September 24, 2012


Hello and Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I have been busy, but finding time to be present with myself along the way.

The day after HLC3 ended was a well received rest day for me. Then, the day following, I met with Hanna Dalsgard-Korso, CHEK 4, HLC3.

I really enjoy working with Hanna. She’s so committed to her personal, professional and spiritual growth that I get excited to work with her (and all others who are genuine in their pursuit of wholeness!). In preparation for my meeting with Hanna, I asked her to create a mandala around the theme “I AM”.

Here you can see Hanna’s beautiful mandala. We had a great time together getting into the deeper issues of life and creating wholeness for ourselves. Thanks for being so brave, willing and beautiful Hanna! You are a blessing to the world!

Friday, I went to Encinitas to see Wes Boyce for a great deep tissue massage. After that, I went to my house to meet one of my best friends, Professional motto cross racer and coach, Ryan Hughes.

We love to do art together and create things in the rock garden. Ryan made a lovely addition to my rock garden as I worked on some other areas of the garden too.

Ryan drew this beautiful nature spirit while I was working on my art piece. I love Ryan’s art. He’s got a very unique style that reminds me of some of the native tribes people’s art that I’ve studied. Great piece Ryan!

While Ryan was working on his art piece, I was working on this one as part of my preparation for a business meeting with my friends, consultants and partners, Ethan and Josh.

Though this is a simple looking piece of art, it did take some time to create. I really enjoy the way I feel looking at it though. I hope you enjoy it too.

Here you can see me creating the welcoming spirit for my home.

I had great fun painting this rock. I was working in the garden and saw this stone and it called to me to give it a unique face and place. This is what came to me. I put it at the front door of my house to greet everyone as they approach the front door.

Here you can see me holding my pet rock. I’m holding it in front of my third chakra because it felt good there.

Vidya created this beautiful art piece this weekend too.

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It’s always amazing to watch her draw. She’s like a master crafts woman that makes everything look so easy! I can’t imagine what my art would look like if I could draw like she does! Great job Vidya!

Here you can see me in the gym Sunday with my friends Joanna, Josh, and Ethan. We were all sharing some time together discussing ways we can create something beautiful for the world. We’ve made great progress and are excited to unveil our plan as soon as we can. Soon, Body, Mind and Spiritual wholeness will be an offer to the world through our creation and our offering to you all.

It was great to meet with and spend time with such amazing, beautiful people!

While I was waiting for everyone to arrive, I got in a nice heavy lunge workout. Here you can see me performing my anti-butt aging program. 225 for five sets of 2 on each leg stood me ol back side right up again!

Here you can see what my neighbors see as they drive or walk by my home. I continually get people stopping to take photos and talk about my rock garden.

The locals and their children express a lot of love and gratitude for my creative self-expression. Many of them have started creating rock expressions of their own, which gives me great joy to see.

Sunday morning, I was out in my rock garden doing some breathing and movement and playing with stones and Vidya brought me a cup of her fresh squeezed juice. It was awesome!

I’m amazed at how much less food I need if I start my day with fresh squeezed juices from organic fruits and vegetables!

We use the Omega VRT350, Penny and Vidya got me for my BDay! It’s a slow speed juicer and reasonably priced! It’s really excellent!

Well, that brings you up to date in my life.

I’ll be heading off to Australia with Vidya to teach for six weeks as of Wednesday. You can check out my schedule at

I’ll look forward to sharing with you on the road! I’ll be back tomorrow with a little sharing though so I look forward to connecting with you all then.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek