June 21, 2016

Your Spiritual Fishing Trip, Pt. 2: Practical Application

Happy Solstice!

I hope you are enjoying “being you!”

We are enjoying the longest day of the year in the northern latitudes today.

And, for all you “fathers” out there, it is my wish that you were celebrated for your dedication, commitment and love!

Today I will share:
1. Your Spiritual Fishing Trip, Pt. 2: Practical Application
2. CHEK Advanced Training Course Completion
3. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Your Spiritual Fishing Trip, Pt. 2: Practical Application

Spiritual Fishing Trip Pt 2 Blk Bd
Today I recap, and expand on what I shared in Pt.1 of this series last week in this 59:00 vlog lesson.

I start by sharing resources from my own teachings that will help you address the various challenges that arise as we engage our life path.

In my recap of Pt. 1., I expand on some of the specific symbols:

  • Fisherman = Dr. Happiness
  • Water (the boat is in) = Collective Unconscious; what we are unaware of
  • Pole and line together = Dr. Movement and Dr. Quiet = Rhythm
  • Lure = Awareness (when you are conscious of your dream and dream-team needs)
  • Bait = Choice (you have to be aware of what you want to catch to bate effectively)
  • 2 Fish = tai-chi = yang/positive and yin = negative/shadow elements in personal unconscious

After exploring the symbols of the fishing trip and their meanings, I take you into an exploration of the Ultimate Creative Cycle (AUM_), and show how that cycle is the basis of most any conceivable cycle.

The cycles I share are relevant to our discussion; by understanding key cycles of how life unfolds and how we grow in body, mind and spirit, empowers us to help others know where they are in their (fishing) journey.

When we know where we are in our own growth and development, and even in the completion of a given goal, task or project, we are more capable of making effective choices and decisions.

After I explore the cycles, their meaning, and relevance to our spiritual fishing trip (that we are all on together!), I explain the spiral of conscious (or spiritual) growth.

I describe how we transcend and include each previous stage; we can fall back one or more cycles if we respond unfavorably to stress factors.

I finish this lesson by encapsulating the practice within the context of my 4 Doctor model for how life works.

For those wanting specific support with healing their body, mind and soul, I offer the following resources:

  1. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – book
  2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook
  3. The 1-2-3-4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease – MP3 Audio and Workbook program
  4. C4Q Coaching Mastery Workshop: For those of you who feel ready to deal with the rigors of deep healing at the adult level of responsibility, and learn the art and science of CHEK Holistic Coaching Mastery, I recommend my upcoming 4-day workshop:

Chek 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery Workshop: September, 15-18,2016 in San, Diego, CA.

CHEK Advanced Training Completion

C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1 in Sydney, AU with Donal Carr


Please help me congratulate our newest graduates! I’m sure that Master Donal empowered you as you discovered and explored more about the amazing complexities of the human body-mind.

You are all in a league ahead of your peers!

Show-N-Tell with Paul

ManaDaddyalmost4 months
It has been “hot!” here lately. This photo was taken Sunday, and I don’t know for sure how hot it was, but it was well over 100 degrees (hot! in Fahrenheit).

I waited until about 6:00 PM to take Mana for a walk and Angie and I had a great time with him and Maggie.

Mana had his 4-month birthday yesterda, which is cool because it was on this month’s full moon and Mana was born on the full moon.

Mana’s Father’s Day Photo

Mana and Momma were waiting to surprise me with some fun gifts Father’s day morning.

My little guy is growing every day. He loves all his interactive toys, and his books!

We are all amazed at Mana’s attraction to books at such an early age. Sometimes Angie will read him eight or nine books in a day and he never seems to tire of them.

He looks at every single page, and with the new interactive books, he loves to touch the various textures, such as animal hair and the likes the books offer.

When they are here at my work Heaven house and Angie walks through the library, Mana just stares at all the books with the look of, “Momma, read me some of these books too!”

He’s just a lot of fun and we are all excited about giving him to tools and support to find his unique self-expression in life.

Mana also LOVES to be outside exploring. I don’t think he’d care if the place was on fire, or if it were raining cats-n-dogs, he’d still think it was great outside.

His only criteria is, you’ve got to keep moving and any stops must be so that he can see something very unique and cool, like a horse or a rooster.

He’s so funny; when he thinks I’m walking too slow, he wiggles his body back and forth as though he’s riding a horse and is trying to get the horse to speed up. I have become Mana’s horse and chariot, which I love!

Tall Rock-stacking at my Home

Sunday, I wasn’t feeling too much like exercising. My body needed rest from my previous two weight training sessions, and I was balls-deep into a Very Deep book I’m studying.

By late afternoon, even though the ground was uncomfortably hot and the thorns painfully petrified, I went out to rehabilitate my tallest rock stack at my Vista home.

I added two more stones to it – very carefully! But that little task took about an hour to do.

By the time a stack starts to come down, there is usually a fair bit of shifting that has occurred below. I had to very carefully adjust several stones so that I could safely add more, extending its height.

Then, I had to find stones that would work for the situation I needed them for, and then get them very well balanced; any mistake below is magnified with each successive stone you add above it, and its not an exponential formula, it’s a radical formula.


I had a lot of fun. It was a meditation for sure. There is nothing like balancing yourself on a ladder on unstable terrain while trying to find the center of balance of the stack and the stone you are working with to keep you centered…or fall!

I’ve been up that high and had the whole stack collapse on me a couple times, which is when one must stay alert to stay alive. This is not a good idea for beginner rock stackers!

I hope you enjoyed my blog today.

I’d love to see you at my upcoming CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery workshop if you feel ready for a comprehensive look at deep healing and the art and science of holistic coaching.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek