November 11, 2013

Exploring Universal Principle #10: Non-Judgement

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did.

I had a lovely, restful weekend. Friday, I got a nice full-body massage, had a steam bath, and spent the day relaxing and drawing with a friend.

Saturday, I came to work to progress in the development of the slideshow for my upcoming webinar next week, Wed, November 20, Thinking and The Effective Use of Mind. If you would like to join this webinar, feel free to click here and explore what I’m excited to share with you through the CHEK Institute Webinar Series.

After I’d spent several hours in my chair doing the creative work of developing my slide show, I got outside for some rock stacking.

3 Stacks Heaven

In my photo above, you can see three of my workouts standing next to each other. My most recent addition is the stack that is most distant in the photo. It took me an hour to build this one. Some of the stones are quite heavy, and I have to really take my time so I don’t slip, fall, smash fingers, toes or feet, or worse.. The third stone up is a massive crystal that weighs about 200 pounds, and I’ve got it standing upright on its end, which is a very small footprint when it comes to stacking stones above it.

The photo makes it hard to gauge how tall the stacks are, but the tallest one is over 12 feet tall. I have to very carefully stack stones atop of stones to create stairs to climb. Getting close enough to the stack is tricky alone, but trying to carefully balance heavy stones for precision placement is another deal all together!

I work barehanded and barefooted whenever possible because it encourages “awareness”, and keeps me motivated to never rush in a rock garden. All my rock stacking injuries have been the result of my own drive to get the project finished by a certain time, or my conscious or unconscious desire to push the limits of my own ability. Each of them has taught me something valuable about myself, and some of my lessons have taken a month or more to heal, serving as constant reminders of my opportunity for personal growth.



I’m very excited about our upcoming FAST FORWARD LIVE weekend event (Nov. 15-16, 2013, in Oceanside, CA) with Sean Greeley, founder of Net Profit Explosion (NPE).

I will teach the methods I’ve used to stay healthy and free of illnesses in my professional career, and Sean will teach us how to keep our health/exercise businesses healthy, abundant, and fun!

Sean’s business, NPE, is devoted to helping people in the health and fitness industry run efficient, profitable, enjoyable business ventures.

As most of you are aware, my business, the C.H.E.K Institute, is devoted to providing the tools to live and practice exercise, traditional rehabilitation (physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, etc), or medicine holistically in a multidisciplinary learning format.

Naturally, when you find a person who’s mission, vision, and dream are aligned, mutual harmony is created and it is natural to want to share how you have created joy, safety and security in your own life; this is the case with Sean Greely and I.

On Friday, November 15, 2013, I will share a one-day live workshop titled, “How To Be A Healthy Business Owner”. In this special event, I will take participants on a practical journey in which we establish what their dream for themselves and their business is.

From there, we will look at the concept of “balance” in life and business, using what we learn to cultivate awareness as to where making changes in our diet and lifestyle will bring us body-mind and business harmony as a business owner. After my one-day workshop, participants will leave with their own clearly outlined dream, supportive core values, and knowledge of the essentials of holistic living.

On Saturday, November 16, 2013, Sean will share many essentials of how to run your health/fitness business more efficiently and abundantly. Sean’s presentation will be in parallel with my own in general structure, but his information and teachings focus on the business, business goals, values, and systems to better support you.

In one incredible weekend, those attending will come away with complete harmony between their personal and professional lives, opening the doors wide to a more joyful, prosperous life experience. I hope to see as many of you as possible there, particularly if you own your own health/fitness business, as many CHEK Practitioners do.

Tai-Chi Healing/Balancing

Every since I was given my first 100-day gong practice in tai-chi by Master Fong Ha (see some 13 years ago, I’ve enjoyed a beautiful spiritual body-mind practice that has enhanced my life tremendously.

Prior to working with Master Fong Ha, I’d tried a variety of different methods, such as being trained in medical qi-gong, traditional and eastern meditation techniques; many such methods were gained from the Self-Realization Fellowship monks in my childhood, when this was my mother’s chosen method of spiritual practice.

Though all the methods I’ve studied and practiced are very useful, each method is akin to a tool. Like a tool, knowing when to use it and how makes all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the outcome you desire.

Jason tai-chi

Above you can see Jason (one of my long-standing Zero Force Coaching clients) doing tai-chi outside on a cool, east coast fall day. Jason has not only studied and practiced tai-chi with me, but he has worked with other Masters, rounding his development out and giving him a nice toolbox of methods he can use to create body-mind harmony in his life as a busy executive.

It has been a real blessing for me to witness Jason’s development from living the fast-paced life of an executive to living the balanced life of a spiritually inclined executive.

Jason’s influence has already touched the lives of many. He was recently invited to be part of a board directing consciousness studies in a major east coast university, where he got to share with several respected authority figures in the field of consciousness studies and spiritual development.

Jacquie pregnant tai-chi
Here you can see Jason’s beautiful, pregnant wife, Jacquie doing her tai-chi too. Jacquie is in her third trimester now, but continues to gain the benefits of regular tai-chi and living the CHEK 4 Doctor lifestyle (see: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Evern Need multimedia ebook to learn more).

It is lovely for me to see the influence my students have on their families, friends and social circles. When people see and experience others that are healthy and vital, they naturally want to emulate them. Being motivated to learn from someone that “has what you desire” is generally a much faster way to learn than most other options.

Knowing what I know about the intimate relationship between a mother and her baby, I’m confident that Jason and Jacquie’s child will be quite balanced, healthy, and ready for a great journey on planet Earth! I’m proud of you both for being such a great living testament to my teachings, and holistic living in general!
Ah Ho Great Spirit!

Exploring Universal Principle #10: Non Judgement

Today in my vlog, I read Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle #10. Non-judgment:

“At our request, we have been carefully taught to evaluate and judge much of what we experience. However, “right” and “wrong,” “good” and “bad” are just beliefs, disguises for the unconditional love that is always present. The truth is that everything that occurs is just another event or circumstance that we have created in our imagination. Judging something keeps whatever we judge the way we judge it. Also, judging anyone or anything tells us that we are judging ourselves in the same way. Judging creates discomfort that can only be relieved by opening our hearts, first to the judgment and then to the person or thing we have judged. Freeing this open-hearted energy leads to the joyful feeling of unconditional love for ourselves as the wholeness and completeness of who we really are.+

I begin my talk today by explaining that I myself am aware of how challenging it is to live the principles of non-judgment. It’s important to question your assumptions about people, places, your beliefs, and examine your judgements. I mention Byron Katie’s “work” so that you can ask, “Is this true? Is this absolutely true? How do I feel when I think this thought? What is the turnaround here?”

My mother and her husband Alex are certified Nonviolent Communication teachers, trained by Marshal Rosenberg (visit: Through my mother, Alex, and my own studies of NVC, I’ve had plenty enough practice to realize that the way we are taught to communicate expresses itself in how we think and perceive others and ourselves.

As we practice using “the work” and “NVC”, it quickly becomes evident that the way we communicate often causes more pain and separation than we ever intend. We learn that to express ourselves authentically, and meet our needs without taking away from another’s right to freedom of self-expression requires commitment to being aware of what thoughts and ideas we represent.

Soon enough, we come to realize that many of our ideas actually encourage separation from those we love and care about, and that to heal, we must heal our ideas and often the structure of the language we use to express ourselves.

I hope you enjoy my vlog on Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle #10 today! You can download the Universal Principles at when you are ready to dive in!

Have a great day.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek