October 17, 2012


Happy day to ALL!

Today, and throughout antiquity people have deeply questioned the concept of free will.

As usual, there are many on either side of the question that are sure they are correct.

Before going any further, I’d like to point out that whatever you believe becomes real for you. Therefore, it is a good idea to question any belief that limits your free will before you embody it!

The infant is born without any preconceived “ideas” in its head. The infant doesn’t know the difference between a good idea and a bad idea.

It is parental conditioning that leads the infant to being a child with beliefs that are either self-limiting, or self liberating.

For example, children are born without any concept of gods, God, or GOD. The child worships life by expressing life until it is conditioned to believe that God wants or expects things from it.

Soon, many children are conditioned to believe that they must go to church on Sunday and behave in a certain way or they may suffer the rath (punishment) of God!

If such a child would really love to be outside playing (with God) than stuck in a building, it’s programming is such that it now believes it has lost its free will to be outside (worshiping God) and must be inside the church.


From the perspective of the development of the soul (Consciousness within), we all progress through stages of soul development.

On earth, we all have bodies built of the materials of the earth. Therefore, we begin life with a material soul.

The material soul is the basis of all biological life; every living creature has “a body”, which is the basis of its biological reality.

The biological soul represents the second stage of soul development.

You may have noticed that plants and animals don’t express religious affiliation, nor do they start wars over issues of God.

This is because the concept of God is a human “idea”.

Ideas are the basis of the third stage of soul development.

The accumulation of ideas in the child’s mind signifies the development of both the individual ego (idea plex).

The intellectual soul/ego begins coupling itself with the biological soul at the time the child begins using the word “yes” and “no”.

To the degree that the child is able to establish self-control with the use of the words “yes” or “no”, the child has free will.

In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy, I take my students through an exploration of the ideas they act out relative to the ideas that represent what their parents want.

Inevitably, most students quickly find that most of their internal stress emerges from living out their parents ideas at the expense of their own authentic desires.

To the degree that the way you think, communicate (talk) and act go against your own authentic desires, you have lost your own birthright to free will!

The fourth stage of soul development is identified by Rudolph Steiner as that of the awareness soul.

The awareness soul emerges at the point any individual begins to question the ideas they have been expressing; the ideas that are usually creating pain or discomfort in one’s life.

To continue the example given above, the child, now an adolescent or an adult may meet others from other religions, such as Buddhism.

In so doing, they are likely to find that such friends have a deeper sense of peace and calm, and don’t experience the inner stress around issues of money, sex, love, food, safety, and!God that they do.

Naturally, through such exposure to others, they may begin asking questions like, “If God is ALL, can Jesus or any other human being actually be the only son of God?”

Those of Jewish faith may reach the point where they realize that promoting the concept of being “The Chosen Ones” creates separation from others who believe that God is ALL; How could God “choose any one group of people as chosen ones if all are God and God Loves All?”

At the moment we question our thoughts and choose differently as a means of creating our own individual self-identity and living accordingly, we have exercised our free will. Until then, we are like robots acting out the ideas of others!our programmers.

The fifth and final stage of soul development is Spirit-Soul-Union.

This state emerges naturally when one has come to realize, and express that God IS ALL through their thoughts, words and deeds.

This stage represents what is typically referred to as “enlightenment” in typical western terminology.

This stage of soul development is expressed as the first principle of Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam), which states, There is no God but God. I worship everything and everyone.

The practical difference between thinking you are enlightened and being enlightened is that the truly enlightened person lives such that they are congruent with this principle; those that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk are still at either the intellectual or awareness stage of soul development.

So, in conclusion then, the question of weather or not we “do have free will” can only be answered by you.

If you don’t think you have free will, your actions will reflect your thoughts/beliefs.

From a practical point of view, all such believers DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL.

Not because its not available to them, but because they are brain washed into believing that they can’t live freely and create a life that allows them to express their love in a way that is natural to them.

If you are trapped in a belief system that limits your free will, don’t worry. In time, you will either come to realize that you have the potential to create your own belief system and act accordingly (free will), or you will meet the PainTeacher.

The PainTeacher always comes to redirect you back to your center so you can develop a deeper relationship with your own soul.

There, you are safe to ask more empowering questions and take guidance from the only God that exists for sure, which is the impulse to love that resides within you.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

PS: I am leaving to the Bilibong resort out in the Australian wild where there is no internet connection this afternoon. I’m really looking forward to teaching my students in HLC3 how to coach at a deeper level utilizing biological-intellectual-intuitive intelligences.

I will be unable to provide my usual blog updates. We will run my Tao-Te-zen series, beginning from where we left off last time we posted.

I hope you enjoy the simple messages I share in the series. I’ll share more with you from HLC 3 as I can, or when I get back.

Chek Practitioner Level 1started today at the institute in Vista. Angie Lustrick (voted the Ultimate CHEK Professional at the 2011 CHEK Conference in San Diego) sent me this photo from the class today.

Chris Maund and Janet Alexander, my first two CHEK Instructors are the teachers. The students will be in for a great treat, for their instructors are true masters of their craft and will give their students the education that only true masters can give!

Welcome to CHEK Practitioner Level 1 everyone!


Cam Nell is one of my best buddies here in Australia. His birthday was two days ago, but we celebrated it here at Cathy and Donal’s house last night.

I asked my soul for a vision that I could draw as a gift for Cam on his birthday. The drawing above is what I gave Cam.

This drawing represents Spirit Soul Union, which you now understand after reading this blog I suspect ☺.

The Owl represents both wisdom, and the soul. The feathers reaching upward represent being Chief of one’s self, which essential for experiencing SELF, or achieving Self-Realization.

The African woman represents “Eve”, which means life-force in Greek. She also represents being at One with The Mother of All.

The plant coming in from the side represents our biological soul, and therefore, evolution.

Spiritually speaking, the word “evolution” expresses the spiritual path. Read the word backward: EVOL-U-TI-ON

When one is truly enlightened, there is no “it” they love, for they have reached the stage of Self-Realization where their authentic living experience is that THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD – I WORSHIP EVERYTHING AND EVERY ONE.

Happy Birthday Cam!

My your soul-bird forever be your source of perfect inner-guidance.

Lots of Love,