September 7, 2011


Hello and Good Day to ALL!

Wow, what an experience the CHEK Conference was!



I must first thank the CHEK Institute staff for all the hard work they did for months leading up to, and including the running of the conference. We had very few challenges with the flow of the conference and presentations.

Even when presenters were having computer problems with shows right before their presentations, Darryl and relevant staff were able to get everyone up and running. The Institute staff worked ceaselessly right to the closing bell and beyond. Thanks You!

Thank you to all the Sponsors of the conference. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to all the Faculty

Thank you to all the Presenters:
The presentations were all fantastic! I got no negative feedback on any presentation from delegates, which is a great feeling when running a conference. The presenters were all very experienced and gave great practical advice to help anyone live more fully and holistically.

As much as I wanted to, and intended to visit every presentation, I couldn’t due to needing to prepare for my own presentations and work with others that needed support. I did get to see a few though. Here’s a couple comments on what I experienced:

Mark Buckley on strength training:

Mark Buckley is one of my original students from New Zealand. Mark is very talented and he has made a unique niche for himself by integrating sound orthopedic principles into high-performance strength training and preparing effectively for common strength lifts.

As I sat through Mark’s presentation, I was really impressed with how he’s taken my teachings and built a specialty strength training model that specifically focuses on how to assess an athlete and make essential orthopedic corrections so they both don’t get hurt and can achieve optimal results in training.

Mark showed a variety of shocking videos of people getting seriously injured while lifting as a means of exemplifying the importance of both proper preparation and proper lifting technique!

JP Sears on emotional healing and effective coaching:


JP is definitely a rising star who’s developing a significant following of his own. JP has successfully integrated my teachings and the teachings of John McMullin and others into a very practical, unique approach for healing our emotional pains and being more effective as a coach.

JP’s humor always keeps people on the edge of their seats too! Like Mark Buckley, JP has been successful at creating something unique that adds value to the overall CHEK Training, which makes me feel very good as a teacher.

Only the most intelligent and creative in the world are capable of mastering the teachings of any given teacher and taking it further into their own specialty without just rehashing the original teachings.

I have personally had to deal with a massive challenge for the institute with students not honoring their student contracts and simply plagiarizing institute teachings by repeatedly making books, audios, videos and articles that are right out of my teachings, yet often have no reference at all to me or the institute as originators of the material they are using as for profit purposes.

Though such disrespect makes me sad, in the long run, it makes me most sad to know that they are loosing an opportunity to become an intelligent individual and only end up looking silly among their peers. I am always proud to see those that had taken on the challenge I took on earlier in my career, which is to use the teachings you’ve gained from others, but support them without plagiarizing them.

Emma Lane on gut health:
Emma is also an amazing presenter with a deep well of practical knowledge and clinical experience to share. Emma’s sessions offered a great amount of wisdom with regard to how the body works and what supplements can be used to restore gut health and health in general.

Though most of my students are aware of my position on the use of supplements, I am open to each expert’s own individual experiences and because Emma gets great results, I could be at peace with her approach.

My goal as a teacher, above and beyond anything else, it to teach my students how to think effectively with an open mind and problem solve for people. Emma has done that in her own unique way.

Jade Johnson and Warren Williams on integrating the CHEK Approach for professional athletes:


Jade and Warren’s presentation was certainly one of the highlights of the conference. People fell in love with both Jade and Warrant. They are both very loving, honest, hard working people. Warren’s work with Jade has been extremely effective for her recovery from chronic back and knee injuries that have plagued her in the past.

As we all got to see clearly, she’s on her way to what will surely be her best Olympic performance yet. The upcoming Olympics will be the third time to be an Olympian for Jade and I feel she’s ready to share her love of sport with the world there, so keep your eyes open for this most amazing and beautiful woman’s performance at the 2012 London Olympics!

Dr. William Previte D.O. and how to prevent athletic injuries:
Dr. Previte’s presentation was very informative. He showed many shocking film clips of athletes getting serious injuries that needed surgical intervention. He wanted to share what an athlete goes through in the injury process and what is involved in the surgical theater.

Dr. Previte did an excellent job of demonstrating the current, cutting edge surgical approaches, yet warned that the surgery is an additional injury and that proper preparation for sport goes a long way to prevent injury and the risk of unnecessary surgery. I really enjoyed his presentation, as did all who I talked to a bout it.

I was really excited to have such an elite surgeon presenting at the conference. One of my main motives for inviting Dr. Previte was to expose the CHEK Practitioners to him so they know who they could refer people which orthopedic needs to.

Jon Bowskill and Dr. Dan Plev on the history of orthopedics:
Jon Bowskill is a Faculty instructor for the institute with his practice in London and Dan Plev is a consulting neurosurgeon. They gave an excellent talk on the history of orthopedic approaches.

Jon Bowskill is another CHEK Practitioner that has built upon my teachings and specialized in orthopedic injuries, largely spinal injuries. It was great to have Jon and a very intelligent neurosurgeon speaking to add great depth and value to the conference!

Dan Hellman on breathing and movement:
Dan is an excellent instructor with a beautiful presentation style. Dan’s presentation was very well received. Dan didn’t realize Dr. Previte was sitting in on his session and was quite happy to know Dr. Previte really enjoyed it. In fact, to exemplify how open minded Dr. Previte is, he reference Dan’s presentation a couple times! Great job Dan!

Chris Maund on tips for beginning endurance athletes:
Chris Maund is akin to a practicing scientist when it comes to any aspect of health and performance. He and his wife Janet Alexander are both full-on when it comes to getting to the core of any issues and mastering it. I had a lot of great feedback on Chris’s session. J

on Bowskill told me that he’s now training with Chris and that in Jon’s words, “the guy is truly an expert at endurance training!” Thanks for a great presentation Chris!

Cass Ingram on fungus and other general health problems:

Cass was definitely one of the highlights of the conference for many! Anyone in the room with Cass knew for sure that they were not only in the presence of true genius, but that this man has a deep well of authentic knowledge.

Cass’s lecture style is spontaneous and you never know when a joke is on the way! I got to enjoy Cass, his humor and his wisdom, and was so excited to see how many people truly got the gift of his message. Cass and his wife Judy have endured a lot to get their American Wild Foods products to the world and I’m very grateful for their support as sponsors of the conference as well as Cass’s great presentations. Thank you Cass and Judy!

Though there were many other presentations I couldn’t attend, I don’t have any personal experience to share with you. I did get great feedback on every presentation so I can thank all the presenters I’ve not mentioned here and now. THANK YOU ALL! You were all well received.

Wow! What fun we had!



First and foremost, I was absolutely blown away to see all the beautiful people. It gives me great joy to have known so many of you when you first started taking my courses and being witness of the beautiful body-mind changes you’ve all made in your individual healing journeys.

Most of the people there have only had limited experience of me, most of which came by way of either being in a lecture with me or seeing me on video. When I got to the dinner party and began having fun with everyone, it was so funny to watch the faces of many who “thought they knew me”! as they got to see Paul Chek Live! Some were so scared they looked as though they weren’t sure if they should stay or run! I loved it.

I was very grateful for all the lovely birthday gifts given to me by so many people. It made me want to turn 50 again next year!

We had fun enjoying the amazing food prepared by Chef Lance Roll; thanks Lance!

I was also able to introduce my son, Paul Chek Jr., my sister Barbara and her husband Randy, as well as Rhonda Fuller, who’s been featured in several of my videos.

I am very grateful for Tom and Joy Campanaro’s contributions to the conference from Total Gym. Tom and Joy also presented me with a beautiful award for industry innovation that had a most beautiful inscription on it.


I shared with the guests that Tom Campanaro had given me the gift of a father that didn’t hurt in my life and how grateful Penny and I have been for the support offered by he, his wife and Total Gym over the many years we’ve worked together. Thanks Tom and Joy!

Our International Affiliates:
We had our European, Australian and Scandinavian International Affiliate at the Conference and the Dinner as well. It was lovely to have them there to share this event with us. I got to introduce them and was very excited to introduce them to Gunnila Blomberg, our Swedish distributor.

Gunnila has done an absolutely amazing job of maintaining herself with excellent physical condition and looks. She feels and dances like a woman of tremendous vitality and youth! Great job Gunnila! Thank you to all of you for helping make this a successful event!


Donal Carr of Australia is also our Faculty and International Affiliate, he always embodies an open consciousness that is so refreshing to me. I am so grateful to Donald for all his hard work over the years as he has supported myself and the Institute.Thank you Donal!

Gavin and Gaby Jennings who manage our CHEK Europe Shop in conjunction with Penny in the UK. Such lovely souls, they were really a help and it was wonderful to have their presence here during the Conference. Thank you Gavin and Gaby, I’ll have more time to spend with you once I’m back in the UK next June.

Thank you to all the finalists (Dio Miranda and Julie Casper) and WINNER Of the Ultimate CHEK Professional Contest: Angie Lustrick!

Angie is just amazing and her presentation was really filled with her passion and joy helping her clients utilizing her CHEK Training. Thank you Angie for your light, love and passion!!

Thank you to all the delegates:


I’m very grateful to all of you who attended and contributed to such a beautiful meeting of the CHEK Tribe. We had great morning energizer sessions, meals, and shared each other’s company during the conference and open house events. All the open house presenters were excellent and I’m grateful for your contributions. You are all such beautiful expressions of living the CHEK Lifestyle! Thank you for believing in me enough to try my teachings out in your own life!

I hope we can do this all again soon! We will see how long it takes Penny and the Institute staff to recover!

Special thanks to Vidya for managing me, feeding many of us and helping Penny and the staff hold it all together! You are always Loved Vidya!

Now that the conference is over, I’ll get back into some regular blogging and see if I can share more of my love and insights with you all!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek