November 13, 2013

Rumi, The ego-Donkey and The Soul-Rider

Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope you are all happy and in well-being.

Things are going great in my world.


I’ve just finalized the slide show and manual for our FAST FORWARD event with Sean Greeley and his NPE team. Everything looks great and I’m really excited to teach my one-day workshop (the first day of two; Sean teaches day 2) tiled, How To Be A Healthy Business Owner!

It is a beautiful, practical synthesis of the key learning objectives of several of my courses that touch on relevant areas. I’m confident that everyone who attends will leave with a sense of levity and assurance that they can live their dreams and be healthy, vital, and well balanced too!

The FAST FORWARD event with Sean Greeley (NPE) and I starts this Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November, 16, 2013 in Oceanside, CA.

Sean/NPE, the C.H.E.K Institute and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there!

Rumi and The ego-Donkey and the Soul-Rider

Today, in my vlog, I  explore a segment of a beautiful and powerful Rumi poem.

Ego Donkey Soul Rider

The art above is a piece I drew several years ago while meditating on the relationship between the ego and the soul. The donkey in my drawing represents my/the ego, and the rider represents my/the soul.

When my soul led me to this poem to share with you, I immediately remembered my experiences from the meditations that led to me creating this artistic expression of what my soul intuited to me in silent conversation. I hope it brings some visual support to what I share with you today.

I read from “Meylana Celaleddin Rumi, Divan-I Kebir, Meters 5, 6, 7a, Translated by Nevit O. Ergin (verse 172, p. 33):

Soul is the rider riding the mount of the body.
The donkey of the body is under his legs.
But it is sad to see that soul
Goes under the donkey, becomes a mount.

In my vlog today, I share some interpretations of what I feel Rumi is sharing with us in this poetic verse. I feel this is an important verse to understand if we are interested in creating an experience of peace and balance within ourselves in life.

I hope you enjoy it!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek