July 25, 2011

chi Dancing Spirit ~*~

Happy Monday To You!

I hope this day finds you with well-being after the weekend.

Though I have mountains of work to do, I decided that giving myself rest this weekend and regaining a clear head would be more important for my writing and coaching that doing more work.

I’m sure many of you face the same challenge on a regular basis. I always try to be honest with myself as to when working or doing more actually puts me at risk of being less productive. That decision can be a challenging one for sure.

Sometimes, the reality that we’ve created for ourselves takes on a life of it’s own, just like a child does. And, just like a child, our creations need to be nurtured and maintained or they fall into chaos.

To the degree that we’ve identified ourselves with our “doings”, we often find ourselves challenged to be present with our “being”. This is but one example of living a life in polarity.

I began my rest period Friday by having a steam bath and a massage with Wes Boyce at the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center (121 W E St. Encinitas).

If you ever come to San Diego or to the Institute for classes and want to get a great massage or related therapies, this is a great place to go.

After that, I came home and had some of Vidya’s lovely food and relaxed into some artwork.

Saturday, I spent the day doing more art and playing with stones in my rock garden. Penny and I watched a movie and I gave her a good deep, long foot massage. She loves that.

Sunday, I came into work for a few hours to get my prep work finished for filming my Monthly Message and Q&A with Paul.

After that, I met my friend and pro motto-cross coach Ryan Hughes for a nice deadlift workout. After that, Ryan and I went to the house and did art together and talked about the many interesting challenges of life.

We celebrated the chance to be still by laying in the yard under the afternoon sun and we both fell into the blissful sleep of nothingness. It feels so good it makes you wonder why we ever wake up and enter into the game.

Today I’ll be doing a film shoot for the video library that supports the CHEK Practitioners on www.chekconnect.com and then later having a business meeting with Penny and Vidya.

Even though I’ll be filming exercises and will get plenty of exercise modeling, I may finish it all off with something intense enough to bring my body into single-pointed harmony.

I hope you all have a beautiful, productive day, even if that means being restful so you can be more productive later in the day or yet another day.

Today, I thought I’d share a drawing I did a while back and some thoughts on the nature of Spirit.


Chi Dancing Spirit

A True Understanding of GOD
negates the need for “God”.

GOD can’t be known “as this”, or “as that”;
this and that are the providence of “mind”.

“Mind is the dancer”, yet, as OSHO beautifully explains,
“If you cut open the dancer, you will not find the dance.”


What can you possibly name GOD without circumscribing?
How can you possibly circumscribe what isn’t this, isn’t that?
How can you possibly circumscribe this or that, when to do so is no different than calling a tree “the forest” and ignoring the forest for the tree?
Will that lead to enlightenment, or delusion, confusion and war?

When GOD meets GOD,
SPIRIT is born;
Something becoming Nothing ~Nothing becoming Something.

“chi” is the name of All Love that lives.
chi is the dance in the dancer, and
“Spirit” is it’s name.

chi cannot be caught or known;
from moment to moment, it is
never the same! To capture The River
in a cup, that is
the ego’s game!

Chi is dancing to and fro,
eddies, currents and pools
are the nature of Life’s flow.

The truth of “things”, you cannot know, until
you truly let go; you cannot be “in the cast”, and at once,
watch the show!

Chi is dancing Spirit
as you
as me, yet
there is ONE SPIRIT, One chi
that is the life in the sap of
every tree.

in the “I”, of “We”,
of you, of me.

Without chi Dancing Spirit,
we could not “know”, nor “see”
who we are, or
what we may come to BE.

Love, and chi
dancing Spirit,
You and me.

May your day be Beautiful, and

Love & chi,

Paul Chek