February 3, 2012

TUNING THE HEART (Part 2 of 2)

Good Friday!

My Q&Q call with Sean Croxton last night was really fun!! I always enjoy Sean and how he gets people to look at their health in fresh ways. There are so many sick people out there and I am glad I could help with answering their many questions! Thanks Sean,!

I’m taking the day off of work today. I may be laying on a massage table or in a steam room right now in fact!

I’m going out today to find new rocks for my rock garden. I’m after some big ones and some cool ones. I can feel them calling to me! They want to join the stone Buddhas in my garden. I love adding to the party there! And then next Friday,

I’ll spend the weekend practicing what we are about to talk about today.

TUNING THE HEART (Part 2 of 2)

Life is certainly challenging for most of us. That is, as Byron Katie says, “the way of it!

Many of us carry a wide variety of childhood wounds that skew our minds and distort the lens of the heart. We can easily forget how to feel, see and experience love.

Mother Nature has a built in “self-correction” or “heart tuning” plan for us though.

As I shared in Part 1 of this blog yesterday, we will attract people and circumstances to us that reflect the state of polarity of our hearts and minds.

Our whole life becomes a mirror, reflecting our state back to us in relationships with ourselves, persons, places and things.

Those that are stuck inside, will find themselves stuck in relationships.

Those that are angry inside will find themselves in angry relationships.

Those that are manipulative, will find themselves in relationships with manipulative people!

Every step of the way, we are given an opportunity to see what we are creating. In Mother Nature’s plan, pain becomes an offering for redirection.

Each painful experience is an offering to go/act another way. If we get mad and simply turn up the fire, we just meet ourselves as magnified in kind by the others in relationship.

In so doing, we give the rest of “ourselves” an equal opportunity to learn and grow too. Isn’t that just amazing!

And you thought pain was useless!

Offer One: Love At A (Safe) Distance

When you find yourself having Groundhog Day in painful relationships, your first act of love is to love yourself enough to STOP.

If you keep going back and creating entanglement, you are unlikely to heal and you ARE helping the other stay stuck in their faulty love model too; you are giving cigarettes to a chain smoker and that’s not a very high form of love since we know that chain-smoking kills!

In my program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease, I share the “Love Model” that I created from OSHO’s inspiration.

I share that often, the best we can do to love another is to love them at safe distance.

As a wise person once said, “You don’t have to like everyone, but it is important to love them!”

We are all part of each other. We are cells in an organism called “humanity”. If we hate another, we are killing that which is greater than ourselves, yet, we are inextricably a part of.

To learn to love better, try giving forgiveness for any and all that have harmed you from your heart.

You don’t have to go to them in person, call them, or even write them. You only need to love them at a safe distance.

This is a very high form of love called empathetic and compassionate love.

By letting go of the charge you hold within yourself, you essentially demagnetize your painful attraction to them.

This form of safe love is an easy first step to your authentic freedom to love.

Learning to love in a way that is safe for you is most important.

Love is God (Consciousness), which is non-local; every and nowhere all at once!

Once you know you’ve authentically loved someone, you always carry that truth, that healing within you.

Knowing that you love someone frees you from entanglement and your love becomes a source of levity, of healing for them.

To the very degree that you were connected in pain, you create freedom in love when you love yourself enough to love them.

Offer Two: Love a plant!

Plants are very affectionate. This isn’t just fluffy talk. This is fact.

You can read about scientific investigations to the nature of plant-human interactions in the amazing book, The Secret Life Of Plants by Christopher Byrd and Peter Tompkins. It will blow your mind!

When we are loving, plants respond to our love by growing, blossoming and scenting the environment beautifully.

I know this to be true from my own extensive living experiences interacting with them. Anything we touch, or interact with out of love is harmonized, and harmonized with us.

Many who are having a hard time loving don’t realize that this is often why they can’t seem to keep plants alive in their offices or homes.

They often wonder how in the world others can get plants to grow for them so well?

A month or so ago, my friend Troy Casey (The Certified Health Nut) came to visit me with his beautiful wife Uri. She’s full of motherly love and has a beautiful soft center.

We were creating art in the rock garden together and I saw her pick a flower from my garden and put it in the center of a little stone stack she’d made.

Every day I went out to my garden to do tai-chi, I checked on this little flower. I was amazed that after a week, it still looked fresh! That flower didn’t seem to know that it had lost its roots.

I can’t recall the last time I saw a picked flower last so long. Your love is strong Uri!

Plants are very safe companions. You can choose a plant or a plants that you harmonize with. Bring them home and tend to them as you would your dream lover.

Stroke them gently and talk to them. Give them water regularly.

If you pay attention, you will begin developing a relationship from your heart that subdues the ego-mind and allows your inner-perception to grow.

You will learn their language and you will be so surprised to find that they are often talking to you and sharing their love with you and the whole room.

To learn to feel this love very easily, after you’ve had the plant in your home for a couple weeks and loved it daily, try taking the plant out of the room.

Then, go sit in the room and see how it feels without your lover! You may get a surprise.

Then, put your friend back where it “likes to be” and sit quietly and feel the room again. What is the difference?

Offer 3: Love an Animal

Animals are very pure in heart. Their ego’s are not so well developed as to hold grudges; if you repeatedly abuse them, you can spoil their hearts and leave them in fear and pain but that’s not their natural state of being.

We can learn to love by giving love and affection to a pet. We learn that love comes with some degree of responsibility; if we don’t water our plants or animals, we loose our lovers!

Learning the responsibility of love with plants and animals is very good for children too. You can share your heart-felt feelings with your animal friends. They will listen. They will be present. They will love you unconditionally.

All you need do is treat them the way you’d like to be treated and you can learn how beautiful and safe love is.

Take that love outside the house or yard into the world and you will see that everything is brighter, more beautiful. Even people seem more happy and loving!because you are!

Offer 4: Love Your Creations!

Here you can see me creating original diagrams for my courses.

I LOVE to draw! When I draw, I become a little boy again and I forget about all the problems of the world for a while. I feel lighter in my being and carry that into my relationships with others.

Don’t worry how it looks. Just have fun with some unbound play!

No rules. No one to judge you; if you do that, you’ve identified a painful habit and today is a great day to stop judging and star LOVING yourself! You can learn how to do this as a healing practice in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1: How To Find and Live Your Legacy.

It’s a fun way to learn about yourself, heal and grow.

I love playing with stones as you well know. As we all know, there’s only so much time in a day!

As I share in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 8: Time Can’t Be Managed, we can’t manage time. Time moves forward with or without us!

Only activities can be managed. Here you can see how I save time and increase pleasure by loving myself enough to mix my desire for creative self-expression and exercise.

Loving rocks is very easy. They never argue or complain.

If you’d like to learn to play and love this way, I invite you to join me in an intimate private setting right here in my rock garden next Friday, Feburary 10th for my zen In The Garden workshop.

Click on the link to have a look. There’s only a couple spots left so hop to it if you want to share some love with me and some other BEAUTIFUL people!

Love Offer 5: Love Your “self”, Your Body!

Your body is your temple of worship. This is the only place God can truly reside! If there’s no God in your temple, you certainly won’t recognize God anywhere else!

A healthy body is a happy body. A happy body is the foundation for a happy mind!

No matter where I am, I always make time to love and care for my body.

I find that when I love it, it’s much easier for others to love it too! Yum Yum!

The Cure Is U!

Some of you may remember from a fairly recent blog post that I was featured in a newly released documentary film called The Cure Is U!

This amazingly beautiful film shares real life stories of people that found that loving themselves and others was the turning point in healing from life threatening diseases. This film will touch your soul!

David Scharps, creator and director of this film has put together an amazingly generous package offering that includes my multimedia eBook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! as well as a brand new program I created with him called, The Absolute Essentials Of Nutrition that teaches you then things we all must know and practice nutritionally if we want to have a healthy body-mind, which is the basis from which we cultivate and express our love.

Click on the link above and have a look! You won’t be disappointed, I assure you! The cinematography is excellent and the presenters are all top flight!

Love Offer 6: Love Children

Here you can see me with Donal and Kathy Carr’s boys (Ryan on the left and Josh on the right of me).

I’m teaching them about love. I’m showing them that everything responds to love. I’m teaching them to play my Tibetan bowl by kissing it just right.

They were pretty surprised by that one! But it works!

Children are our future. When we love them, we create a future full of love, not drugs, arrests, and perpetual pain!

For those of you that have kids, or yourself are having a hard time finding your way to love and a life of fulfillment, you may find my easy reading eBook titled, “Paint A Circle Around The Arrow Of Life and Hit the Bullseye Every Time! healing and helpful!

Love Offer Seven: Love Yo Momma and Yo Pappa!

My father died when I was eight. That left me with only my mother, Meera Censor to love and learn to love from.

