July 14, 2014

The “I”-“WE”-“ALL” of Core Values

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had the weekend you wanted.

In my blog today, I’ll share a brief overview of my video blog on core values, and then I’ll share some highlights of my client work, and a recent lecture I gave at “Holistic Core Integration” in Irvine, CA.

To finish, I will share some highlights of our most recent Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1 (HLC 1) Advanced Training program in Chicago.

The “I”-“WE”-“ALL” of Core Values

In my video blog (vlog) today, I share the importance of establishing core values that support your dream in three key categories:

I Values: Your “I” values relate specifically to your personal needs. Only when we are clear who we choose to be and establish values to guide our choices can we know who is or isn’t compatible with us in personal, professional, or spiritual (or religious) relationships.

WE Values: WE values define what you are willing to share of your self in relationship with any other in a personal, professional, or spiritual relationship.

Here I highlight the fact that we are each 50% of every relationship with have with another. Unless we are fully present, occupying our 50% of the relationship, the other can never know who we are; they can never truly know us in such an instance either. This leaves the door wide open for “values conflicts” and unnecessarily challenging relationships.

By establishing your individual core values, and sharing them with any potential dream-team partner, we can become clear on each others values and needs. We can also become “aware of” where values conflicts may arise.

When we identify potential core values conflicts in a relationship, WE work together to see if we can find a healthy compromise that works for both parties. If we can’t, well…the handwriting is on the wall…

ALL Values: “ALL” values are in play whenever there is a third person added to any “WE” relationship. A couple that has a child is automatically at the “ALL” level of spiritual responsibility.

The ALL category of values has to do with your offering to the collective whole, the “ALL”, or the world if you like.

When we tell people things that are in accurate, untrue, or mismanage ourselves in an ALL relationship, we get to see the results of our choices much more profoundly because the rate of multiplication rises very fast once you get three or more people under the influence of chaos.

It is worth mentioning that our “I” values are the roots of our WE and ALL values, and therefore, any and all “I” values imbalances, ignorance, or double-messaging is magnified each step up we go in the I-WE-ALL hierarchy.

I finish my vlog presentation with the following tips:

1. Always establish clarity, belief, and take action on your dream. If we lack clarity, belief, or don’t take effective action, we find that our dreams stay in the dream-world, but are never embodied.

PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1 guides you carefully through the process of identifying your Legacy or “overarching dream”, and core values to support creating it.

2. Be very honest about your needs when establishing WE values. Any discrepancy in your 50% guarantees a discrepancy in your ability to know who’s with you, and they can’t come to know you either. Relationships are 50/50 deals unless we make them otherwise.

3. Here I stress the importance of being honest with yourself with regard to time, energy, willingness, finances, and equipment availability as you create your core values. These are the most commonly overlooked categories of energy flow that we must be aware of when making commitments, otherwise, we are much more likely to experiences unwanted, and unnecessary challenges.

As we explore these key factors for self-management, we should carefully consider how much stress we are experiencing in our lives at that moment, and look forward into the dream-weaving process.

If we see with honest eyes that what we are committing to as a core value is actually “more stressful” for us, then we should carefully evaluate that value.

A core value, when lived, should ultimately make your life less stressful, while increasing the overall efficiency of your dream-weaving process.

Building Stacks for Life!

Paul Bourne, a famous rally car driver from Barbados, surfer, CHEK Exercise Coach, and Zero Force Coaching client of mine came back for another couple of days of coaching here in Heaven.

Paull Bourne First Stack

While I was consulting with Paul, we went outside and I used rock stacking as a means of teaching how “relationships” work, and how functional relationships relate to the creation and management of projects, BIG or small.

Paul Bourne is on a mission to guide Barbados the being the healthiest country in the world! He has started Project Eco Green (PEG) in Barbados, which will be a biodynamic farm, a teaching center, and a farm store for locals to get the best food that can be grown.

Paul will share the C.H.E.K Institute teachings at his center, and I am very excited about his amazing project. I’ve been consulting with him on it for a couple of years now, and he’s making excellent progress.

We had a great time together, and Paul noticed on the second day as we walked past the stack we built together that “all the relationships were orthopedically correct – just right!”

I agreed, and congratulated him for noticing. I also reminded him that we did not rush, or work too hard, and it all came together beautifully, organically.

One thing I’ve learned for sure in life…never rush in a rock garden…and the whole universe, and the world…are a rock garden…

Thanks for being an AMAZING Paul Bourne! I really look forward to hearing about your PEG project developments and about your return to surfing too!

The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need!!


Last Thursday night, I gave a lecture presentation on my 4 Doctor system, and my 1-2-3-4 approach to cultivating well-being at “Holistic Core Integration” in Irvine, CA.


Holistic Core Integration is a new center. Patty Garza HLC3 and Wayne Daniels CP4 are working closely together offering the CHEK approach to health and wellness. Wayne has been working with corrective exercise for many years.

Patty also offers reiki energy work to compliment the HLC coaching. She has a lovely team of like-minded individuals and a massage therapist to round out full services for anyone ready to get healthy and live fully.

I had a lot of fun lecturing for Patty and enjoyed the audience, I met some new people, students and the legendary Health Nut Troy Casey too.

It was lovely to see their new center and to know that Patty and Wayne are offering such great services in the Irvine area.

Patty plans on having more skilled CHEK Practitioners and HLC Practitioners work with her as her business grows, so who knows, it may not be long before its “California cool to Chek-Up, Chek-In and Work-out!”

Keep up the great work Patty, Wayne, and team!

You can retrieve your own copy of my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! here.

HLC 1 Chicago with Angie Lustrick and Ashley Mazurek

Congratulations to our latest HLC1 Graduates!

I’m always delighted when I get to see a photo of an HLC group finishing their training. I know that there are now more people in the world that understand how to eat, move and be health.

I know that there are more people that have a better understanding of the life process, and of our relationship to Mother Earth.

This HLC 1 class was unique because they got to have two very skilled instructors. Angie comes from an extensive background as a nutritionist, while also being a practicing CHEK Practitioner and shaman.

Ashley is a CHEK Practitioner Level 4, and CHEK Exercise Coach and CHEK Practitioner Level 1 Instructor who is just now finishing her HLC 1 teaching training.

Both of these amazing ladies has a wealth of life experience and wisdom to share. I’m sure the students enjoyed the benefits of having two people to gain wisdom from as teachers.

Ashley Frog Spirit by AL
Angie presented Ashley with this beautiful painting of a Frog Spirit. I talked a bit about Angie’s frog spirit paintings recently in a blog, and was quite surprised when Angie said she wanted to give this painting to Ashley.

We were sitting at the table painting, and when Angie finished it, she looked at it and said, “I think this one is meant for Ashley”.

“Wow”, “Cool” was my first response. I know how much effort and time Angie put into the painting, and how much meaning the Frog Spirit has to her, so I felt touched that she’d offer it to Ashley.

I know Ashley is quite spiritually grounded and enjoys metaphysical teachings, so I suspect she was quite touched by the painting. I suspect many messages from the Frog Spirit will come to her because that is what happens when the Frog Spirit enters your life.

HLC 1 AL balance
Here you can see Angie teaching her students the qualities of yin and yang. This is essential information for anyone that desires to find balance in their life, exercise program, diet, etc.

There is no simpler, more complete a means of expressing life than that contained in the tai-chi symbol and philosophy (in my opinion).

I feel very gratified when my students show up to see me in HLC 2 and I can often see huge differences in them since attending HLC 1. Because I frequently see photos of the students in HLC 1 classes, I often recognize (or don’t recognize!) students because of the changes they’ve made.

I’m grateful that the students in Chicago this past weekend got to learn from two of our amazing instructors that work hard to balance themselves, and be their best for the world every day.

I hope you are looking forward to making changes in your lives, and hope to see you at HLC 2 or 3 as soon as you are ready.

Just a quick reminder that you can learn a lot from my own FREE presentation next week, July 21-26 at the 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference. There are also other amazing experts who will support your efforts.

Make it a great day and may your Core Values be with you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek