, one with love, dies into love.

Those living out of their head, “die into their head” and come face to face with their mind as their reality. To the degree that their mind was pleasant for them to be in, and others to be around, they will have a pleasant experience. To the degree that it was challenging, they will find being their challenging again, with or without a body!

When it’s safe to live in you, it’s safe to die there too. That’s how you know your lessons in the cocoon are complete and you are safe to fly into the Grand Expanse of Mother Universe.

Love and chi from Toronto!

Paul Chek