When I look at what my mother taught me and gave me in life, it’s clear I wouldn’t be who I am today without her! She’s actually quite cool and amazing.

She is a master-crafts woman. She’s taught me that it’s good to express myself creatively, openly and honestly. She created all the beautiful sculptures in my office too!

You are welcome to read her beautiful little book about all the amazing people she’s sculpted. It’s title, Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence and Peace: Journey of an Unexpected Sculptor.

Often, we have deep pain from our challenges with our parents. As I share in my 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease program, it is important to remember that everyone is loving the best they can with the upbringing they had and the (love) tools they were given by their parents and life experiences.

When anyone in our family is in pain, it is very important to love them the best we can, even it its at a distance. For their healing is our healing!

Love Offer Eight: Love Your Lovers!

This is my wife Penny riding on my back as I do push-ups while at her mother’s home in France.

My wife is the greatest lover I’ve ever known. She allows me to truly be who I am and to love others as I feel is natural to me.

We have traveled the world over and over again together. She’s been by my side through every kind of challenge you can imagine.

It’s very easy to get board in long-term relationships. It’s just a fact of familiarity. What I’ve found to be essential to loving, co-creative, long-term relationships is simply to remember that those that play together!stay together!

Penny and I both love the mission of the institute and we enjoy each others company very much. She’s truly a Buddha in my life.

Many of you know Vidya. She manages my personal businesses and shares most every aspect of my life with me.

Vidya is trained as a psychologist as well as being a very talented chef, artist, healer, and she loves shamanic or native healing arts like I do too.

We have enjoyed an intimate relationship for six years now and she has added a lot of value and joy to my life, as well as being a great help to Penny running the institute.

Vidya has taught me a lot about loving, creating, and having fun. Thank you Vidya for sharing your life with me!

In my life, I’ve found that it is unnatural to create barriers to loving others naturally.

In my 28 years of coaching people through every kind of life challenge you can imagine, I can assure you, many of them had diseases arising from the pain and guilt they held over loving others outside their marriages.

Their religious ideals typically go completely against their authentic desires and needs for (what is often intimate) love from others.

My first marriage was 17 years long and both of us suffered a lot over our programming about monogamy.

There is simply something in human beings in general that doesn’t work well when it comes to confining love and affection.

I got clear on what I needed in a life partner if I was ever to get married again, and from that clarity, I found Penny. She’s allowed me to be me and I’ve allowed her and all whom I love to be themselves.

My personal belief, based on 50 years of life and a lot of research and experience coaching people is that real love can’t be lost!

When we try to control people, we turn them into “objects”, and that is something the soul and the ego both resist.

If you think you will burn in hell because you’ve shared intimacy with others, then I suggest that you seriously consider creating a living philosophy that is congruent with your honest needs.

Otherwise, that blocked creative energy is very likely to create a disease and you will probably have to face your belief system when you have the least energy to do it honestly!.

Love Offer Nine: Love Mother Nature

We are Mother Nature’s children.

So, just as I shared above, it is very important to love your Mother!

I love nature and She loves me back in kind. Remember, love is a boomerang. Whatever you throw out in the world always comes back to you in kind! That’s a Universal Low, I can assure you!

Little acts of kindness to nature give others a good example.

If everyone in the world gave just one little act of kindness each day to Mother Nature, the planet would heal in no time! We should start NOW, don’t you think?

Love Offer 10: LOVE LIFE!

Life is for living!

You are going to die as sure as the day becomes the night!

Most people are so busy dying inside with all their constraining beliefs and misinformation that they end up on their deathbed wishing they’d been honest enough and brave enough to truly live.

Please don’t be one of those people. It’s a sad and scary end to the only experience you know you have FOR SURE, LIFE.

Why gamble on salvation in a theoretical heaven in an afterlife that’s not here when you can learn to love now?

After all, do you really think you’ll love any better when you are dead than when you were alive? Ponder that please.

Thanks for being present with me today.

I’ve done my best in a short blog to share the methods I use and the resources I’ve created to help you learn how to feel and create love.

Regardless of how screwed up the world may feel or look, I’ve found that the more I love myself and others, the more perfect, the more beautiful life is, regardless of what’s on the news at night.

The beauty of Great Spirit is that Unconditional Love always gives us what we ask for.

If we don’t like what we are getting, we are being given a chance to look carefully at “what we are giving”

!remember, Love is a boomerang!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek