July 22, 2011


Happy Friday!

My goal is to rest after getting some video work done to meet deadlines for my upcoming Monthly Message and Q&A with Paul, which you can always find at www.chekconnect.com.

I’ll head to Encinitas for a steam and a massage, then go home and enjoy some art work and resting in my garden.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have fun exploring THE MYSTERY.


I drew this vision of the Tree of Knowledge that came to me after asking my soul to guide me to creating an oracle to signify the love and offering of the upcoming CHEK Conference here September 2-4, 2011 in San Diego. I’m very excited to share with conference attendees a fantastic body of knowledge that will inspire holistic health and fitness worldwide.

The Tree of Knowledge signifies the three worlds commonly described by metaphysical teachers, sages and seers. The tree above represents:

  • yang; that which produces levity, lifts up and unfolds what is in-folded in the seeds of yin.
  • The tree above the ground represents what can be seen as “life” and shares the marriage with that which is unseen, but right beneath your feet, and your nose! It represents the marriage of forces, cycles and the nature of reality – which is change.
  • The fruit represents the offerings of life as knowledge, which like the apples you see there, must be eaten to be experienced, or “wisdom” can’t be cultivated; you can’t have the knowledge of apples without interacting with, tasting, and feeling the effects of eating an apple. Without a relationship with the apple (knowledge), the apple simply remains an idea or concept.

The middle-ground represents the consciousness of self as embodied. The tree spirit represents the self-awareness all living beings must have to meet their needs and contribute to The Garden. Either yin, or yang alone has no basis in reality. It is in the Spirit of embodiment that (Shiva) transformation is experienced.

Through the marriage of the forces of the universe in “self-consciousness”, the Universe comes to see, feel and know itself. You are that! So too is the metaphorical “apple tree”. The middle ground is where life as we know it takes place. Here, we are subject to all the forces of “the above and the below”.

It’s quite a dance ah!

The below ground is expressed in the root system. It is the female of the tree, the mother of all that you see above ground. She cultivates the soil and produces sap to feed the male of herself just as a mother produces milk for her offspring.

The tree carries the male and female within itself. The below-ground is the home of mineral and microorganism spirits, and is also the home of those that have passed away, yet remain in the earth plane largely due to resent, revenge motives, confusion, fear of God, or because they love the earth so much they don’t want to leave.

The below ground represents “the seed-form of life”, the mother’s egg, which is warmed by yang, the father principle above. She offers us embodiment while he offers us awareness of that which is embodied.

How Can You Use This In Your Life?

We are a marriage of the three worlds. We live within the same universal laws as this tree. We need a healthy relationship with the soil if we are to have a healthy body, which is the basis of a healthy mind. The body is the antenna that receives and expresses what comes from the enlivenment of the yang principle; just as a TV (yin) receives and is enlivened by electricity and TV waves (yang), we too need to balance ourselves between being and receiving and expressing.

If there isn’t enough sun (yang), the tree can’t live.

If there isn’t enough healthy earth or water (yin), yang can’t dance with her. She’s like a tired old lady trying to survive, let alone dance!

The Tree spirit is offering us three apples, which are essential to our survival, and out enlightenment so we can see the truth of the “appearances” the ego-mind deifies as “real”. The three apples represent body, mind and Spirit respectively.

We must cultivate authentic knowledge of each of these realms and integrate them in a way that creates well-being. If we don’t, we are always deluded or distracted.

If your body isn’t cared for, it can’t “receive the information offered by the universe”. If your body isn’t healthy, our mind reflects that disease and we can never come to know the truth of Spirit.

If we don’t come to know the truth of Spirit, we never come to know the Truth of who we are!

I invite you to look below the surface so you can appreciate what allows you to see what you see “above”. The root and the head are just opposite ends of the same being. In the middle, they meet and express themselves in marriage, as ONE.

May you enjoy looking at the plants and trees of life this weekend.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek