December 28, 2010


Hello and Good Day to All,

Today I’d like to begin sharing a summary of my views on sexual intelligence.

In my artistic rendition of the sex act, you see the meeting of relative opposites. They are yin – The Empty and yang – The Full. She is dark, mysterious, moist, yet cold. She is so empty of herself, that she has every-thing (matter) within Her, thus She is The Mother; Mother comes from the root word mate’er, which includes matter, and also means “to measure” (maybe that’s why men are so concerned about the size of their penis?). Mother is also intimate with the word Matri, meaning many tricks; she is womb and creates fossils and gems within Her. She is also matrix – a structure that holds or can be built upon. Just as the mass and weight of the earth compresses plants and animals into rocks (fossils and coal), and coal into diamonds, the sheer weight of Her continues, turning her diamonds into light (fire), igniting illumination. In that illumination, She (object) becomes aware (subject) of Her-self.

Yang – The Full may be perceived as the Father Principle. Father comes from several root words depending on what language you speak. Pater & Patr are the Latin words for father, but to understand father in regard to sexual intelligence, we must look deeper. The word “Ab” denotes “Father” in many languages (Akkadian, Turkish, Hebrew, etc.). With Akkadian’s, Ab was also moving water; Turkish “ab” meaning “wave”, and in Aryan, Ap (Father) also means water. In Arabic, the word “Ad” is related to Adam, or Ad-ama; father of the race, while in India, Ad is still the ancient one, and father. In some ancient cultures, Ad (the Father) is symbolized by a post or lingam (penis). Keep that in mind when considering that the Babylonian month “Ab” was called in Akkadian, “fire making”. In ancient writings, Ab (Adam) is the mate of Khavah (Eve or “life”!). They are the male and female, or “pillar and hollow”, the phallus and kteis, or lingam and yoni of the Indian cultur; the penis and vagina of western culture.

It is the process of yin – The Empty, becoming yang – The Full and/or vice-versa that creates vibration. All things created emerge from, and are expressions of vibration. My art shown here symbolizes The Sex Act of Adam and Eve – which creates life in and as creation. Therefore, the first step toward sexual intelligence is realizing that all things created emerge from a perpetual sex-act that symbolizes one becoming the other. There are no “thou shalt’s” here. There is simply pure, unadulterated, unbound Love Making.

The first lesson in sexual intelligence is to realize that The Mother and Father of Creation express their love as unbounded intimacy; one becomes the other. That said, it is evident that the Universe can manage it’s myriad creations without confusion or conflict. Before we engage in a sex act, regardless of the medium chosen, sexual intelligence suggests that we should always:
1. Consider what we are creating.
2. Be sure we are willing to take responsibility for what we create; this means being willing to manage our creations as their father or mother.
3. Be clear that to create from the place of love is to create life. To create life without the love inherent in the Mother~Father principle is to invite destruction; by definition the converse of “L-I-V-E” is “E-V-I-L”.

By looking into the definitions of the words Mother and Father, we find that one becomes the other, as beautifully depicted in the tai-chi symbol. When we love ourselves enough to nurture, pleasure, and care for ourselves, we are far less likely to become needy, expecting others to take responsibility for our love needs. By loving and caring for ourselves naturally and authentically, we create life within. We can share this love~life through any and all acts of creation, be they our work, play, art, music, etc. When we expect others to gratify us because of misunderstandings of Divine Principles (scripture!), we dramatically increase the risk of creating life (affairs and children) we can’t manage, for to do so exemplifies the fact that one is still a child; a child is never an effective lover or parent; a child hasn’t learned to love themselves and can only be diminished by being expected to tend to the love-needs of adults – and – children lack the wisdom that is requisite for parenting.

In my next blog, I will share some of my views on sexual intelligence as it relates to healthy enjoyment of sex. In the meantime, you may want to order the documentary “sexualintelligence” by Kim Cattrall.

This is easily the best educational video on the cultural and historic significance of sex and what sexual intelligence actually is that I’ve ever had the pleasure of studying. This documentary is beautifully produced and, Kim Cattrall does an amazing job of hosting, and embodying sexual intelligence. Male or female, hetro, homo, bi or lesbian, there is something special there for all of you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek