November 6, 2013

Why All The Problems With Politicians and Bankers?

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I’m slow getting the blog up today; busy, busy…

I hope you are all well and that you’ve had a chance to try my popcorn recipe!

I’m feeling great overall. My workouts have been good, and tai-chi lovely as always.

Paul in IR Sauna

My meditations and spiritual studies in my HealthMate infrared (IR) sauna continue to be lovely; I can’t recommend the HealthMate IR saunas (or IR saunas in general) enough. I feel fantastic after a good thirty-minute sweat. I seem to feel best at 150˚ but I definitely notice that my capacity to handle heat is directly related to how tired I am, and how well hydrated I am.

Any time we have a measure of input/influence, such as the temperature of a sauna, the dosage of a supplement taken, the volume/intensity of a workout, etc., we can learn a lot about ourselves by observing how we change in response to the input/stimulus.

We soon learn that the one size/dose fits all concept is pretty unreliable in general. There’s just no substitute for healthy self-observation.

CHEK/NPE FAST FORWARD Seminar Here in San Diego Coming Next Week!

Just a reminder that Sean Greeley (and his NPE team) and I will be hosting a joint education opportunity…well…a life and business changing opportunity next week: November 15-16, 2013 in Oceanside, CA.

We both will each teach one day, with my workshop being titled, “How To Be A Healthy Business Owner”. I will be sharing the essentials we all have to master to be a healthy business owner.

My approach will be a holistic blend of body-mind development, but is very grounded in mastering health essentials. Having coached thousands of unhealthy business owners in my life, I’m pretty hip to all the roadblocks to personal-professional-spiritual success they encounter.

Those that have applied the methods I’ll share will gain the same benefits my personal clients get, but at a much more efficient cost.

Our programs are oriented toward fitness business owners, but my workshop and Sean’s workshop cover essential principles that will support any business owner or their family members. If you want to enjoy both success, and happiness, this two-day event is for you! You can register here:

Why All The Problems With Politicians and Bankers?

In my vlog today, I address a common question I get, which is: Why all the problems with politicians, bankers (lawyers, government, schools, and “the church”)?

It is easy to see the problems other people have, regardless of what profession or walk-of-life they are from. We often forget our own imbalances when judging others, and we also tend to forget that “the government always reflects the people”, as Lao Tzu and Confucius told us long ago!

But this statement shouldn’t be limited to government alone. All social, working, performing, living people make up both humanity, government, school boards, bank staffs, boards of directors, church membership and clergy, etc.

In my vlog today, I share the seven stages of self-development we go through in route to Self-Realization. I feel that if we are honest with ourselves, about ourselves, it is easier to both see ourselves in others who often just get more publicity (and have cameras looking through their bathroom windows…) that we do, yet are publicly judged; often harshly.

By gaining an understanding of the basic psycho-physical themes we all progress through, and embody, it becomes easier to see and understand ourselves and others.

When we see and understand ourselves honestly, it is easier to have empathy for others who in many instances, just got caught doing what most of us are doing, have done, or conspire to do in some way, shape, or form.

For example, to steal an apple is morally no different than stealing 10 billion from investors; the difference is simply one of magnitude.

Thus the saying attributed to Jesus, “Let the one among you who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

We are all on a journey. Our journey in human life begins with learning the essentials we must learn to care for, and protect ourselves in life, which I refer to as the “I” stage of self-development.

We progress to learning how to function in relationships with others, which I refer to as the “WE” stage of self-development.

Finally, as we become wiser (more enlightened), we come to see ourselves in everyone. We naturally mature as human beings to become an individual who genuinely cares for, and seeks to serve humanity and the world at large through our thoughts, words and deeds. This is the “ALL” stage of development.

No stage of the I-WE-ALL progression of self-development is easier than the others. Each has its unique growth and development challenges.

I know this to be true because I’ve coached people with body-mind challenges stemming directly from the challenges each level presents, and I’ve lived through, and do live with them myself.

My message today is one of empathy (yin), which gives us the motive for sympathy (yang). When we have empathy and sympathy for ourselves, it becomes more natural to be empathetic and sympathetic to the challenges “the rest of our Self faces”.

If you enjoy this form of self-exploration, and are interested in specific courses I’ve developed for my students, patients, clients, and you(!), feel free to visit

I recommend following the lessons in order for the best results. The essential foundation of my 12 PPS Success Mastery lessons are Lessons 1-3. Without these essentials, the other lessons are likely to be less effective, and will often be attempts to address imbalances or misunderstandings that emerge from:

1. Not knowing who you are or what your life-dream is (PPS Lesson 1).

2. Suffering from social programming (being brain washed), most often come by way of the church or religious affiliation, culture, social, and family influences. In PPS Lesson 2 Self-Management, I show you how brainwashing is applied to human beings and give practical methods for both understanding yourself and others, as healing. I also give a holistic 4 Doctor approach to effective self-management.

3. In this lesson, Goal Setting (PPS Lesson 3), I share the science of goal setting, and offer practical forms and advice to help anyone achieve their dreams more efficiently, and joyously. When we don’t know how to set goals effectively, we are far less likely to be productive, even by our own standards. Many people stop setting goals because, as I so often hear, they never seem to achieve their goals.

I hope you enjoy the vlog today!

FYI, my next blog will be addressing the issue of calorie counters and weather or not that approach really works. It will be published this Friday. I hope you find it thought provoking and useful knowledge.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek