October 7, 2014

Time Can’t Be Managed!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all enjoying the Love-works of your life each day.

Today, I’d like to share a little bit about my playtime, then a very powerful video clip with a message on accessing your Divine Potential.

I’ll finish with my video blog for the day, Time Can’t Be Managed. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Penny’s First Long Flight

Penny is having fun logging air miles, gaining valuable experience as a pilot. She really loves aerial acrobatics, and fast, beautiful airplanes, so I think she’s working her way toward the qualifications she needs to let her spirit out of the cage!


Penny and Angie SF trip 1

Not long ago, Angie mentioned in conversation that she had to fly to San Francisco for the next block of training in her advanced shamanic studies program and Penny’s ears perked up.

She asked Angie if she would like “a private flight to shaman school?” Angie was up for it, with a smile as usual, Penny plotted the route and rented a plane so we could all go together.

AL PC Penny flight SF

When she went to pick up the plane, it had been grounded for mechanical reasons, so she had to find another one.

She landed a Piper Cherokee, a slower plane than the Cessna she had hoped to fly. We were happy she could find a plane and we loaded it up with Angie’s luggage and our travel bags and headed north Sunday.

It was a hot  clear day, and the plane climbed very slowly. What Penny thought would be a three and a half hour journey was a four and a half hour journey to get there.

SF Flight beach view

I took this shot of the coastline through the window on our “slow cruise” to SF. When we finally got there, the fuel crew had left for the day so we had to fly to Napa airport to get fuel.

By then, fog had rolled into Carlsbad airport and we couldn’t fly in. We took the opportunity to give Penny a rest, got a hotel room and started home early the next morning. It took us four hours to get home.

It was a great trip and Penny managed to get Angie within about five miles of her shaman school in the hills of SF’s outback, which was pretty cool.

Penny really learned a lot about how much mental work it is to fly that distance in a small plane, and how heat and wind can influence her flight plan. She did a fantastic job as a pilot and I was VERY impressed with all the things she’s learned and can do!!

Being a pilot is not for the mentally weak, I assure you! Particularly flying through the air spaces of so many commercial airports like LAX, where there are many restrictions and almost constant contact from air traffic controllers.

That said, if there’s anyone I know on the planet with enough brainpower to be a pilot, its Penny! We had a lot of fun together, and next time, we’ll get a much faster plane .

Accessing Our Divine Potential

I hope you have all been taking time to look at your body in the mirror each day and listen to what it is sharing with you. Our bodies are quite cool you know.

Think of how much abuse they put up with while being so patient, awaiting the ego’s awareness of the body language that should be obvious to us.

Many people give up on their bodies, and in so doing, give up on any number of dreams.

If we want to, we always have the choice to turn the situation around and let the love and inspiration of our dream be the motivation to embrace our (dream) bodies.

When a boxer gets overweight in the off-season (and that happens a lot!), they too often start questioning weather they have it in them to fight again.

But when the warrior archetype seizes us, the craving to prove yourself “a warrior” hooks us into the power of the warrior – the dream of the warrior – and the warrior knows that their body is their primary offence and defense.

The warrior then looks at cookies and junk food as an opponent to the mission of the warrior within; and it helps that each warrior knows that the other warriors tend to take such things seriously and have a special surprise for those that don’t .

So what do we see in this case then?

We see that where others look at their body and say “poor me, I guess I’ll just always be fat…” and falls into apathy, the boxer accesses a greater power – the power of their archetype – their Divine Potential to exemplify the Ultimate Warrior.

This is just as true for anyone as it is for the warrior. We can access the Ultimate Dreamer within ourselves anytime.

All expression in and as the Universe exemplifies the majesty of the mystery, showing us what it possible, and what we are expressions of.

Some examples are the mother, the father, the musician, the athlete, the builder, the business man/woman, the archer and the architect…only a few of an endless array of expressions of Divine Potential.

What would you do if your deepest desire, your burning dream was to be a gymnast, but you were born without legs?

What would be possible if you opened your spirit to the power of the Athlete archetype?

Please take a few minutes to watch this video clip of an enlightening example of what I’m sharing here.

Watch what is possible when we open our soul to Divine Potential.

When Dreams Are Clear, Spirit is Motivated, and Anything Is Possible!
Jen Bricker, gymnast; this is well worth watching:

Time Can’t Be Managed!

Time Can't Be Managed Blk Bd
To be honest, I don’t think I can remember a single patient/client in 31 years of practice that didn’t feel their day was already full before coming to therapy.

Time is like space…we always seem to find ways to fill it.

The real challenge for most people is that they have developed the habit of telling themselves they don’t have enough time to exercise, eat well, sleep optimally, drink water, be alone for essential introspection, and about anything else that is “needed”.

I learned a long time ago studying the teachings of Earl Nightingale that time can’t be managed, only activities can.

I was a younger man then, and extremely busy building my professional knowledge and experience base.

I always found it hard when I came back from taking advanced training programs around the world to create the time to practice while being a full time therapist, an athlete, a husband and father.

When I first read Nightingale’s statement, “time can’t be managed, only activities can”, it went through me like an arrow.

I stopped what I was doing and looked at everything I was investing time into each day. I knew I had the choice to either muster the discipline to practice what I was taught, or sooner rather than later it would accumulate dust on the recesses of my mind.

I learned that we can crate space in our lives for anything if we are truly motivated, and I’m still motivated because I remain my most important project.

I hope you are your most important project too, for all we can share in relationships is what we authentically are.

In my video blog today, I share several tips for how to create a “life around meeting your authentic needs.” Some of the key tips I cover are:

1. Being clear on your dream ABC’s!

2. Removing the (relative) junk activities from your daily schedule so you can fit dream-affirmative activities into your day.

3. The importance of listening to your body, mind, and emotions, and being honest with yourself.

I then take you through an example day, modeled very closely on my own day. After I finish sharing my example of a functional, dream-affirmative day, I show you how to plot your tai-chi rhythm – the energetic balance of anabolic/yin activities relative to catabolic/yang activities.

This allows you to have a visual expression of your energy flow patterns, which can be very useful when projecting perceived daily processes and desired outcomes.

When the yin-yang energies are imbalanced, we usually suffer from fatigue, start loosing motivation to achieve our dreams, and can fall into victim-hood and denial.

We can also spend a lot of time chasing “fixes”, but Mother Nature has a special internship plan for those that try to avoid the responsibility of the gift of a human body, mind and life; she lets you experience the results of your choices.

After we filmed my video today, and after my workout, I headed into my bathroom and pulled one of my secret messages from the jar that Beverly Basila recently gave me for my birthday.

In the End

It seemed apropos considering the clip above. I think you’ll agree!

HLC 1 Portland and Toronto Is Coming Soon!!

Jator Pierre will be teaching HLC1 in Portland October 17-19. This is going to be a fantastic class for anyone living in that area. I’ve been receiving all sorts of glowing appreciations of Jator’s teaching. I heard today that James Phelps, our CHEK Marketing Director and CHEK Editor will be attending too! What a fantastic combo of seasoned and enlightening people!

November 7-9, Angie Lustrick and I will co-teach HLC 1 in Toronto, Ah Ho Great Spirit!

Angie at IDEA

I’m really excited about this event for several reasons:

1. I love seeing Angie perform! She really inspires people, and her heart energy is so strong, people seem to be inspired to drop old disempowering habits very quickly.

2. Angie is a certified Nutritionist and CHEK Practitioner with a lot of clinical experience in both arenas, as well as being a practicing shaman/healer. She brings a very powerful combination of education, life experience, authenticity, and healing presence.

Truthfully, she inspires me as a presenter and I can’t wait to share the stage with her.

3. I love the people and students in Toronto. They are some of the most committed learners I’ve met in my travels around the world. I always look forward to visiting the CHEK Tribe in Toronto and they make me feel both very welcomed, and keep me well fed!

4. I love the cold water in Toronto! If you want a REAL COLD SHOWER, then join me in Toronto and believe me, whatever’s going on in your life… “we’ll sober up fast!”

Paul Jason tai-chi copy
I will begin each day with an hour session of “working-in”. I’m excited to share how beautiful and easy a daily work-in practice can be.

I’m excited to share methods that offer rapid spiritual development by helping you really come to know yourself through joyous, no-stress work-in methods.

I’ve been practicing and developing work-in methods for a good 14 years or more now, and can’t share enough about how much inner-strength, stability, and peace I’ve enjoyed through my practice.

The class is filling up nicely, but knowing the spirit of the people of Toronto, it won’t take much longer to sell out. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are into my teachings and holistic approach to living your dreams fully. You can register by clicking on the link above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and video blog today.

I’ll look forward to sharing something new and interesting with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek