December 29, 2010


May you be blessed with sexual intelligence today!

Sex is a concentrated form of communication. Communication is essentially self-perception and self-expression; we perceive the others actions and words through our own senses and ideas. The key to effective communication, be it sexual or otherwise, is having a healthy perceptual faculty. Our perceptions come first, by way of our senses (biological perception); second, by way of our ideas (intellectual perception). Since the body is the basis of your interpretive faculty, we should begin developing our sexual intelligence there.

The senses that inform us about our internal and external environments are smell, touch, taste, vision, and hearing. An essential first step to sexual intelligence is to gain sexual freedom within; when we have sexual freedom within, we are comfortable that what we have to share is safe, delicious, worth sharing. Here are some tips for preparing your love offering:
1. Smell: Smell is potentially our most powerful sense. The olfactory nerve is the only cranial nerve with monosynaptic communication to your brain; this means the information arrives at the brain faster than any other sense! This also means that our biological mind values smell as critical to survival.

To begin assessing and developing your sexual intelligence, stick your finger in your mouth and rub it around your teeth and the back of your tongue. Now, smell it?(!). Would you want to kiss yourself after smelling your finger? If not, enhance your sexual intelligence by loving yourself enough to maintain optimal oral hygiene; have you ever kissed someone with nasty breath? Did you kiss them twice?? Next, smell your armpits. If they smell foul or chemically tainted by commercial body-care products, you inform the other’s biological intelligence (consciously or subconsciously) that intimate interaction will increase their own toxic burden. Sweat is a major player in body detoxification and its smell (and taste) is a strong indicator of one’s level of health. Lack of water and poor diet are the most common causes of a smell warning to any potential sexual partner, except those that are so unhealthy they can’t smell the warning! Next, smell your underwear at the end of the day. They should smell natural, earthy; if you are healthy, using your underwear as a pillow cover should not be off-putting, but should simply give you a sense of being with yourself. If you just got repulsed thinking about doing this test, chances are very good you lack self-sexual-intelligence and wonder why your sex life is drab! After all, if you don’t like it down there, chances are you will need to find a plumber to have sex with since they are use to groveling around in sewer and cob webs!

2. Vision: A picture is worth a thousand words! We are all naturally attracted to beauty; beauty is symmetry and harmony. Infants in cribs monitored by video camera 24 hours daily were exposed to photos of beautiful, and not-so-beautiful people’s photos. Without a shadow of a doubt, the infants touched and attempted to communicate with beautiful people’s photos the majority of the time and only occasionally attempted to communicate with the unattractive people. (for more related information, see: Maxims or Mythos of Beauty? A Meta-Analytic and Theoretical Review by Judith H. Langlois, (Psychological Bulletin 2000, Vol. 126 No.3, 390-423). Research suggests that through gene mixing (interracial marriage), we increase diversity, affording greater survivability in different environments. Infants attraction to beauty suggest that we have genetic drivers that seek interaction with beauty. A little self-analysis is likely to show this to be true in you as well. Your sexual intelligence and attractiveness can easily be enhanced by looking honestly at yourself in the mirror and asking, if I were to see me walk into a room, would I be attracted to me? If your body isn’t symmetrical, balanced, with natural coloring, tone and vibrancy, you are likely to find yourself gaining sexual attention from people who’s visual beauty is at or below your own level of expression. As I often tell my students, don’t wait around for Mr./Ms. “Right” to come sweep you off your feet – you must become your lover and they will naturally be “attracted to you!” Follow the simple methods in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, and your symmetry-beauty will return at a pace directly related to your commitment.

3. Taste: Naturally, we tend to smell it before we eat it! Yet, many of you will have found that some of your partners covered their taste with the application of contrived smells. You may have felt baited. Now, taste your finger after running it around in your mouth!dare I ask? Taste your sweat. If you aren’t brave enough to taste your underpants, is it an act of sexual intelligence to expect others to taste your crotch?! When you taste good to you, chances are good you’ll taste better to others too. You may fake your smell, but you can’t fake your taste! Watch how male dogs behave around people and you will notice they will often smell the crotch of some people and not others. Why might that be? Now, ladies, you often refer to men as “dogs”, so if they aren’t smelling your sweet spots, maybe you should go to a kennel and test your sexual readiness there. Men, you can do the same. Remember, only sick dogs eat junk food!

4. Touch: The law of attraction says, like attracts like and opposites attract. This means that you are likely to attract those that are most like you, and at the same time, are likely to (sexually) attract the opposite sex (or relative opposite if you are gay). How does your body feel? Do you like it?… Can you enjoy the firmness and shape of yourself? If I put you in a room full of people just like you and asked you to massage skin cream into them for a few hours, would you find their skin supple and consistent, or course, blemished and inconsistent? Would they enjoy the feel of your hands caressing their skin, or would they feel like a farm-hand was impersonating a massage therapist? When you touch your genitals, do they swell and react to touch as though alive!or are you petting dead dogs and cats? If so, expecting your potential love-partner to be your vet is likely to get you a partner that regularly informs you of what’s wrong with you; does that get your sexual juices flowing? You know what to do!

5. Hearing: What we hear informs us as to weather we are being exposed to good vibrations or disharmony. Have you ever listened to magpies chatting? How is that different to listening to doves communicating? The sound of your voice carries your overall-tone. The sound of your voice exemplifies what in music is called your groove. When we find someone we are sexually attracted to, they tend to sound groovy to us. All the things we’ve discussed so far have a large impact on our comfort with ourselves, which largely determines our level of stress-perception, which largely determines our tone. Having sex with magpies exemplifies what we feel we are worth of.

When you pass all the tests I’ve shared here, your dove will emerge, the dogs will love you, and your plumbing bill will drop down to about the level of your veterinary bill!

In my next blog, I will highlight how we can enhance our sexual intelligence through open-mindedness. Our sexuality is intimately connected with our ideas about sex and sexuality. Even if you pass all the tests here, but have a head full of limiting ideas, we still must come face to face with universal laws: like attracts like and opposites attract.

I send my Love and chi in support of your ever-growing sexual intelligence!

Paul Chek