November 7, 2016

Space – Time – Movement and Healing Part 3/3

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all happy and well!

I suspect most of you are wondering who will be the next president of the U.S.?

Either way, the whole world is in this together since whatever happens in the U.S. for better or worse soon infects world culture.

Think “Coke” if you want an example of how quick American ideas infect people. But, we might want to think (about) coal and oil use because that idea is much more dangerous than Coke!

If you watch any good movie or documentary on Nicola Tesla’s life, you can quickly learn what the real problem is, and that we’ve had the solution to our energy problems for a long time.

Here is a link to a great movie beautifully documenting Tesla’s genius, and the resistance created when the profiteers realized that Tesla’s inventions were very dangerous to them:

I’ve continued to enjoy the amazing recovery and detoxification benefits of my Health Mate Infrared sauna too.

I find meditation comes much easier in the sauna because the heat relaxes the mind and has a natural opening effect on the body-mind.

If you are interested in an IR sauna for your own athletic recovery, detox or as a great meditation tool, contact Health Mate by email ([email protected]) or call 1.800.946.6001 Ext. 2. Tell them I sent you and they will give you a lovely discount and free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

You can visit their website here:

Today in my blog, I will share:
1. Space – Time – Movement and Healing Part 3/3
2. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
3. Sleep disruption by mobile devices
4. Multi-cultural Support Against Fracking
5. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Space – Time – Movement and Healing Part 3/3

Life Is Movement!

That is one very good reason to have a basic understanding of how movement relates to our day-to-day lives.


In my vlog today, I do my best to break down some very complex concepts into a basic working understanding of movement.

You’ll become aware of movement in key areas of our lives as I give you a basic understanding of the essential qualities that create movement, and how they correlate to the basic concepts of yin/female and yang/male expressions of energy.

To keep the topic practical, I explore movement through the use of the Six Foundation Principles that underlie the C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching training programs (HLC 1 – HLC 3).

I finish the presentation with four key points. If you understand them, they’ll help us all become more aware of what we are creating in our lives (and the world at large), and how we are doing it, or not doing it.

If you are interested in learning how to live a holistic, earth-friendly life, CHEK HLC 1 is an excellent place to start. You can now take this introductory three-day course live or online.

For those of you who complete HLC 1, live the principles for at least six months, and feel inspired to learn how to help others solve the challenges in their lives and live a more natural, holistic (earth-friendly) lifestyle, HLC 2 is for you!

HLC 3 goes deeper into understanding the intimate communications between our organ/gland systems, and how they interrelate to the rest of the body systems, emotions and the mind.

It also teaches you how to master infant development assessments and exercises, medical dowsing and how the life process unfolds in stages.

This advanced training program is ideal for the HLC 2 students who have mastered the application of HLC 1 and HLC 2 principles in their own lives, and want to expand their toolbox so they can more effectively address complex cases that often need a deeper approach to healing.

This series gives you a small taste of what it would be like to be in one of our HLC training programs.

Though many have informed me that studying my blogs has been life-changing for them, the blogs are only small elements of the overall HLC training program.

When you start with HLC 1, you quickly learn that there is a lot of wisdom required to effectively integrate and apply the many important concepts I share on my blogs. You also understand there’s many more that I don’t share here because they require a skilled, experienced teacher to cover them effectively, answer questions in real time and allow students to practice in class where their questions can be effectively addressed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series.

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, Toronto, Canada with Angie Chek

Angie had a lovely time teaching her HLC 1 students in Toronto this weekend. She told me that they were an awesome group and were very motivated to learn, practice and “live” the HLC 1 principles.

Thank you all for sharing this amazing learning experience with Angie.

I suspect you were all blown away at her amazing teaching skills, depth of knowledge and ability to answer your questions.

We look forward to seeing all of you in HLC 2 as soon as you have effectively integrated the HLC 1 teachings into your lives and feel ready to learn to help others do the same!

HLC 1 Sydney, Australia with Donal Carr

Donal Carr just completed HLC 1 in Sydney with his great group of students.

Donal has a wealth of information and experience, so I imagine you all had a beautiful, life changing experience.

Congratulations! We are all excited that you’ve completed HLC 1 and look forward to seeing you in HLC 2 when you have implemented and integrated your HLC 1 training!

Thanks for another great job teaching, Donal!

Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2, with Jo Rushton


I am most grateful to have someone like Joanna Rushton teaching HLC 2 in Australia. She truly lives and breathes the Holistic Lifestyle and has immense knowledge and skills.

I am sure you had a fantastic course, and I’m excited to know that you are out in the world sharing your love and wisdom with those who need your support.

I look forward to seeing you at HLC 3 when you feel ready after integrating the material from HLC 2.

C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, NYC, with Carl Weston


Carl Weston is our Toronto-based CHEK Faculty. He traveled to NYC to teach C.H.E.K Exercise Coach last week.

Carl is one of our newest instructors, and is an amazing addition to our CHEK Faculty team of instructors.

Originally from Australia, Carl is very experienced, clear in his communications, and able to help students master the many fine details of the exercise side of C.H.E.K Practitioner training.

I am sure you had a fantastic Exercise Coach course experience with Carl. We look forward to seeing you as you advance through to C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1 when you are ready to move forward with your training.

Great job everyone!

Sleep Disruption by Mobile Devices

I received a link to an article (link below) which was recently published in a major U.K. newspaper warning of sleep disruption due to the use of tablets, phones and related devices.

They found that using smartphones or tablets before bedtime doubled the risk of a disrupted night’s sleep and raised the changes of feeling excessively sleepy the following day by two-fold.

Very importantly, they also found that sleep was disrupted even when the devices were turned off!

Most phones and devices that connect to the web stay on “on the inside,” even when they have been shut off and appear off “on the outside.”

One of the reasons for this is many of them have GPS locator devices to track lost phones, lost tablets and/or lost people. This element of the phone or tablet “never sleeps.”

Penny, Angie and I did a lot of investigation into our home in preparation for Mana’s arrival. We hired Lawrence J. Gust from Gust Environmental (Mold – Chemicals – Electromagnetic Radiation testing and management).

For more information, go to: Lawrence is connected to a network of skilled EMF advisors who can help you in your home or office.

We hadn’t realized that leaving our wireless network on at night was creating such a huge buzz in the house. I’m quite sensitive to such energies, but feel that over time I must have adapted to it.

I usually toss and turn all night due to chronic neck pain from a serious stunt lifting injury that occurred about 10 years ago when a guy fell from above me right on my head.

Well, the night we completely unplugged the wireless network, I slept like a baby all night long and there was little tossing and turning!

I was very surprised at the difference it made in my neck pain and sleep quality, and was very glad we made this change before Mana came home too.

My advice is to keep all phones and tablets as far away from you, water and food as possible, whenever possible. I HIGHLY recommend turning off home wireless systems at night by unplugging them.

To read the full article on sleep disruption by mobile devices, click the link below:

These practices can both enhance your life, and may even save your life if you consider the research connecting electromagnetic pollution with cancer, leukemia and other diseases.

To help protect my family, we also use and highly recommend personal protection from phones, computers and electronic devices offered by Aires Technology.

Their protective chips use very advanced technology to convert negative energies into the same frequency as the earth, and you can really feel the difference. I can’t recommend them enough!

Multi-Cultural Support Against Fracking

There is a lot of tension between “the people” and “the corporate interests” at present in Standing Rock, N.D.

Not only are native tribes of many denominations gathering together to protect the people, Mother Earth and our shared natural resources, people of all races, colors and creeds from around the world are gathering to support them in their local regions.

Sadly, things have gotten ugly at times, and people are not being treated “like people” by the long arm of Uncle Sam (Corporate Headquarters!).

It is lovely to see that when people start to stand up for our collective futures, our children and our planet, we can change corporate interests.

Awhile back, I listened to the audiobook version of This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.

It was a painful, sad experience to hear her very detailed and well referenced accounting of just how far down the (corporate) rabbit hole we’ve all gone and how far we’ve taken the planet down that rabbit hole with us!

Many have told me that they couldn’t get through her book because it was too depressing for them.

Though I could appreciate that as I worked through the book, I feel it is our obligation to be informed. Only by being well informed can we work together to respond favorably. The devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t know!

In the last third of the book, the tide shifts to one of optimism. She shares many cases where natives, local people and people from afar have come together — even facing imprisonment and loss of life — to protect both the planet and our rights to natural resources.

Standing Rock is a very current and real example of what we must all do if we want to have any chance of a healthy planet for our children.

The issue of oil drilling, coal mining and fracking for energy is not only an environmental issue… it’s a humanity issue!

Here are some links if you want to be updated as to what’s happening in Standing Rock and related issues on social media:

Oklahoma: Pipeline fire

Show-N-Tell With Paul

A while back, I’d built this rock stack in really high, but, between big birds landing on the capstone, and squirrels climbing it, it came down and only half of it was left.

It was down for a few weeks, but I have to wait until I’m rested, and calm enough inside to tackle this kind of rock-stacking project because any lapse in mindfulness could result in a visit to the hospital, or worse!

I do these projects without protection on my feet or hands. This keeps me well tuned to my surroundings, and reminds me to be gentle to nature, or She may remind me. Sometimes, that means leaving blood in the garden.

Saturday, I felt rested and relaxed after Penny made me a fantastic breakfast, and some great morning reading to get my juices flowing. I had to dismantle it down to about knee level because even the foundation had become shaky.


I took my time (4 hours) in the lovely California sunshine, and build it up one layer at a time; it was very challenging because most of the good stacking stones are being used in the many other stacks that decorate my front yard.

I was patient, let my soul guide me to the best rocks for the job, and worked one at a time as I had to go higher and higher up the ladder.

I had an amazing active meditation and mindfulness session.

After I was done, I fixed up several other existing rock stacks, and now our yard looks really cool, like a fantasy park where Natives come and play. I love it!

Penny happened to catch me getting ready to put a bottle of our amazing Palomar Mountain water in our water charger. You can see the water charger to the right of the stack. It looks like a big cone with the rose quartz on the top.

My soul taught me how to build water chargers many years ago as I was meditating in the garden. I follow my inner-guidance and was anxious to test it. Well, the results are mind blowing.

The constant stream of energy from the stars, the sun, the moon and terrestrial energies, such as lightning and energy from weather patterns, all contribute to energizing and structuring the water molecules.

The bottles come out of the charger with so much energy, you can stand next to the bottle and feel it pulsing, just like a heartbeat.

The structuring effect of the energy and influence of the rocks makes the water taste and feel uniquely different. Strangely, the water feels wetter. Sometimes, it feels as though it goes straight through your tongue.

I’ve been tracking the moon cycles for many years and comparing the water’s taste, feel and energy to the cycle the moon is in when I open the bottles and drink it.

I have gotten to the point where I can pretty accurately tell you what phase the moon is in just by tasting and feeling the water.

There is no technology better for food and water than “Nature,” a lesson I’m afraid humanity has lost with the influx of “instant gratification” technologies, and one we are slowly learning that we must take again if we want to be healthy and live on a healthy planet.

If you are interested in attending a live, one-day course with me in 2017 to learn how to build your own water charger, please email my assistant, Vidya McNeil ([email protected]). When we have enough people interested, I’ll consider offering a workshop for you here at my amazing and beautiful office in Escondido, Calif.

Podcast with Debbie Potts

Recently, I was interviewed by Debbie Potts, for her Whole Athlete Podcast. During our time together I spoke about the nature of parasites and fungus. If you are interested, please following this link and have a listen:

The Art Spirit

Jacquie is a friend and client of mine whose amazing art I’ve shared on my blog before. She just shared her most recent painting this morning. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you because it is very beautiful.

Jacquie calls it “Heart Flow.”

When I am present with it, I feel very strongly Mother Archetype energies, as well as beautiful Mother Earth energies emanating from it.

This piece of art really adds something special to my day, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks for sharing Jacquie!

My client and friend Jason (Jacquie’s husband) painted this awesome, energetic piece recently too. I really love the radiant energy from the colors and elements represented.

I can feel Jason’s soul guiding him along the path of life, while being supported by the River Of Life. There is a lovely integration of earth, water, sun, moon, child and “healthy adult” energies in this painting.

Jason and I both love just letting our creativity flow without judgment, or feeling like we have to make things “perfect.” We both want to let our inner-child “live with us,” not just “in us.”

Painting is a great way to practice letting go of the world and constantly evaluating and judging ourselves, our creations, or others, and just “be with the bliss of the moment.”

You’d be amazed at what liquid color can do for your soul!

Thanks Jason, you are making me want to drop everything here and go paint!
I really love it!

Travelers – Mana, Angie and Toronto


I just got this picture of my beautiful Angie and Mana arriving home at the San Diego airport from teaching in Toronto today.

While there, Angie and her mother Maria, showed Mana the sights around Toronto, including the Aquarium.

They had a great time and Mana went out to play everyday with his Grandma Maria!


They were both ready to come home, play with Maggie (our pug), and “ground themselves” after a week away.

I’m sure Mana will make it out to his dirt pit today.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog this week.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

In the meantime, let’s eat, move and be healthy together!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek