February 15, 2016

The Magic ‘X’ Factor Pt. 1 of 3

Happy Monday!

I hope you enjoyed my last blog on Flatland.

I trust that your Valentines weekend was happy and spent with Loved-ones.

I was busy working on my new CHEK Holistic Coach program this weekend as we prepare for our final round of filming and move into editing and manual development. I  enjoyed my work very much.

Sunday, I had a relaxing Valentines Day off at home in Vista. I did some reading, rock stacking in my rock garden, lifted weights, had a long sauna in my Heathmate IR sauna, enjoyed great food, and a movie with my homemade popcorn with Angie and Penny.

In my blog today I will share:

1. The Magic ‘X’ Factor Pt. 1 of 3
2. Show-N-Tell

The Magic ‘X’ Factor Pt. 1 of 3

Rene Descartes’ dictum, “I think, therefore I AM” has been the genesis of a way of relating to ourselves, but is it an accurate expression of the truth?

Could this way of relating to oneself produce as much limitation as help regarding one’s self-conception?

The Magic X Factor Blk Bd

Today I begin a three-part exploration of what we are.

I start today by considering what Love is, and how an understanding of love may help us better understand our true nature than thinking alone.

As we go into the program, I’ll also revisit Carl Jung’s Consciousness Compass, and show how thinking, when not balanced with the use of feeling, sensation, and intuition can lead us to “thinking we are right or that we understand”, all the while producing a wide variety of biases and unwanted challenges in our lives.

As we progress through the series, we will explore the importance of understanding Ken Wilber’s 4-quadrant model, which gives us a map of how spirit manifests itself in reality.

We will also look at Rudolph Steiner’s model of the soul and some helpful correlations.

In the final part, I will finish with a list of suggestions for applying the teachings I share in your life.

I hope you enjoy this series!

Suggested Resources:
1. Integral Spirituality, by Ken Wilber

2. How To Eat Move & Be Healthy! – Book
3. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! – multimedia ebook
4. Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 – 3 Day Course

Show-N-Tell with Paul (AND FRIENDS)

Two of students and friends, both inspiring, devoted CHEK Professionals recently posted this photo of their hand carved and painted CHEK Totem (click to open).

Chek Totem Bo and Caroline

Bo Boatright gave this to his partner, Caroline Richards as a gift. They are owner operators of Pine Grove Athletic Club in Cadillac, Michigan.

He had a craftsman create it for him, and did a great job of keeping the symbols intact so the meanings are clear.

I love seeing my students really embody and express the teachings I share, and Bo and Caroline are certainly two people I can honestly say “walk the walk.”

Great job Bo and Caroline!


Art as healing and creative self-expression is a key mode of practice I teach my clients and students.

I always enjoy receiving photos of art created by my clients and students, and Saturday, my client, Jared, shared this lovely painting he created for his wife as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Jared Your Love Is My Love

Great job Jared. I love the simplicity, feeling, flow of energy and the beautiful message.

Thanks for sharing your Love!


Angie is now 38 weeks pregnant with our child, Mana.

Angie and Penny have been going to a variety of classes to get ready to Mana, and they seem to really enjoy it all.

Angie is really feeling the weight now. She’s just gained less than 50 pounds now, and can feel her body loosening a lot.

We are all set for a beautiful home birth, and have our birthing team assembled and rehearsed.

I’m really excited to meet my son, and Angie and Penny are just as excited; though I doubt Penny or I can top Angie’s excitement. Such joy!


I had a long day at work Saturday and really felt the need to get my feet in the dirt and do some active meditation. Just as the sun was about to go over the horizon, I started taking down my last stack and building this one. It was an awesome workout! I had a lot of fun and felt great!

NOTE: you can click on the images and they will expand

The heat here is bringing out all the little multi-legged and winged “biters”, so one must be “more aware” to avoid the little beings that don’t like to be stepped on, or that like warm blooded creatures to eat…at least I know I’m feeding them organic food and good water.

A couple weeks back we had very heavy wind and rain (much needed here!), and not only did the wind “pick a lot of fruit from our trees for us”, it blew down one of my tall stacks that had been up for many months.


I love being in my garden and connecting to the nature spirits there, so Sunday I went out and rebuilt it to be something fun and new.

People in the area love it when I change the garden and often stop to take photos or let their children have a look.

Overall I had Loads of fun!

Love and chi!

Paul Chek