December 13, 2012

Fear or Healing?

Happy Thursday to You!

We are getting lots of rain here and it’s coming through my roof, watering the plants on my meeting table downstairs! Oh well, I guess everything leaks eventually!

I had a lovely deadlifting session yesterday. I did some volume work and stimulated my metabolism nicely. I’m feeling great overall.

I hope you are all finding a balance between working-In and working-Out. It makes all the difference in the world when you stop doing what you think you have to do and do what feels good when exercising.


It is safe to say that human beings have an innate desire for wholeness. When we feel whole as a person, we feel safe.

When we feel whole, we have the resources to handle the inevitable changes that life often brings unexpectedly. When we feel whole we are naturally more loving and excepting of ourselves.

What stops us from healing?

Fear is the main reason that people don’t heal in my experience. Fear is an emotion that creates the perception of separation.

When we are afraid, we lose our ability to use our whole brain, and therefore, our whole mind to create novel solutions.

When we are afraid, we have a great tendency to do what we’ve always done, while often expecting different results than the same thinking and behaviors have produced in the past.

This is because fear triggers the release of powerful stress hormones (Glucocorticoids) that trigger left-brain dominance; the left-brain is the brain of doing what you’ve done in the past.

When we come to realize that our bodies are one with our mind, we can begin to appreciate that the symptoms we are experiencing are often the results of our inability or unwillingness to listen to the wholeness within.

For example, I’ve been consulted by thousands of people who know they are gluten intolerant, yet continue to eat it!

They sit and tell me about how they have digestive troubles, don’t sleep well, keep gaining weight, have mental fogginess and lack energy.

Than I ask, “What happens to you when you’ve been off gluten for a few days or more and then eat it again?”

The answer is very commonly, “I get all these symptoms again; I just can’t seem to get rid of them!”

Most of the people I consult regarding their health problems already know what they need to do to heal. When it comes down to it, their healing is in their hands.

As I look into their life from a 4 Doctor perspective, the most common challenge I see people facing is that they don’t enjoy one or more aspects of their life, but don’t think they can change their situation.

Sometimes they fear the cost of making change. Sometimes they fear that they won’t get a better job, or find a new lover, or that their diet changes won’t work!

This way of existing quickly becomes tiresome and potentially, VERY expensive.

So expensive in fact, that many have spent several times more dollars on trying to heal without making the behavioral changes or lifestyle changes that cause their problems than if they’d addressed their challenge(s) directly.

I’ve found that the most essential first step to healing from any physical, emotional or mental wound is to give yourself empathy. Accept that you are human and that things change in life.

Accept that you are a work in progress and that the process we all go through is called “life”.

When we take the time to love and nurture ourselves, we relax inside. From a place of relaxation, our hormonal system is more balanced and we can access our intuition.

When we access our intuition, we have the comfort of knowing that our inner-guidance system is working.

Our intuition only works when we trust the voice within us that speaks through silence more than we trust the voice in our heads that keeps choosing to do the same things that crate pain, or simply chooses not to choose.

When we get clear about what we want, we also have the motive to create the means to that chosen end.

Start today, by identifying what you love more than your pains. Once you are clear on what experience you love yourself enough to create for yourself, the healing has already begun!

There is a very simple, effective plan I’ve created for everyone in both my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!, and my audio/workbook program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity, and Disease.

If you are ready to heal but need help organizing your plan and action steps, either of these programs will make it very simple for you to create your own healing plan.

If your challenges are deep seeded, chronic, then the 1-2-3-4 program may be best for you because it goes deeper into the mental-emotional issues that commonly stop people from healing and helps you find the cause of the limiting behaviors and beliefs.

Your body is always guiding you.

Your body ALWAYS tells you the truth about the choices you are making and the story you are telling yourself.

Don’t drug it!listen to it!have a healthy relationship with it.

If you can’t have a healthy relationship with your own body, chances are very good that your relationships with others will mirror your own perceptions and behaviors back to you.

The best way to heal your relationships is to love yourself enough that you can be whole, fully present in your relationships.

Until then, you will never truly see or experience the people right in front of you. To the degree that you are not there, not present, even the most whole people in your life can’t truly ever know you either.

To be whole, attracts wholeness into your life.

Love yourself openly and honestly and that very love will bring you levity. That levity will bring others who live in love and levity.

This is the blessing of taking responsibility for yourself and having an honest relationship with the only thing you know you have for sure – your body-mind.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek