November 8, 2013

Do Calorie Counting Devices Work?

Happy Friday!

Today is my day off – well earned with all the projects I’m working through recently. I have a massage planned and then a day of art, music and fun! My kind of rest day!

Do Calorie Counting Devices Work?

One of the big misconceptions that I see with many of my newer students and with the public in general is this idea that you must count calories in order to lose weight. Unfortunately, nothing is further than the truth. Calorie-restricted diets don’t work if you want to permanently lose weight!

In my book, How To Eat Move and Be Healthy, I’ve devoted an entire chapter (13) called Never Cut Calories!

As a therapist working with varieties of people all over the world, I know for certain that these types of diets cause a whole host of issues other than achieving a goal of weight loss. Some of the issues related to calorie-restriction is that this kind of diet disrupts important biological and chemical processes in the body such as enzymatic activity, hormonal stability and will in fact, decrease muscle mass.


In my vlog today I share what calories are, what factors influence calorie consumption, and how many calories it takes to actually keep a healthy human being alive.

I also explain that the “X-Factor” is a variable that can either increase or decrease daily energy expenditure – how many calories you burn – based on several genetic, hormonal and environmental factors.

If you follow fad diets or eat incorrectly for your Primal Pattern®, your blood sugar balance will be disrupted. There will also be more waste material left behind from eating incorrectly, which is often toxic to the body an gets stored in the fat cells to protect the liver.

Further, fungus’s and parasites are opportunist and proliferate in this kind of toxic environment. To learn more about these problems and solutions see my DVD program Healing Fungus and Parasite Infections.

When you don’t provide your body with adequate fuel, the right mix of fuel, or poor quality fuel, you drastically increase your chances of slowing your metabolism and becoming fat.

I hope that you pay close attention to what I’m sharing today. With so many sick, overweight people we need to better understand the consequences when we try to operate our lives and manage ourselves with promises about calorie counting that is just plain wrong.

Next weekend my good friend Sean Greeley and I will be sharing our knowledge to help you be a healthy, vital and successful business person in our upcoming weekend workshop: FAST FORWARD. We hope you will join us, Friday and Saturday, November 15-16, in Oceanside. I look forward to meeting you there!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope that you continue to question the mainstream beliefs about health, get outside, breathe fresh air and eat organic whole food.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek